Saturday, July 9, 2011

Farrah, Michael, Britney, Octo Mom Win; Fertilty Challenged Women, Cadavers Lose

see these new stories :

UCLA Health System Pays $865,000 to Settle Celebrity Privacy Allegations by Charles Ornstein (he covered the original story on Farrah Fawcett records leak when it broke.)

UCLA hospitals to pay $865,500 for breaches of celebrities' privacy

(just a tap on the wrist for UC some comments say)

recall "regular joes" didn't make out so well in these earlier stories:

Lost UCLA Cadavers' Final Chapter-with no hope of winning lawsuits over loved ones' remains, relatives fight for the last word.

Doctor in UC Irvine fertility scandal released from custody in Mexico City

and many more stories like this in the right hand column- seems like UC is big on the privatization -- not so much on the privacy.

but if we are true boosters we are only supposed to spend our time hand wringing and violin playing over UC being denied advance accreditation due to lack of new state funding of a new UC Riverside Medical School. Here is another view of that matter.

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