Thursday, May 12, 2011

UC Provost Pitts : UC plans a "path in the burgeoning world of online education"-- seems more than just a "pilot project"

Reevalution of online pilot program needed instead of current bail-out
UC decision to fund online pilot program after it failed to gain private financial support is flawed
By UC Daily Bruin Columnist Carly Cody
(includes a great $ graphic attached to the article)

receives this response: Online pilot project has support by Lawrence Pitts Provost and Executive Vice President at the University of California Office of the President

two interesting turns of phrase in Pitts' response:
--"we are unwilling to lose control of the project"
--"I firmly believe this research-based pilot project is exactly what the university should be doing before it maps its path in the burgeoning
world of online education.

both articles are a reaction to Prof. Wendy Brown's original piece:
Why is UC Borrowing 7 Million to Fund the On-Line Education Pilot Project?
By Wendy Brown Heller Professor of Political Science and Co-Chair, Berkeley Faculty Association

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