Monday, June 6, 2011

Double Helix, Texas BBQ and Seven Solutions Sauce

University of Texas and Texas A&M University systems both video archive their meetings -- those of us from the University of California don't get to have that luxury we only get access to live audio recordings that are not archived -- too technologically advanced or something for CA or UC to provide video archive of UC Regent meetings...

Anyway, there is an interesting thing happening in Texas higher ed, take a look:

Rick Perry Stirs Texas Higher Education Turmoil Over Reform Proposals
Jaime Grunlan at the TAMUS Board of Regents

see if you don't have a heavy UCOF flashback...
and in London: "The startup college is being funded by private investors, including many with connection to London's financial community. The amount of money being raised is not being made public."

New College Of The Humanities: Forming A New University In The UK

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