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Flashback: Connerley, 209, former UC Regent John Moores

The week is starting off slow on UC news, likely won't stay that way later in the week due to a li'l report that is to be released... Anyway, we recently were reminded of a few UC news stories - so many facts and quotes in them that have such relevance today- involving a study on UC admissions and race that was paid for by a UC Regent, and with alarming quotes from another high profile former UC Regent:
"there are strong indications that serious trouble is around the corner for America's system of higher education. For example, fees are spiraling out of control. Questions are being raised about matters relating to academic freedom. Administrative salaries are frequently viewed as unnecessarily high. Questions relating to academic quality are increasingly raised.

At the core of many of these problems is a belief that ineffective governance is the culprit. With very few exceptions - notably John Moores at UC and T. J. Rodgers at Dartmouth - university trustees seem to be rubber stamps of the administration. They are frequently more interested in the adulation that accompanies being a trustee, such as getting prime seating at football games and attending the lavish dinners sponsored by the university president, than they are about providing independent oversight of university operations. This culture annoyed John.

In addition, it is my belief that John Moores became frustrated with the incessant attempts on the part of UC's faculty and administration to reinstate some form of race preferences at UC, despite the public's opposition to such practices as expressed by the passage of Proposition 209. There is no doubt that the John Moores I know is not one who walks away from an assignment unless he believes he is wasting his time. Were I now a Regent, I would be sorely tempted to do as John has done. There are some good people on the Board of Regents, but there are also many who fall far short of being good fiduciaries of a great institution."

Trustee Out, Diversity In? By Ward Connerly (funny choice of words--how he uses the term "Trustee" rather than "Regent" in this piece)

Regents Censure Chairman-Board Slams Moores for Berkeley Admissions Claims (said race still factor) (the Berdahl mentioned in the story is former Cal Chancellor Berdahl.)

College Capers-Defying voters, UC, Berkeley is admitting kids with low SAT scores and rejecting high achievers. by John Moores

and this story:

UCSD, Big Money, and the Ball Club --that includes this section:

"And in March of last year when Democratic governor Gray Davis appointed Moores to the Board of Regents of the University of California, the Union-Tribune quoted Dynes as saying, "I'm really looking forward to working with him. John has such a commitment to young people and to education. Since he's moved to San Diego it's clear he believes in the advantage of education.... I'm so pleased, I can't stand it."

During an interview last week, Dynes said about Moores: "We're colleagues. I mean, we know each other, not all that well. I've known him for three years, maybe." Dynes described the circumstances of their meeting by saying, "I think at one point I thought it would be of value for the university to know someone who is an influential person in the community, like many other people we know very well in the community."

But beyond their mutual admiration and their joint interest in baseball, Dynes and Moores have at least two other connections, both involving their personal financial interests, and, in Dynes's case, those of his spouse, Frances, along with her father, Warren, as well as her brother, Marco, known as Mick. Each relationship raises questions about how closely Dynes has adhered to UC's ethical guidelines and the state's conflict-of-interest laws."
--(You might want to note "Frances'" maiden name is Hellman...)

interestingly, Ward Connerly wrote another piece, his own version of reforming the UC Regents and UC President appointment process etc.:

Robert Dynes An Example Of Larger UC Problem

You also might want to see: who is John Moores? (he apparently still sits on the board of the Blum Center on Poverty- as in UC Regent Blum ; and the Carter Center- as in former POTUS Jimmy Carter.)

what is Prop 209?

and who is Ward Connerly?

and who is Robert Dynes?

(here's a hint: this isn't just about 'party lines' Dem vs Rep)

Can one believe that a group with history like this is going to be/can be responsive to the CA audit findings that are scheduled to come out later this week? Perhaps, particularly if the audit is critical, don't hold your breath- what good did the 2006 audit do? (take a look at the scandalous stories that have come out since 2006 in the right hand column.) Hate to be pessimists --but we've done this dance before...we could have also titled or labeled this post "Endless Cycle: Being Set Up For Failure".

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