Saturday, July 30, 2011

Decreases To Pell?, Stafford Loan Changes?, UC Layoff Changes?, CA Redistricting? That 14th Amendment Thang?

look what's flyin' around out there:

The commission that drafted the new maps are all UC alumni:
New Calif. political maps to favor Democrats

Conservatives angry over Pell Grant funding in Boehner debt bill

Tea Party Won't Vote For Pell Grants For Welfare Queen College Students
Rep. Denny Rehberg (R-Mont.) has compared Pell Grants to “welfare”.

“So you can go to college on Pell Grants — maybe I should not be telling anybody this because it’s turning out to be the welfare of the 21st century,” Rehberg told Blog Talk Radio in April. “You can go to school, collect your Pell Grants, get food stamps, low-income energy assistance, Section 8 housing, and all of a sudden we find ourselves subsidizing people that don’t have to graduate from college.”

oh well, with or without Pell, there's this: See how long it will take California college graduates to break even on their education

and Stafford loans could change too...

The UC Office of the President (UCOP) is proposing to revise the layoff policy that affects professional staff positions.

UC Irvine Dean of Law Erwin Chemerinsky: The Constitution, Obama and raising the debt ceiling

UCLA Prof. Jonathan Zasloff gives his take on the matter. or watch it: here.
"a broader connotation"-- we think Zasloff is on to something!

here, also referenced in the Zasloff piece, are Tribe and Dworkin:
A Ceiling We Can’t Wish Away By Laurence H. Tribe

Can Obama Extend the Debt Ceiling on His Own? Ronald Dworkin

Ezra UCLA alum Klein has even more: here.

wonder who questions the constitutionality of "Super Congresses"

looks like the White House is directly in on the negotiations until the US Senate takes this up again tomorrow 10am PST/1pm EST.
In the interim -- the Asian markets open.
Living in times like these....

Thursday, July 28, 2011

State Audit Report on UC: "The budget process results in varying amounts per student distributed among campuses—in fiscal year 2009-10, amounts per student ranged from $12,309 to $55,186 among campuses. "

start with the letter, "it did not quantify their effects"...:

"To The Governor of California
President pro Tempore of the Senate
Speaker of the Assembly
State Capitol
Sacramento, California 95814
Dear Governor and Legislative Leaders:
As requested by the Joint Legislative Audit Committee, the California State Auditor presents this audit report concerning the University of California (university), focusing on public funding, student fees, and auxiliary enterprises. The report concludes that public revenues increased from $9.3 billion in fiscal year 2005–06 to $11.3 billion in fiscal year 2009–10. Revenue from tuition and fees grew the most of any single revenue category due to increased rates and increases in enrollment. This revenue increase along with new revenues from the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 helped to partially offset the decline in state funding in fiscal years 2008–09 and 2009–10. We also concluded that public expenses, excluding certain retirement expenses, increased from $8.2 billion in fiscal year 2005–06 to
$9.4 billion in fiscal year 2009–10. The retirement expenses increased by $3 billion because of a change in accounting rules and updated actuarial valuations. In addition, the university budgeted widely varying amounts to its 10 campuses. For fiscal year 2009–10, the per-student budget amount ranged from $12,309 for the Santa Barbara campus to $55,186 for the San Francisco campus.Although the university identified four factors that it believes contributed to the differing budget amounts, it did not quantify their effects. The university can also improve the transparency of its financial operations. Although the university publishes annually a report of the campuses’ financial schedules, it could provide other information including beginning and ending balances for individual funds and could publish consistent information for its auxiliary enterprises. We further reported that the Office of the President needs to more precisely track about $1 billion of expenses annually that it currently tracks in a single accounting code—Miscellaneous Services—and that a recent change in university policy allows campuses to subsidize auxiliary enterprises with funding from other sources, despite the intent that they be self-supporting. Finally, we discovered two instances when the university designated $23 million in student funding to pay for capital projects on the Los Angeles campus that were not authorized by the student referendum establishing the fee.
Respectfully submitted,
State Auditor"

then, move on to:
The Full Report
-important: it is a 100 page report- please make sure to read from page 87- page 91 --if you can read nothing more... it is very telling...

Or, really skim and see:

Highlights, overview- HERE but when you have time -- go back and read page 87-91 from the full report (page 87 begins the section where the state auditor responds to UC's response on the state auditor's findings)...

"CALIFORNIANS who get it on UC" -- below we will link to like minded blog posts and well written news stories on this report:

State Releases Audit of UC System from Changing Universities

Sadly, Changing Universities notes:
"Turning to the most controversial aspect of the report, the auditor points out that the campuses serving the most under-represented students also get the lowest level of findings. While it is understandable that the university objects to this conclusion, they cannot object to the facts. Whatever the cause, the reality is that Black and Hispanic students may be receiving an inferior education because their tuition dollars are going to support non-under-represented professional students on other campuses. A more accurate description of this situation is that a side-effect of undergraduates subsidizing graduate and professional students on other campuses is that under-represented students are being under-funded." Is anyone in Oakland, East LA, Isla Vista etc. listening?

