Thursday, May 26, 2011

UC Staff Names Being Placed On "Watch List"?

Take a look at the comments section in this Daily Cal story (the story also mentioned in our earlier post.) One comment states this: "(At the door, campus i.d. cards were checked against a list of BSA members. My name was highlighted in yellow, and I was told I was an "alternate", then that I was "on the watch list.")"(all staff at Cal are automatically members of BSA).

wow! that is a crazy way to treat staff attending a Chancellor's Address To Staff! Things are seriously fucked up at Cal.

Memorial Day - a day to honor and remember service members and all that we cherish that has passed away- including the way Cal used to be?...

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  1. The Berkeley Staff Assembly is very cagy about who gets invited to the annual Chancellor/Staff talks because a couple of years ago a group of union members started demonstrating and pretty much shut down the meeting. Now you have to be a member of BSA to come; though membership is free I'm wondering how much screening goes on. I was at this meeting and the audience was almost entirely made up of staff who are part of university sponsored organizations rather than staff representative of the campus as a whole. Those staff, who sat in the first 2 or 3 rows, nodded in sympathy with the Chancellor throughout his speech and shushed any of the staff members in the back who tried to present him with challenging questions. On his part, he fluffed off almost all of the questions that were asked, either bouncing them back in the face of the questioner, as he did with the woman on the "watch list" or giving non-answers that did not justify the seriousness of the questions asked. It certainly did not seem like there was a dialog established between the Chancellor and the staff, more a scripted event attended largely by supporters. Hopefully they don't figure out who I am and add me to the Watch List next year!

  2. Anon 11:31 thank you for your comment. ALL staff were invited to attend this annual address in previous years (hundreds would attend)- the fact that it is now by "invitation only" speaks to the sad changes happening to BSA and to the ongoing infiltration of the staff orgs by upper management-also disturbing as it relates to the staff advisor to the regents position. the fact that ONLY 50 ( five- zero--just a couple dozen!) staff members were present to hear a Chancellor (who has THOUSANDS of employees) is very telling to the larger community- it looks precisely like what it is - and sends a very bad message about how employees feel about the current leadership. Kind of like that old saying "the silence is deafening" (it is ironic that the Chancellor discusses Russia and China in his latest Daily Cal article where he - along with his head PR person - are quoted. he talks about being an activist and then his article is replied to by staff who detail how they feel they are being stifled by his administration merely for belonging to a union and exercising their first amendment rights. is that the legacy he wants to leave? really sadly ironic. Also, he reminds us of Sharon Angle on the campaign trail...