Friday, May 6, 2011

Yudof Testimony Today At Budget Hearing In Mountain View,CA

This state hearing took place at Microsoft Corporation-- that speaks volumes.
Mark Yudof, President University of California
Mohammad Qayoumi, President Cal State East Bay
John Hendrickson, Chancellor West Valley CCD
were on the first panel.

Yudof's testimony begins at 15:00min mark
and (select the May 6, 2011 meeting link)

-he awkwardly quotes Lady Gaga again and rehashes many of the same talking points.
But he does say that the engineering school at Cal is the best engineering school in the country--so...

Yudof also at the 59:00 mark says in response to a question about administrative salary bloat that the state is only paying $2.5 Billion and that there are outrageous claims by uninformed people-- everything Yudof does not agree with is an outrageous claim by uninformed people - does this include the UC faculty who make claims backed up with facts?

Yudof warns "tuition will go up geometrically"

Yudof says "most of our IT initiatives are to reduce personnel"-- but he fails to point out how IT has just grown and grown- in terms of size of staff and salaries- with few of the promises coming to operational fruition-- and several high profile data breaches and other IT issues that have had a negative impact on faculty,staff, students, patients, alumni and others (news stories on this in the right hand column). What about that side of the story? And, none of the state senators addressed the fact that their constituents were being edged out of a job by these IT initiatives and how they were going to address that issue -- instead, state senator Loni Hancock of Berkeley said that the state has not done enough of this sort of IT initiative to replace personnel work. Let's recall "the personnel"= "Californians".

Yudof says he has "not seen any faculty exodus"--but compensation and raises need to happen soon.
Chaired by Leno. Senator Leno also says that CA budget set aside 20% of its 1972 budget for public higher ed-- we guess, in an ideal world of his making he would want 20% of today's CA budget to go to public higher ed and we leave it to our readers to decide whether or not that would be a good thing.

Daily Cal is now covering the story -and includes this section:"The senate budget committee also heard testimony from several Silicon Valley business leaders who all credited the state's public universities for producing the human capital that tech start-ups rely on for success, a rare pairing of public and private interests before the committee.

"We are at a point of no return," said Kim Polese, a tech entrepreneur and member of Tech Net, a Sillicon Valley lobby group. "Your choices will carry enormous impacts for years to come, and as you weigh those choices, I urge you not to make further cuts to UC and higher education. The impact of further cuts would be devastating to California's economic vitality and to current and future generations."

Polese, a UC Berkeley graduate, told the committee that that large corporations like Genentech, Qualcomm and Amyris were all founded by UC graduates. Without the universities, she said, the state's economic future is at great risk. "-- but does not address how much or how little Silicon Valley has contributed to UC and the other public universities they benefit from so greatly...
we are still wondering why other blogs are calling Bob Samuels' latest piece a "British perspective"-- is he British? It seems to us to be a warning to the Brits from an American-- but, anyway...

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