Please also read this story, for context, on the racial aspects as they relate to the audit findings,: Wealth Gap Rises to Record Highs Between Racial Groups

Capitol Alert: Audit says University of California should be more transparent

State audit suggests tweaks to UC budgeting SF Chronicle -it is an odd headline given what is stated in the story- like: "For example, $6 billion was budgeted for the UC president's office over five years, all of it falling under a line-item category called miscellaneous services." Does that sound like just a "tweak" to you?! But it also has an excellent breakdown campus by campus graph.

UC Criticized By State Auditor For Secrecy In Spending-
The University of California declines to explain to state auditors how it doles out funding to each of its 10 campuses, despite dramatic differences in per-student spending.

Auditor criticizes University of California system over distribution of funds
By Larry Gordon - Los Angeles Times via Bellingham Herald (sad the cuts in reporters at LA Times and weird that Bellingham,WA has Gordon's story featured better than the LA Times-- weird weird weird!)

State Auditor Slams UC For Secrecy in Spending-President Yudof disagrees but vows to improve transparency

-there's no problem, no problem was found-- but we will work on the problem, the problem that we refuse to acknowledge -- it reminds us of News of the World, Rebekah Wade Brooks or something like that...
is that UCOP disinformation logic or something?

"UC 'NewsRooms' Press Releaase": entitled "State audit: No evidence of waste, fraud or abuse "

Parroted by other news sources: State audit of UC finds no waste, fraud or abuse by 89.3 KPCC | Southern California Public Radio

and then there are those who want to be clever in their response: Disparities Between UC Campuses Should Be No Surprise

but fails to address sections of the report where the state auditor is calling out UC operations- particularly IT-- like this: “We appreciate the university’s concern about the trade‐off in staff time to implement this recommendation. In that light, the university may wish to consider implementing a Web site similar to the one we created that contains supplemental accounting information we obtained during this audit. On our Web site, we present a link (‐105/) to information related to public funding from the university’s corporate financial system related to fund categories; fund groups; and funds that includes beginning balances, revenues, expenses, transfers, and ending balances. Our information technology team created this Web site using fewer than 60 hours of staff time. We therefore fail to see why the university believes it needs between 12 and 18 months to review and implement this recommendation.”

...and it is after reading that passage that we are reminded that this is UC's current CIO...we also seem to recall similar suggestions were made to UC in the 2006 audit.

much of the news coverage on this latest audit fails to address the real issues UC refuses to address- is it a $10 billion dollar hospital system financed by a undergraduate tuition? or, is it a university committed to undergraduates, grad, post docs and patients equally? if so, how can it quantify it? prove it? -- and these questions don't even begin to address 'the labs' in all of this...

and the $6 Billion dollar over 5 years miscellaneous expenses book keeping...

the student newspapers have only just begun to start covering it: here is Daily Cal's coverage. -- surprisingly, Daily Cal does not connect their latest stories on the ASUC auxiliary take over to the discussion of auxiliaries in the audit report...well, not yet anyway.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gov. Jerry Brown Criticizes UC, CSU Paying High Salaries To 'Hired Guns' From Out Of State Instead Of Californians

Institutional Knowledge At UC and CSU- That Nobody Wants-- Why?

Gov. Blasts California Universities' Hiring of Pricey Presidents
"Jerry Brown criticizes the trend of paying high salaries to 'hired guns' from out of state instead of seeking Californians who might take less. Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday criticized leaders of California's public universities for recruiting highly paid "hired guns" from across the country to run campuses instead of looking for home-grown talent that might be willing to work for lower salaries. The governor said officials at California State University and the University of California appeared in recent salary decisions to have adopted a mindset that market forces trump public service, but he said that must change,"

"I believe on the campuses now there are many people who don't make near that salary that should have been groomed for leadership," the governor said in an interview."

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

CA's Higher Ed "Crown Jewel" Becoming Fool's Gold and CZs?

see: California's college system in decline, study finds
The state no longer is a leader in such areas as affordability, preparation of high school graduates and college-going rates, according to researchers at Cal State Sacramento.

and the full report: Consequences of Neglect by Moore, Offenstein and Shulock

Boalt's Goodwin Liu Nominated To California Supreme Court


Goodwin Liu, Berkeley Law Professor, Nominated To California Supreme Court

this section could prove problematic for Jerry: "Liu is the son of Taiwanese immigrants and would become the fourth serving justice of Asian descent if confirmed for the state Supreme Court. Moreno was the only Latino on the court and influential Latino legal groups had urged Brown to nominate another to the high court."

especially in light of these major headlines today:

Wealth Gap Between Whites, Minorities Widens To Greatest Level In A Quarter Century

