Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Are The Latest Cal Workplace Climate Survey Results Bunk?

This is: the way Cal spun the results of their recent workplace survey:

but the FAQ section includes many other less glowing details like:
Q. How does Berkeley staff compare nationally?

A. To enable survey comparisons between Berkeley and the U.S. workforce, 23 items in the survey were drawn from a national quality of work life survey (NISOH). Overall, Berkeley's survey results were lower than the U.S. workforce. Berkeley survey responses were as positive as or more positive when compared to national surveys on n nine items related to work environment, pride in working for organization, relationship with manager/supervisor, job satisfaction, recognition, and general health. Berkeley responses were lower than averages in the U.S. workforce when compared to the remaining 14 other items, including items related to working conditions, respectful treatment, workload and stress, resources to get the job done, career development, and promotions.

Maybe everything in the spin of the survey results is correct- things are great.
So, pair that with the billions raised in under three years-- means things are great.It seems the further cuts to UC in the Cali budget aren't gonna be so bad for Cal. They're doin' great. Ignore the contentious, low attendance staff - chancellor meet ups, etc.
The Cal workplace survey results don't seem to fall in line with what is happening throughout the rest of the country-- but UC spin meisters have a tendency to operate in a vacuum.

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