Friday, July 22, 2011

At UC: Raises, Layoffs, Tuition Hikes, the Undone, Remembrances and Other Endings

Raises, Layoffs, Tuition Hikes, must read:
As We See It: UC Administrators Raises Hard To Fathom During Tough Times (but the editorial board there doesn't mention the $10.5 million on the UCSD Chancellor House or the $500,000 to Chow -- both voted on at the latest regents meeting-- they only refer to $40,000+ in state funds used for raises for three execs- but you can read more about those stories in the links on the right hand column.)

Also, NONE of the newspapers are covering UC salaries in 2010 -- the Sac Bee is all over CSU Highest Paid Administrators stories but they still have not given their readers access to the UC salaries for 2010 which they told their readers would likely be loaded in the Spring 2010, what gives? Is UC holding out on disclosing that info to Sac Bee? If you are also interested in this info maybe drop a line to the reporter covering the '100 highest paid at CSU' story- (By Phillip Reese - email: maybe he'll have an answer.

UC Riverside Cuts 'Dozens' Of Jobs, Raises Tuition

If you're trying to be optimistic about avoiding that UC midyear trigger on tuition increases- don't bother, see: California Budget Leaves Schools With Few Options -- it has important info on AB 114 and how that spills over and affects everything, seems like that trigger is likely to happen. (those who have children in the K-12 age and an older kid at higher ed age -- it's tough--and makes advocating solely for UC all the more difficult!)
on the "Undone":
More mixed messages, seems UC PR axiom: if it's a workplace climate survey on UC, then it follows that the results are spun as 'great' - but if the facts say that UC employees are suffering, then blame it on the CA legislature- or tell employees it is their own fault, their bad genes etc.?! Change something, do something different... that's all they got? Yet, a whole lotta big money comes in to fund UC centers that claim to study this stuff.

Remembrances, Other Endings:

Colleagues Mourn Loss of Beloved Psychiatrist Kevin Mack. And it looks like there will be major changes to UCSF's shuttle service - these changes might extend across all shuttle services in the UC system one day (the city traffic at that intersection also seems to concern many, so perhaps a change of signage and lights at the intersection will also happen.)

And, to follow up on our earlier "U. of Orion" post, here is how it played out: Atlantis ends final mission

We are trying to end on a happier note- and we think this next story is one-
On UCSC's Gabriel Zimmerman :
Lawmakers seek to honor first congressional aide murdered in the line of duty -we hope that leg. passes, it's a beautiful way to remember him!

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