Friday, May 13, 2011

"The rancor over the collective-bargaining issue shows that fellow Democrats need to adapt to the reality of a constricted state budget, Crane said. Union rights may be appropriate in the private sector, he said, but not always at public agencies."

Let's finish off Friday the 13th with a little more David Crane, so apropos:
"If there's anybody who is fighting for a control on tuition, it's me," Crane said in an interview Friday. "It's odd that students would be opposed." -see:

UC Regent Crane Traveling Rocky Road Toward Confirmation Hearing
By Matt Krupnick, Contra Costa Times

No coverage in the piece about Crane's many combative comments during regents meetings --or the issues many in the UC community have with several of the regents, like Crane, and their investment houses etc.-nothing on that recent history-no comment from Crane on the latest $1.3 Billion problem with the perk benefits etc-- wonder why?.

Rocky road indeed- two scoops and all the toppings.

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