Economic Downturn in US Hardest on Minorities

UPDATE- see what we mean by problematic: Latino Groups Question Liu's Nomination to State Supreme Court--Berkeley law prof would be one of four Asian justices on the panel, which has no Latino members Bay Citizen


Jerry Brown Criticized For Not Going Latino With California Supreme Court Pick


California Supreme Court nominee Goodwin Liu sparks criticism

--recently Brown signed the first part of DREAM Act legislation- pairing it with/seeking cover by tying it to the need for comprehensive immigration reform. If you look at immigration reform as an issue and the numbers behind that issue-- then it becomes apparent that there is a need for diversity on the high court...that is not just looking at personal attributes of candidates for the court-- that would be construed as seeking DIVERSITY: The CA state high court has NO Latino or African American justices! -- and adding this fuel to the fire of race relations at this already very tense time is kind of a horrible thing for a seasoned governor to do. what gives? It is rather remarkable/sickening how any discussion of Black - African American justices has just been pushed aside, not on the table at all, completely off the radar- yet, that demographic group is suffering very high unemployment and getting hammered on every major issue this state and this country faces.
and it looks like Mark Yudof isn't the only one:
Researchers See Trend of People Moving Between Texas, California

(btw Yudof's still got the 'UC Pres is like POTUS' fixation - this is his latest tweet:"On the mend from unexpected gallbladder surgery, so only light tweeting for now. Unlike #LBJ, don’t plan on showing my scar to news photogs." --LBJ?-remember his NY Times interview with D. Solomon, comments about White House, Air Force One?- oy vey... he did, however, tweet a while back that his fav Star Trek episode was The Trouble with Tribbles -- a typical choice - but not bad. We wish him a quick recovery and await his comments on the latest UC news. We would also really like to hear from the UC Administration about what is happening right now with delays on the US debt ceiling and the UC loan to the State of CA -- and how the plans in that deal may not turn out "as planned" (i.e. "the state could use that money to retire short-term loans from Wall Street or pay bills, while giving the universities above-market interest rates until a future payoff date."
... how would that affect future tuition, future budgets?)

On the tuition front-- some of UC's "Gilded 36" are looking out for 'their own':

UC Professional Schools Seek To Ease Student Financial Burden

UC Berkeley, UCLA law schools to cover fee increases with scholarships

Why is this important?- why is it important to understand how the professional schools like Boalt operate? - see first story listed above...

Also, there is this interesting comment in the comments section that relate back to this old story...

Goodwin is on vacation in Maine so no comment from him-- and it looks like the student affairs leadership has also been on vacation for the last month given the way this story remains unanswered... in fact, see this story and take a close look at this section:

"Administrators have repeatedly dodged questions from our reporters as well as ASUC officials. Harry Le Grande, the vice chancellor for student affairs, is out of his office until Aug. 1, and Jonathan Poullard, the assistant vice chancellor for student affairs, had said he would be unavailable until this week. Their absence suggests a lack of care for the student body, which is absurd coming from the division of student affairs. We demand that they publicly respond in detail to the ASUC’s concerns. That is their job."

wow. we realize it is summer and folks are on vacation, but it is an interesting time to be silent on these issues...

'nice work if you can get it'

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Flashback: Connerley, 209, former UC Regent John Moores

The week is starting off slow on UC news, likely won't stay that way later in the week due to a li'l report that is to be released... Anyway, we recently were reminded of a few UC news stories - so many facts and quotes in them that have such relevance today- involving a study on UC admissions and race that was paid for by a UC Regent, and with alarming quotes from another high profile former UC Regent:
"there are strong indications that serious trouble is around the corner for America's system of higher education. For example, fees are spiraling out of control. Questions are being raised about matters relating to academic freedom. Administrative salaries are frequently viewed as unnecessarily high. Questions relating to academic quality are increasingly raised.

At the core of many of these problems is a belief that ineffective governance is the culprit. With very few exceptions - notably John Moores at UC and T. J. Rodgers at Dartmouth - university trustees seem to be rubber stamps of the administration. They are frequently more interested in the adulation that accompanies being a trustee, such as getting prime seating at football games and attending the lavish dinners sponsored by the university president, than they are about providing independent oversight of university operations. This culture annoyed John.

In addition, it is my belief that John Moores became frustrated with the incessant attempts on the part of UC's faculty and administration to reinstate some form of race preferences at UC, despite the public's opposition to such practices as expressed by the passage of Proposition 209. There is no doubt that the John Moores I know is not one who walks away from an assignment unless he believes he is wasting his time. Were I now a Regent, I would be sorely tempted to do as John has done. There are some good people on the Board of Regents, but there are also many who fall far short of being good fiduciaries of a great institution."

Trustee Out, Diversity In? By Ward Connerly (funny choice of words--how he uses the term "Trustee" rather than "Regent" in this piece)

Regents Censure Chairman-Board Slams Moores for Berkeley Admissions Claims (said race still factor) (the Berdahl mentioned in the story is former Cal Chancellor Berdahl.)

