Wednesday, June 8, 2011

UCLA's Connection To Sissy Boy Experiments, and Cloudminders at Cal

some interesting articles on UC research in the last few hours:
Anderson Cooper has this really disturbing detailed report on UCLA's Sissy Boy Experiments -- and it has serious political ties to current legislation.
-- such a stark contrast to the UC AIDS research over the last 30 years esp at UCSF and, yet, it is important to remember that both existed within the UC system within a few short years of each other - research is a double edged sword.

Looks like some interesting cloud research at Cal- but it seems like they are paying UC researchers pennies for it! If they create what they intend to create-- it seems it would be worth much more than the dollar figures being thrown around-- but UC is willing to take a slice of a somewhat impressive lump sum and then open source the fruits of their labor. (UC pays a ton of money out to the same vendors who will benefit from this research.) why?:
"Intel enlists universities in security wars-All research to be shared and open sourced"

(btw, Steve Jobs looked so skinny at the launch of iCloud but the brilliance and engagement was all still there-- and at the Cupertino city council meeting he looked really good and made us wish for a tour of his proposed space ship campus once it is built!-- we wish him the best.)

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