Thursday, July 14, 2011

"There's nobody else here from the state govt so i'm gonna be pissed at you" Regent Pattiz to Lt Gov Newsom

sort of live bloggin' reflections/ notes/ and quotes from today's regents meeting that caught our attention:

There's nobody else here from the state govt so i'm gonna be pissed at you... pattiz to newsom (Pattiz' quotes are priceless but really painful on the ears- can some ear nose and throat Doc from UCSF or UCLA help him out?--surely, both he and Yudof enjoy great health benefits unknown to many UC staff etc.)

"the other 45%"...they are the ones actually paying the tuition increase- the other 55% won't feel a thing...

exempt Grads from fees, don't exempt Grads from fees- is that fair?

some regents and chancellors said we are losing grad students to our competitors- while other regents and chancellors said we are not losing grads to our competitors--UCSD Chancellor Marye Anne Fox tried to explain it to them by going deep, deep, deep into the weeds only to be followed by dead silence- then she frustratingly said I don't know if I have explained it to you or made it more confused-- she returns to being a (teaching?) professor next year, oy vey...

Sherry Lansing didn't want to hear any of it- Nathan tell them how grad students pay less at UC - and Nathan did... but the full picture was not clearly conveyed...

Lansing and others also referenced a deal with Bristol Myers Squibb where UC receives some money back on their share of a patent- Lansing and others talked about pursuing more of this type of money from other patents etc.

One chancellor (Drake?) said when he visits other non UC colleagues they pity him, give him condolences but he has to correct them and tell them it really isn't that bad-- a few moments later another Chancellor (White?) next to him then gave a perfectly detailed speech indicating all of the true hardships at UC at his campus. Talk about conflicting messages...

consider tiering tuition based on income level of students- is that fair?

Jaycee Dugard as the example that UC does things right, state does things wrong ...Regent Bonnie Reiss (hey bonnie, take a look at the stories on UC in the right hand column-at UC whistle blower retaliation,at UC sex assaults, at UC gender bias - not just one aberrant case, multiple cases system-wide etc.-seems a pattern- ...jus' sayin')
Bonnie took a dig at how ironic it was Gov. Brown's Dad -Gov.Pat Brown- helped draft the master ironic she said..
The wonder of the master plan ... Bonnie Reiss.. --that UC never reviewed w/ state in the 1980's as planned...think Prof. Catherine Cole gave a presentation on that history... "You’ll note from the title page of the Master Plan that it was intended to last for 15 years from 1960-1975. Instead it has lasted for fifty years with its silver anniversary celebrated last year." Please read it.

international students, non resident students save us money, subsidize other students---Brostrom and others--- they just happen to use CA transportation, infrastructure etc. that Californian families paid for over lifetimes-- but supposedly cheaper for UC...

Transfer students from CA community colleges cost us more money...Brostrom and others-- oh, but we want to join with the CCCs to advocate in Sacto cuz we're all in this together...

We can't support the faculty unless we have these tuition increases...Blum

Let's remember who our enemies are in next election cycle...Blum (isn't Di Fi up for re-election soon?)

Let's vote no cuz I don't know what else to do...Newsom

We need a different message and different messengers - cuz what we've been doing hasn't been working...Newsom

yep, the regents are now ginned up over plans to send Gavin back to Sacto to lead advocating for UC with "whether they like it or not" round II?...

and there is this recent news Gavin recently moved out of his beloved SF home to Marin (with the in laws on their estate)-- selling sold his $2.75 million home in SF and looking to buy in Marin-- eying Lynn Woolsey's soon-to-be-vacant congressional seat?... Willie Brown says different...

wonder if Gavin is still keeping his private office in SF?
but Gavin also said this: "The biggest threat to our democracy is income inequality, the loss of the middle class," Newsom said. "And here we are once again, putting the nail in the coffin of the middle class. That's exactly who gets hurt in this debate." Kudos to him, but he needs to focus. He also mentioned talking about ending the UC sports programs as leverage and then said, naw, not really, just for shock value cuz he said he knows they are "revenue generators". Focus, focus.

looks like island, marcus, mireles, newsom voted no

Pitts, or whoever was running the meeting at that point said he was "delighted" with the vote to increase tuition-- his choice of word: "delighted"

one of the other regents (Blum?) said he understood why the regents who would vote no would be doing so-- to satisfy their constituency, interest groups - that was pretty insulting and we really wish one of them would have countered that statement.

There was discussion by Blum about how former UC President Dynes had private compact agreements with Former Governor Schwarzenegger -- promises were made, promise broken -- Dynes and Schwarzenegger-- promises made, promises broken-- some might say "take a number"

[and we are still tripping off the compliance and audit meeting comments bashing Cal in particular on Tuesday-- also the comments made over "incentives" were cringe worthy, raise the hair on the back of your neck chilling-- the concern over the lack of controls expressed...really disturbing..-- going to go back and re-read those documents from the agenda item handouts--many of the negative comments about Cal were directed at the faculty at UC Berkeley and a perception that the faculty there are unwilling to comply.]

apologies this is messy scribble in between other stuff... but, ya know...

More Raises:
"The regents approved a new base salary of $300,000, a raise of $27,500, for Patrick Lenz, the UC system's vice president of budget, and added "capital resources" to his title. His salary is paid by taxpayers.

Santiago Munoz, the UC system's associate vice president for clinical services development received a 24.1 percent raise, from $201,400 to $250,000. About 40 percent of his salary is paid from taxpayer funds.

The regents also approved a $195,300 raise to Mark Laret, chief executive officer of the UCSF Medical Center, who had been approached by a Harvard University head hunter. His new base salary of $935,000 "would approximately meet" what he would earn at Harvard, said UCSF Chancellor Susan Desmond-Hellmann. The regents also awarded him a retention bonus of $1 million over four years. However, his salary is paid entirely from medical center revenues, not taxpayer money."

In other, very sad news: this morning,just a few city blocks away from the Regents meeting...there was a horrific accident involving a filled UCSF shuttle taking UCSF employees to San Francisco General Hospital in the Hayes Valley area -- one person from the UCSF shuttle was ejected,pinned, and killed-- others in the shuttle injured-- our thoughts are with all concerned. (Wonder if the Regents and execs will see any of the aftermath from their limos as they depart the regent's meeting? Will it illuminate to them how different their rarefied air experiences are from every day hard working staff, faculty, and students hustling to make a buck, study, live their lives?)

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