College Capers-Defying voters, UC, Berkeley is admitting kids with low SAT scores and rejecting high achievers. by John Moores

and this story:

UCSD, Big Money, and the Ball Club --that includes this section:

"And in March of last year when Democratic governor Gray Davis appointed Moores to the Board of Regents of the University of California, the Union-Tribune quoted Dynes as saying, "I'm really looking forward to working with him. John has such a commitment to young people and to education. Since he's moved to San Diego it's clear he believes in the advantage of education.... I'm so pleased, I can't stand it."

During an interview last week, Dynes said about Moores: "We're colleagues. I mean, we know each other, not all that well. I've known him for three years, maybe." Dynes described the circumstances of their meeting by saying, "I think at one point I thought it would be of value for the university to know someone who is an influential person in the community, like many other people we know very well in the community."

But beyond their mutual admiration and their joint interest in baseball, Dynes and Moores have at least two other connections, both involving their personal financial interests, and, in Dynes's case, those of his spouse, Frances, along with her father, Warren, as well as her brother, Marco, known as Mick. Each relationship raises questions about how closely Dynes has adhered to UC's ethical guidelines and the state's conflict-of-interest laws."
--(You might want to note "Frances'" maiden name is Hellman...)

interestingly, Ward Connerly wrote another piece, his own version of reforming the UC Regents and UC President appointment process etc.:

Robert Dynes An Example Of Larger UC Problem

You also might want to see: who is John Moores? (he apparently still sits on the board of the Blum Center on Poverty- as in UC Regent Blum ; and the Carter Center- as in former POTUS Jimmy Carter.)

what is Prop 209?

and who is Ward Connerly?

and who is Robert Dynes?

(here's a hint: this isn't just about 'party lines' Dem vs Rep)

Can one believe that a group with history like this is going to be/can be responsive to the CA audit findings that are scheduled to come out later this week? Perhaps, particularly if the audit is critical, don't hold your breath- what good did the 2006 audit do? (take a look at the scandalous stories that have come out since 2006 in the right hand column.) Hate to be pessimists --but we've done this dance before...we could have also titled or labeled this post "Endless Cycle: Being Set Up For Failure".

Friday, July 22, 2011

At UC: Raises, Layoffs, Tuition Hikes, the Undone, Remembrances and Other Endings

Raises, Layoffs, Tuition Hikes, must read:
As We See It: UC Administrators Raises Hard To Fathom During Tough Times (but the editorial board there doesn't mention the $10.5 million on the UCSD Chancellor House or the $500,000 to Chow -- both voted on at the latest regents meeting-- they only refer to $40,000+ in state funds used for raises for three execs- but you can read more about those stories in the links on the right hand column.)

Also, NONE of the newspapers are covering UC salaries in 2010 -- the Sac Bee is all over CSU Highest Paid Administrators stories but they still have not given their readers access to the UC salaries for 2010 which they told their readers would likely be loaded in the Spring 2010, what gives? Is UC holding out on disclosing that info to Sac Bee? If you are also interested in this info maybe drop a line to the reporter covering the '100 highest paid at CSU' story- (By Phillip Reese - email: maybe he'll have an answer.

UC Riverside Cuts 'Dozens' Of Jobs, Raises Tuition

If you're trying to be optimistic about avoiding that UC midyear trigger on tuition increases- don't bother, see: California Budget Leaves Schools With Few Options -- it has important info on AB 114 and how that spills over and affects everything, seems like that trigger is likely to happen. (those who have children in the K-12 age and an older kid at higher ed age -- it's tough--and makes advocating solely for UC all the more difficult!)
on the "Undone":
More mixed messages, seems UC PR axiom: if it's a workplace climate survey on UC, then it follows that the results are spun as 'great' - but if the facts say that UC employees are suffering, then blame it on the CA legislature- or tell employees it is their own fault, their bad genes etc.?! Change something, do something different... that's all they got? Yet, a whole lotta big money comes in to fund UC centers that claim to study this stuff.

Remembrances, Other Endings:

Colleagues Mourn Loss of Beloved Psychiatrist Kevin Mack. And it looks like there will be major changes to UCSF's shuttle service - these changes might extend across all shuttle services in the UC system one day (the city traffic at that intersection also seems to concern many, so perhaps a change of signage and lights at the intersection will also happen.)

And, to follow up on our earlier "U. of Orion" post, here is how it played out: Atlantis ends final mission

We are trying to end on a happier note- and we think this next story is one-
On UCSC's Gabriel Zimmerman :
Lawmakers seek to honor first congressional aide murdered in the line of duty -we hope that leg. passes, it's a beautiful way to remember him!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Blue and Gold Hush Money? ...

