Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Is UC Pres. Mark Yudof In The Hospital?

one of the regents - the one with a voice that sounds like a cat in heat with laryngitis- said that he was disappointed 'Mark was not here and only able to get rest by being in hospital'- words to that effect. Is he? Any detail given? if you happen to know more on this leave a comment.

take a look at two important posts:
Chris Newfield's : Feeding the Cuts, Part I

and Bob Samuels: A Tale of Two UCs

(he writes "Ultimately, the state and the bond raters are telling the UC to screw the middle class, and the UC is obliging on a regular basis.") -- the saddest part of this is that the middle class is on a treadmill right now and not able to pay attention to the details of regents meetings --and many of the students don't even know about the hikes yet (that they know about one percentage increase in tuition-- but they are NOT aware of the multiple percentage increases and triggers midyear-- one of the student leaders mentioned this in her remarks to the regents this morning-- believe her name is Claudia Magana, head of UCSA-- she also recently told a local news paper she was abandoning her minor because of tuition hikes- she said she needs to get out sooner.)


  1. Yudof is in the hospital for gallbladder surgery

  2. UC President Mark G. Yudof, who proposed the tuition increase last week, did not attend the meeting because he is recovering from emergency gall bladder surgery, officials said.

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