Wednesday, May 18, 2011

UC and Dream Act, STAPLE Act, E Verify; and random thoughts on today's regents meeting

just stuff around the web:

Faces of the DREAM Act: Undocumented Wins Student Senate Seat
--about a high profile UC student.

If You Care About Immigration, You Should Care About the STAPLE Act -- important info on the genesis of the STAPLE act-- think Silicon Valley. Gates and others are big time behind this move, along with many execs in higher ed.

Democrats' Linkage of E-Verify and DREAM Act Called 'Cynical' -- just a little blurb

and Calbuzz gave a shocker:
SEIU has the largest Republican voting block in Cali!

--if that don't beat all! (knee slap)

the second part of the UC Regents meeting happened today-- we'll let others do the play by play.

Just some immediate random thoughts on exchanges still in mind:

Blum talking about former UC/UCOP staff (paraphrase) "if those folks were still here we would just be sitting around right now trying to figure out how to file Chapter 11"-- wow, Blum and Co. brought many of those folks to UC-- do you remember some of those folks? we do...

Regent Eddie Island basically hand held the finance folks during their presentation- walked them back across the street so to speak- and made them go back during the meeting and use actual dollar figures as projections on future tuition rates- and made them put it on paper for the public to see. Gee, who'd a thunk we'd ever need something like that?!... oy veh.

Regent Island said he wanted it documented that the Regents may be doubling tuition- a 50% increase in under ten years -- and he said "we should know what we are doing or about to do."

Blum (or some other regent) said they hoped this meeting would not be Unconfirmed UC Regent David Crane's last meeting...

Crane (?) saying UC must act as a private, said a secret state report is being developed and will be released in the next year and UC will see this truth-- so private industry must be courted for funding etc.

(it is as though the regents think UC folks don't live in actual cities-- that they can be transported from a UC hot house to a firm or Silicon Valley hot house-- and never have to rub up against the rest-- or develop solutions that include all community members-- solutions in the public realm. and, yet, indirectly they were admitting that corps need to give money back to the public realm because those corps benefit from the public realm. the problem is that the regents don't pursue and support legislation to do this--instead they want to call their "friends" and do it through UC fundraising...)

Yesterday's meeting was rather fascinating for the simple fact that several of the regents spoke out of both sides of their mouths- when discussing LGBT issues related to students-- these regents had glowing praise for Gavin Newsom, Speaker John Perez etc.-- but in other meetings lambaste them and all the others in Sacramento. The regents obviously believe they are the only group who can lead on finance-- the mindset being: leave what they perceive to be the "soft issues" to Sacto and pat 'em on the head. (No discussion of the Cal Tang Center recent scandal as it relates to this issue either.)

For some reason it reminded us of Newt Gingrich saying:
"I know how to make the whole rest of the country look like Texas,
President Obama knows how to make the whole rest of the country look like Detroit."
-- have you taken a look at the Gingrich campaign lately?
(and then remembered Di-Fi and Regent Blum were sitting on the podium and in the frame when President Obama took the oath of office.)

It all just seems a game of double speak - buttering both sides of the bread.

(Told you they were RANDOM thoughts.)

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