Update: really good article with comments from Cal and Davis alum Assemblyman Luis Alejo (he graduated from both UC Berkeley and the UC Davis School of Law) and others, here's a sample:
"There is a a wall between the legislature and UC to avoid political interference in education and content, but we have the ultimate power of the purse strings and it's our responsibility to use taxpayer money wisely," Norby said.

some really important quotes etc. in it,read the full article: Alejo 'deeply disappointed' in executive raises: Legislators keeping an eye on UC compensation

but the SF Chron raises this question: "Meanwhile, it's not clear whether UC would have to abide by Yee's bill if it became law because it has constitutional autonomy."

here are some interesting stories:

Lawmakers move to cap CSU executive salaries By Laurel Rosenhall, she includes in her story:
"University of California regents also met this week. They too raised tuition on the same day they gave some executive raises. The UC Student Association issued a statement criticizing the $27,500 raise for Vice President Patrick Lenz. But generally the UC decisions have not sparked the outcry that has ricocheted about CSU.
That may be because two of the executives who got raises this week are paid by UC's hospital system. And Lenz, who is paid by state funds, got a raise of 10 percent."

a really great article: UC Regents Approve 9.6 Percent Tuition Hike - Second Increase in Eight Months; Professors and Lecturers Weigh In By Rebecca Bachman (it includes comments from Prof. Michael Meranze and Bob Samuels)

and then take a look at Daily Cal's coverage, especially watch the second youtube video clip posted of the UC Regents and Administrators Press Conference and listen to Pitts comments in particular... Pitts is referring to Daily Cal editorials on the state cuts --they can be found in the opinion section.

UC considers alternate strategies to handle budget reductions
In the video from Berkeley Patch, History of Art Associate Professor Greg Levine objects, saying, “Many argue that there’s no choice. I’m not so sure that there’s no other alternative." ..."Based on prior tuition increases over the last two years, which have been significant, I’ve had students who have disappeared in the middle of the academic year because they can’t pay for their tuition," he added.

The Disappeared

many with parents able to easily foot the bill or on "the plan" aren't so concerned --so, it seems he might be on to something...

Friday, July 15, 2011

UCSD To Spend $10.5 Million on Chancellor's Mansion?!

UCSD Proposes To Spend $10.5 Million on Chancellor's Mansion (2011)
(should make clear that the Chancellor at UCSD Marye Ann Fox is stepping down next year so they are likely trying to get passage of the pricey renovations before a new Chancellor signs on to the UCSD Chancellor post next June.)

Looks like a Year of UC Tuition (undergrad) Is Now Equivalent To One Month Of Rent UC Pays For UC President Mark Yudof's Rental there

it's all relative...

"Together, the two increases mean students will pay $1,818 more in tuition than they did last year, and bring basic undergraduate tuition for California residents to $12,192 a year. The amount reaches $13,218 when average campus-based fees are included. " but you have to also think about: "Room, board, books and other charges will bring the total for an undergraduate to attend UC to more than $31,000 for the coming school year." (Good luck on trying to use that figure at UCLA, UC Davis, or Cal--its much more expensive to live in those areas).

and UC is paying around $12,000+ per month in rent for the Lafayette house --that is down from the $13,000 per month in rent on the house UC rented for him in Oakland... but that doesn't include expenses for the UCOP staff who serve as dedicated property management etc. on this stuff. You also might recall that there is another uninhabited UC President estate called Blake House that UC owns -- but Yudof says he doesn't want to live there and that the repairs would be too pricey. "Pricey"-- it's all relative... how you roll...

more info here and here

important to note that the $500,000 to Chow story only came about because of a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request.
And, the SignOnSanDiego story in the header of this post was learned from a tip.

So it looks like UCOP did not want to put any of this stuff out there in bold bright lights -- keep that in mind as they claim out of the other side of their mouth that UC leadership has a commitment to transparency and that everything related to tuition hikes is Sacramento's, Legislature's and everyone else's fault...

UC Berkeley and Mitt Romney : The BAIN of Their Existence

(Our former First Lady Maria Shriver affectionately calls him Uncle Teddy-- and he has left us a gem! Check it out.)

Chris Matthews Hardball on MSNBC has a great video segment on the whole thing: see it here.-- the piece includes an ad with 'real people' who sound alot! like many 'real people' at Cal and other UC campuses as their livelihoods are impacted by Bain and Operational Excellence Exodus.

The Bain of Mitt's campaign- Politico
1994 Senate ad resurrected against Romney- Boston Globe
Unaired ad from 1994 highlights Romney's Bain record - Daily Kos

and the Bachmann/Perry -or is it Perry/Bachmann ?- crowd is picking up on it too.

and Media Matters has more on all of this here: As CEO, Romney Profited While Thousands Of Workers Were Laid Off And Five Of His Companies Went Bankrupt .

