Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gov. Jerry Brown Criticizes UC, CSU Paying High Salaries To 'Hired Guns' From Out Of State Instead Of Californians

Institutional Knowledge At UC and CSU- That Nobody Wants-- Why?

Gov. Blasts California Universities' Hiring of Pricey Presidents
"Jerry Brown criticizes the trend of paying high salaries to 'hired guns' from out of state instead of seeking Californians who might take less. Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday criticized leaders of California's public universities for recruiting highly paid "hired guns" from across the country to run campuses instead of looking for home-grown talent that might be willing to work for lower salaries. The governor said officials at California State University and the University of California appeared in recent salary decisions to have adopted a mindset that market forces trump public service, but he said that must change,"

"I believe on the campuses now there are many people who don't make near that salary that should have been groomed for leadership," the governor said in an interview."

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