Thursday, July 14, 2011

UCLA Paying $500,000 To Former Coach ; Demand For Transparency On True Size of Latest UC Tuition Increase

UC officials and students are citing different figures for the actual size of the UC tuition increase.

Where does the money come from for this?:
UCLA to pay Norm Chow $500,000 not to coach the Bruins this season

If you are thinking "what the hell does any of this matter" see this piece.

The UC Regents meeting continues through Thursday, you can listen to it and view agenda here-- though they tend to get antsy, cram, and wrap up early - a quick pass of the catered food in back, some glad handing with each other, run to the waiting limos parked in a long line, and hop on planes to other preferred destinations etc. --getting caught up on deals like this one.

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