Saturday, July 9, 2011

"Even worse would be for this temporary admissions change to open the door to a permanent policy under which UC's undergraduate programs are no longer primarily for California students. UC leaders should publicly commit to reversing course once the state's budget picture improves to certain, predefined levels. "

" That may be unavoidable for now, but it's not something to be happy about or to allow permanently. UC officials must take steps to guard against two possible downsides to this admissions shift."


"A chief reason California taxpayers commit so much money to the university is so that it will fulfill its lofty mission of providing bachelor's degrees to this state's outstanding young scholars."

read the full piece in its entirety.

also recommend looking at Daily Cal coverage of funky stuff happening at the auxiliary for ASUC-- ( who owns the name ASUC?-- do the students or the administration?) Could these moves possibly be happening due to the recent passage of certain state legislation on higher ed auxiliaries?

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