Tuesday, July 12, 2011

CA wants the ability to borrow $1.7 billion from the UC and CSU after slashing nearly a quarter of state funding for the beleaguered systems.

see: California cuts UC, CSU -- then seeks ability to borrow from them

what do we call this?: "scratch your back, you scratch mine"- "a form of clawback"- "a "becoming federal university system" that in turn loans billions to state"- "the art of the deal"-"high level cronyism"- "good governance"- "ingenuous or ingenious"- "shared tacit agreement between UC admin and Sacto that the tuition must rise while giving each other political cover"?

The regents meeting is happening right now --links to listen and review agenda available here.

Governor Brown comments on compensation practices at CSU:
“my concern about the ever- escalating pay packages awarded to your top administrators.” ...“At a time when the state is closing its courts, laying off public school teachers and shutting senior centers, it is not right to be raising the salaries of leaders who -- of necessity -- must demand sacrifice from everyone else,” Brown said"...Citing “the salary decision you are about to make,” Brown said he rejects the assumption “that you cannot find a qualified man or woman to lead the university unless paid twice that of the Chief Justice of the United States.”
to which CSU responded: “We’re looking at a president who runs a multimillion dollar organization,” said Peter Mehas, the trustee. “We cannot pay enough for quality leadership,” he said.
read the full story: California College Board Raises Pay Rate While Boosting Tuition
By Christopher Palmeri -in Bloomberg

and here is the full letter Governor Brown sent to CSU.

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