Monday, June 6, 2011

Speaker Perez and Yudof Meet In Sacto

Yudof tweeted his meeting last week with Perez (and others) was "productive"- no news coverage, so who knows what that means and what transpired...

Also State Senate passes higher education transparency bill St Senator Blakeslee voted Nay and Sen. Runner was "not voting". Now, it goes to the assembly and then, if passed,it goes to the Gov. for signature into law or veto. But what is the value of such legislation if UC is already having a rash of stories this year about its failure to comply with other CPRA requests already on the books? Like the recent Cal Aware Audit where UC received an F grade- see other stories on right hand column.

Want to read an interesting piece? see: Whose University? On Yudof and "Us" They comment on Yudof's "lawyer humor of the pathological variety"...

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