Given the above - it is important to read the posts listed below- but it is difficult because the author calls himself "Chancellor's Professor of Public Policy" (difficult perhaps maybe b/c the Chancellor's jobs policy detailed in stories listed above), anyway:

The President’s jobs plan (not) by Robert Reich

The Rise of the Wrecking-Ball Right by Robert Reich

Thursday, July 14, 2011

"There's nobody else here from the state govt so i'm gonna be pissed at you" Regent Pattiz to Lt Gov Newsom

sort of live bloggin' reflections/ notes/ and quotes from today's regents meeting that caught our attention:

There's nobody else here from the state govt so i'm gonna be pissed at you... pattiz to newsom (Pattiz' quotes are priceless but really painful on the ears- can some ear nose and throat Doc from UCSF or UCLA help him out?--surely, both he and Yudof enjoy great health benefits unknown to many UC staff etc.)

"the other 45%"...they are the ones actually paying the tuition increase- the other 55% won't feel a thing...

exempt Grads from fees, don't exempt Grads from fees- is that fair?

some regents and chancellors said we are losing grad students to our competitors- while other regents and chancellors said we are not losing grads to our competitors--UCSD Chancellor Marye Anne Fox tried to explain it to them by going deep, deep, deep into the weeds only to be followed by dead silence- then she frustratingly said I don't know if I have explained it to you or made it more confused-- she returns to being a (teaching?) professor next year, oy vey...

Sherry Lansing didn't want to hear any of it- Nathan tell them how grad students pay less at UC - and Nathan did... but the full picture was not clearly conveyed...

Lansing and others also referenced a deal with Bristol Myers Squibb where UC receives some money back on their share of a patent- Lansing and others talked about pursuing more of this type of money from other patents etc.

One chancellor (Drake?) said when he visits other non UC colleagues they pity him, give him condolences but he has to correct them and tell them it really isn't that bad-- a few moments later another Chancellor (White?) next to him then gave a perfectly detailed speech indicating all of the true hardships at UC at his campus. Talk about conflicting messages...

consider tiering tuition based on income level of students- is that fair?

Jaycee Dugard as the example that UC does things right, state does things wrong ...Regent Bonnie Reiss (hey bonnie, take a look at the stories on UC in the right hand column-at UC whistle blower retaliation,at UC sex assaults, at UC gender bias - not just one aberrant case, multiple cases system-wide etc.-seems a pattern- ...jus' sayin')
Bonnie took a dig at how ironic it was Gov. Brown's Dad -Gov.Pat Brown- helped draft the master ironic she said..
The wonder of the master plan ... Bonnie Reiss.. --that UC never reviewed w/ state in the 1980's as planned...think Prof. Catherine Cole gave a presentation on that history... "You’ll note from the title page of the Master Plan that it was intended to last for 15 years from 1960-1975. Instead it has lasted for fifty years with its silver anniversary celebrated last year." Please read it.

international students, non resident students save us money, subsidize other students---Brostrom and others--- they just happen to use CA transportation, infrastructure etc. that Californian families paid for over lifetimes-- but supposedly cheaper for UC...

Transfer students from CA community colleges cost us more money...Brostrom and others-- oh, but we want to join with the CCCs to advocate in Sacto cuz we're all in this together...

We can't support the faculty unless we have these tuition increases...Blum

Let's remember who our enemies are in next election cycle...Blum (isn't Di Fi up for re-election soon?)

Let's vote no cuz I don't know what else to do...Newsom

We need a different message and different messengers - cuz what we've been doing hasn't been working...Newsom

yep, the regents are now ginned up over plans to send Gavin back to Sacto to lead advocating for UC with "whether they like it or not" round II?...

and there is this recent news Gavin recently moved out of his beloved SF home to Marin (with the in laws on their estate)-- selling sold his $2.75 million home in SF and looking to buy in Marin-- eying Lynn Woolsey's soon-to-be-vacant congressional seat?... Willie Brown says different...

wonder if Gavin is still keeping his private office in SF?
but Gavin also said this: "The biggest threat to our democracy is income inequality, the loss of the middle class," Newsom said. "And here we are once again, putting the nail in the coffin of the middle class. That's exactly who gets hurt in this debate." Kudos to him, but he needs to focus. He also mentioned talking about ending the UC sports programs as leverage and then said, naw, not really, just for shock value cuz he said he knows they are "revenue generators". Focus, focus.

looks like island, marcus, mireles, newsom voted no

Pitts, or whoever was running the meeting at that point said he was "delighted" with the vote to increase tuition-- his choice of word: "delighted"

one of the other regents (Blum?) said he understood why the regents who would vote no would be doing so-- to satisfy their constituency, interest groups - that was pretty insulting and we really wish one of them would have countered that statement.

There was discussion by Blum about how former UC President Dynes had private compact agreements with Former Governor Schwarzenegger -- promises were made, promise broken -- Dynes and Schwarzenegger-- promises made, promises broken-- some might say "take a number"

[and we are still tripping off the compliance and audit meeting comments bashing Cal in particular on Tuesday-- also the comments made over "incentives" were cringe worthy, raise the hair on the back of your neck chilling-- the concern over the lack of controls expressed...really disturbing..-- going to go back and re-read those documents from the agenda item handouts--many of the negative comments about Cal were directed at the faculty at UC Berkeley and a perception that the faculty there are unwilling to comply.]

apologies this is messy scribble in between other stuff... but, ya know...

