Monday, July 11, 2011

Gov. Brown Takes A Position On 209 and Public Higher Ed

Governor Calls Affirmative Action Ban Unconstitutional in Public University Admissions Written by David Greenwald
Marye Ann Fox is leaving her position as UCSD Chancellor in June 2012 to return to her professor role.

speaking of San Diego, read this on CSU San Diego: Salary plan for San Diego State president stirs furor--The compensation of $400,000 draws fire from critics, who cite deep cuts and rising tuition in the Cal State system. But a study found CSU campus presidents are underpaid compared to their peers. (HuffPo gave it this headline: "What?! San Diego State President Gets $100,000 Raise Despite Cuts")

then read this:
CSU, UC students brace for another round of tuition hikes


Also, pencil in a SAVE THE DATE : July 28th, 2011-- the State Auditor's site says that is the estimated release date for their audit of University of California-- seems like any discussion of giving Yudof extra powers - or sole power over compensation increase approvals - or regents approving tuition hikes should wait until after this report is released...

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