Monday, June 6, 2011

Multi Million $ Crappy System Creators of the Past - Now Creating Crappy Multi Million $ UC Systems of the Future

Cal is gonna pay big money for a timekeeping project before the other campuses
so it looks like whatever they do -- the other campuses are going to follow.
Some folks on the project are the same characters who launched some of the biggest boondoggle failures in IT systems at UC-- this is just great! Remember Appeal to Suspend AP Bears? The BFS upgrade debacles? The HRMS- HCM mess?

and UC HR at Cal is doing a whole lot of expensive hiring for just the time keeping project - why not pursue it system-wide? why only at Cal first? Is UCOP paying for the time keeping trial run team at Cal?

Is any of this new spending cutting into the supposed savings achieved by recent OE cuts at Cal?

have a look:

looks like the trend of "millions wasted- millions supposedly saved - millions reinvested in projects run by failed previous management- soon to be wasted again cycle" is occurring yet again...

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