More Raises:
"The regents approved a new base salary of $300,000, a raise of $27,500, for Patrick Lenz, the UC system's vice president of budget, and added "capital resources" to his title. His salary is paid by taxpayers.

Santiago Munoz, the UC system's associate vice president for clinical services development received a 24.1 percent raise, from $201,400 to $250,000. About 40 percent of his salary is paid from taxpayer funds.

The regents also approved a $195,300 raise to Mark Laret, chief executive officer of the UCSF Medical Center, who had been approached by a Harvard University head hunter. His new base salary of $935,000 "would approximately meet" what he would earn at Harvard, said UCSF Chancellor Susan Desmond-Hellmann. The regents also awarded him a retention bonus of $1 million over four years. However, his salary is paid entirely from medical center revenues, not taxpayer money."

In other, very sad news: this morning,just a few city blocks away from the Regents meeting...there was a horrific accident involving a filled UCSF shuttle taking UCSF employees to San Francisco General Hospital in the Hayes Valley area -- one person from the UCSF shuttle was ejected,pinned, and killed-- others in the shuttle injured-- our thoughts are with all concerned. (Wonder if the Regents and execs will see any of the aftermath from their limos as they depart the regent's meeting? Will it illuminate to them how different their rarefied air experiences are from every day hard working staff, faculty, and students hustling to make a buck, study, live their lives?)

UCLA Paying $500,000 To Former Coach ; Demand For Transparency On True Size of Latest UC Tuition Increase

UC officials and students are citing different figures for the actual size of the UC tuition increase.

Where does the money come from for this?:
UCLA to pay Norm Chow $500,000 not to coach the Bruins this season

If you are thinking "what the hell does any of this matter" see this piece.

The UC Regents meeting continues through Thursday, you can listen to it and view agenda here-- though they tend to get antsy, cram, and wrap up early - a quick pass of the catered food in back, some glad handing with each other, run to the waiting limos parked in a long line, and hop on planes to other preferred destinations etc. --getting caught up on deals like this one.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Is UC Pres. Mark Yudof In The Hospital?

one of the regents - the one with a voice that sounds like a cat in heat with laryngitis- said that he was disappointed 'Mark was not here and only able to get rest by being in hospital'- words to that effect. Is he? Any detail given? if you happen to know more on this leave a comment.

take a look at two important posts:
Chris Newfield's : Feeding the Cuts, Part I

and Bob Samuels: A Tale of Two UCs

(he writes "Ultimately, the state and the bond raters are telling the UC to screw the middle class, and the UC is obliging on a regular basis.") -- the saddest part of this is that the middle class is on a treadmill right now and not able to pay attention to the details of regents meetings --and many of the students don't even know about the hikes yet (that they know about one percentage increase in tuition-- but they are NOT aware of the multiple percentage increases and triggers midyear-- one of the student leaders mentioned this in her remarks to the regents this morning-- believe her name is Claudia Magana, head of UCSA-- she also recently told a local news paper she was abandoning her minor because of tuition hikes- she said she needs to get out sooner.)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

CA wants the ability to borrow $1.7 billion from the UC and CSU after slashing nearly a quarter of state funding for the beleaguered systems.

see: California cuts UC, CSU -- then seeks ability to borrow from them

what do we call this?: "scratch your back, you scratch mine"- "a form of clawback"- "a "becoming federal university system" that in turn loans billions to state"- "the art of the deal"-"high level cronyism"- "good governance"- "ingenuous or ingenious"- "shared tacit agreement between UC admin and Sacto that the tuition must rise while giving each other political cover"?

The regents meeting is happening right now --links to listen and review agenda available here.

Governor Brown comments on compensation practices at CSU:
“my concern about the ever- escalating pay packages awarded to your top administrators.” ...“At a time when the state is closing its courts, laying off public school teachers and shutting senior centers, it is not right to be raising the salaries of leaders who -- of necessity -- must demand sacrifice from everyone else,” Brown said"...Citing “the salary decision you are about to make,” Brown said he rejects the assumption “that you cannot find a qualified man or woman to lead the university unless paid twice that of the Chief Justice of the United States.”
to which CSU responded: “We’re looking at a president who runs a multimillion dollar organization,” said Peter Mehas, the trustee. “We cannot pay enough for quality leadership,” he said.
read the full story: California College Board Raises Pay Rate While Boosting Tuition
By Christopher Palmeri -in Bloomberg

and here is the full letter Governor Brown sent to CSU.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Gov. Brown Takes A Position On 209 and Public Higher Ed

