Friday, June 24, 2011

From Homeless to Harvard or UCLA to Homeless? (cross post)

ah, but didn't Cal's John Wilton say "its not all doom and gloom, far from it"-- but for whom?
Chancellor Block-- why are these stories coming out in the midst of a plan to build an on campus hotel for visitors/investors? isn't the chancellor house free/unused (so many are at UC)?:

"The email was sort of cryptic, but certainly from a person who was educated. Of course the grammar was nearly perfect. The origin of the email address was UCLA.

Our homeless agency had just received an electronic plea for housing from an about-to-be-homeless student at one of California's prestigious higher education institutions, home of Nobel Laureates, and basketball coach John Wooden.

Like other universities with the stature of UCLA, young scholars aspiring to reach the heights of education and career building spend every waking high school hour working hard to earn that coveted letter of acceptance. These days, acceptance is not just straight A's, but also leading school clubs, volunteering in community outreach initiatives, and scoring high on the SAT. It is America's version of those crazy preparatory schools where their kids have their noses in books 12 hours per day for years.

The idea of a smart, hard-working young person with the discipline and talent to get into one of this country's prominent schools becoming homeless clashes with our stereotype of homelessness. Some of the people we see on the streets, arguing with imaginary people or reeking of alcohol, validate our typecast of homelessness. But certainly not a talented university student."

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