Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Boalt's Goodwin Liu Nominated To California Supreme Court


Goodwin Liu, Berkeley Law Professor, Nominated To California Supreme Court

this section could prove problematic for Jerry: "Liu is the son of Taiwanese immigrants and would become the fourth serving justice of Asian descent if confirmed for the state Supreme Court. Moreno was the only Latino on the court and influential Latino legal groups had urged Brown to nominate another to the high court."

especially in light of these major headlines today:

Wealth Gap Between Whites, Minorities Widens To Greatest Level In A Quarter Century

Economic Downturn in US Hardest on Minorities

UPDATE- see what we mean by problematic: Latino Groups Question Liu's Nomination to State Supreme Court--Berkeley law prof would be one of four Asian justices on the panel, which has no Latino members Bay Citizen


Jerry Brown Criticized For Not Going Latino With California Supreme Court Pick


California Supreme Court nominee Goodwin Liu sparks criticism

--recently Brown signed the first part of DREAM Act legislation- pairing it with/seeking cover by tying it to the need for comprehensive immigration reform. If you look at immigration reform as an issue and the numbers behind that issue-- then it becomes apparent that there is a need for diversity on the high court...that is not just looking at personal attributes of candidates for the court-- that would be construed as seeking DIVERSITY: The CA state high court has NO Latino or African American justices! -- and adding this fuel to the fire of race relations at this already very tense time is kind of a horrible thing for a seasoned governor to do. what gives? It is rather remarkable/sickening how any discussion of Black - African American justices has just been pushed aside, not on the table at all, completely off the radar- yet, that demographic group is suffering very high unemployment and getting hammered on every major issue this state and this country faces.
and it looks like Mark Yudof isn't the only one:
Researchers See Trend of People Moving Between Texas, California

(btw Yudof's still got the 'UC Pres is like POTUS' fixation - this is his latest tweet:"On the mend from unexpected gallbladder surgery, so only light tweeting for now. Unlike #LBJ, don’t plan on showing my scar to news photogs." --LBJ?-remember his NY Times interview with D. Solomon, comments about White House, Air Force One?- oy vey... he did, however, tweet a while back that his fav Star Trek episode was The Trouble with Tribbles -- a typical choice - but not bad. We wish him a quick recovery and await his comments on the latest UC news. We would also really like to hear from the UC Administration about what is happening right now with delays on the US debt ceiling and the UC loan to the State of CA -- and how the plans in that deal may not turn out "as planned" (i.e. "the state could use that money to retire short-term loans from Wall Street or pay bills, while giving the universities above-market interest rates until a future payoff date."
... how would that affect future tuition, future budgets?)

On the tuition front-- some of UC's "Gilded 36" are looking out for 'their own':

UC Professional Schools Seek To Ease Student Financial Burden

UC Berkeley, UCLA law schools to cover fee increases with scholarships

Why is this important?- why is it important to understand how the professional schools like Boalt operate? - see first story listed above...

Also, there is this interesting comment in the comments section that relate back to this old story...

Goodwin is on vacation in Maine so no comment from him-- and it looks like the student affairs leadership has also been on vacation for the last month given the way this story remains unanswered... in fact, see this story and take a close look at this section:

"Administrators have repeatedly dodged questions from our reporters as well as ASUC officials. Harry Le Grande, the vice chancellor for student affairs, is out of his office until Aug. 1, and Jonathan Poullard, the assistant vice chancellor for student affairs, had said he would be unavailable until this week. Their absence suggests a lack of care for the student body, which is absurd coming from the division of student affairs. We demand that they publicly respond in detail to the ASUC’s concerns. That is their job."

wow. we realize it is summer and folks are on vacation, but it is an interesting time to be silent on these issues...

'nice work if you can get it'

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