Friday, July 15, 2011

UC Berkeley and Mitt Romney : The BAIN of Their Existence

(Our former First Lady Maria Shriver affectionately calls him Uncle Teddy-- and he has left us a gem! Check it out.)

Chris Matthews Hardball on MSNBC has a great video segment on the whole thing: see it here.-- the piece includes an ad with 'real people' who sound alot! like many 'real people' at Cal and other UC campuses as their livelihoods are impacted by Bain and Operational Excellence Exodus.

The Bain of Mitt's campaign- Politico
1994 Senate ad resurrected against Romney- Boston Globe
Unaired ad from 1994 highlights Romney's Bain record - Daily Kos

and the Bachmann/Perry -or is it Perry/Bachmann ?- crowd is picking up on it too.

and Media Matters has more on all of this here: As CEO, Romney Profited While Thousands Of Workers Were Laid Off And Five Of His Companies Went Bankrupt .

Given the above - it is important to read the posts listed below- but it is difficult because the author calls himself "Chancellor's Professor of Public Policy" (difficult perhaps maybe b/c the Chancellor's jobs policy detailed in stories listed above), anyway:

The President’s jobs plan (not) by Robert Reich

The Rise of the Wrecking-Ball Right by Robert Reich

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