Governor Calls Affirmative Action Ban Unconstitutional in Public University Admissions Written by David Greenwald
Marye Ann Fox is leaving her position as UCSD Chancellor in June 2012 to return to her professor role.

speaking of San Diego, read this on CSU San Diego: Salary plan for San Diego State president stirs furor--The compensation of $400,000 draws fire from critics, who cite deep cuts and rising tuition in the Cal State system. But a study found CSU campus presidents are underpaid compared to their peers. (HuffPo gave it this headline: "What?! San Diego State President Gets $100,000 Raise Despite Cuts")

then read this:
CSU, UC students brace for another round of tuition hikes


Also, pencil in a SAVE THE DATE : July 28th, 2011-- the State Auditor's site says that is the estimated release date for their audit of University of California-- seems like any discussion of giving Yudof extra powers - or sole power over compensation increase approvals - or regents approving tuition hikes should wait until after this report is released...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

University of California Regents Meeting July 12-14, 2011

UC Regents Meeting, July 12-14, 2011

You can listen to it live: here

(remember no archive or recorded audio of the meetings provided. You can only listen to it live or attend in person to hear)

Looks like some UC Regents have already heard some push back in advance of the meeting.

"Even worse would be for this temporary admissions change to open the door to a permanent policy under which UC's undergraduate programs are no longer primarily for California students. UC leaders should publicly commit to reversing course once the state's budget picture improves to certain, predefined levels. "

" That may be unavoidable for now, but it's not something to be happy about or to allow permanently. UC officials must take steps to guard against two possible downsides to this admissions shift."


"A chief reason California taxpayers commit so much money to the university is so that it will fulfill its lofty mission of providing bachelor's degrees to this state's outstanding young scholars."

read the full piece in its entirety.

also recommend looking at Daily Cal coverage of funky stuff happening at the auxiliary for ASUC-- ( who owns the name ASUC?-- do the students or the administration?) Could these moves possibly be happening due to the recent passage of certain state legislation on higher ed auxiliaries?

Also check out blog lists in above tab labeled UC Blog and below in the blog list tool for more on the latest UC news/shenanigans.

Didja See Ward Connerly vs Reverend Al?

if not you can view the transcript here --scroll half way down the page. The video is also available (for now) here.
major flashback!!!
(seriously diggin' seein' fellow UC alum Ezra Klein guest anchoring on MSNBC!)
Also on undocumented and tuition fees front : this article and this article .


Here is the latest on the CA Redistricting Commission (they are all UC alums) happenings: the drama, and possible policy implications and headlines.

Wonder if UCOP is flexing any muscle on UC alums on this commission? and would that be good or bad?

Farrah, Michael, Britney, Octo Mom Win; Fertilty Challenged Women, Cadavers Lose

see these new stories :

UCLA Health System Pays $865,000 to Settle Celebrity Privacy Allegations by Charles Ornstein (he covered the original story on Farrah Fawcett records leak when it broke.)

UCLA hospitals to pay $865,500 for breaches of celebrities' privacy

(just a tap on the wrist for UC some comments say)

recall "regular joes" didn't make out so well in these earlier stories:

Lost UCLA Cadavers' Final Chapter-with no hope of winning lawsuits over loved ones' remains, relatives fight for the last word.

Doctor in UC Irvine fertility scandal released from custody in Mexico City

and many more stories like this in the right hand column- seems like UC is big on the privatization -- not so much on the privacy.

but if we are true boosters we are only supposed to spend our time hand wringing and violin playing over UC being denied advance accreditation due to lack of new state funding of a new UC Riverside Medical School. Here is another view of that matter.

University of Orion? "America will continue the dream"... .!?

Yudof's tweeting how he's all proud of Cal alum astronaut Rex Walheim '84 on the final shuttle -- but Walheim graduated UC in the early eighties- under UC Presidents Saxon and Gardner- long before UC got "Yudoffed"...[ and Yudof once again is coming to the Regents in JULY to request even more power -you might recall he did a similar emergency power grab in the convenient month of JULY (when most folks are off campus and on holiday) before- you can read more: here. ]

Ironic, the US space shuttle program has been ended with an eye to making it private and commercial- remind you of anything? perhaps reminds you of what is currently happening at UC and public higher ed.

For every NASA job there are two jobs created...see this and this and this and this for a sample of what is happening as a result of this move to commercialize/privatize.

The last words of the commentary during the lift off were "America will continue the dream" (insert a period, exclamation point, or question mark at the end of that last sentence). Let's see what the final words are during commentary when they land a week and half from now -- maybe some ballsy person from Houston will say "America will continue the dream and &%$# privatization of our proudly publicly funded institutions!".

...Something that kind of strikes this same tone...

Sending our best for a safe return home of Atlantis.

Anyway, the Orion project will now come to center stage-- and much remains unclear on its future, just like with public higher ed...

P.S. if we'd been blogging during July 4th we would have cross posted this story. Love 'em.