Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"The University of California may charge higher tuition each of the next five years even if the state stops cutting its budget,"

and the shock doctrine continues:

UC leaders: Tuition hikes nearly inevitable


UC tuition could soar under worst budget scenario

UC's 24+ years of Sherry Lansing goes on, latest update:
Lansing, a former high school teacher and CEO of Paramount Pictures who currently serves as the board's vice chair, will succeed Russell Gould, whose term as chairman expired.

The board also made standing committee assignments for the coming fiscal year. The chairs and vice chairs are:

Committee on Compensation: Fred Ruiz, chair; George Kieffer, vice chair;

Committee on Compliance and Audit: Charlene Zettel, chair; Lori Pelliccioni, vice chair;

Committee on Educational Policy
: Bonnie Reiss, chair; George Kieffer, vice chair;

Committee on Finance: Bruce Varner, chair; Monica Lozano, vice chair;

Committee on Grounds and Buildings: Hadi Makarechian, chair; Bruce Hallett, vice chair;

Committee on Health Services: William De La Peña, chair; Norman Pattiz, vice chair;

Committee on Investments: Paul Wachter, chair; George Marcus, vice chair;

Committee on Long Range Planning: Leslie Tang Schilling, chair; David Crane, vice chair

Committee on Oversight of the DOE Laboratories: Norman Pattiz, chair; William De La Peña, vice chair.

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