Friday, July 15, 2011

UCSD To Spend $10.5 Million on Chancellor's Mansion?!

UCSD Proposes To Spend $10.5 Million on Chancellor's Mansion (2011)
(should make clear that the Chancellor at UCSD Marye Ann Fox is stepping down next year so they are likely trying to get passage of the pricey renovations before a new Chancellor signs on to the UCSD Chancellor post next June.)

Looks like a Year of UC Tuition (undergrad) Is Now Equivalent To One Month Of Rent UC Pays For UC President Mark Yudof's Rental there

it's all relative...

"Together, the two increases mean students will pay $1,818 more in tuition than they did last year, and bring basic undergraduate tuition for California residents to $12,192 a year. The amount reaches $13,218 when average campus-based fees are included. " but you have to also think about: "Room, board, books and other charges will bring the total for an undergraduate to attend UC to more than $31,000 for the coming school year." (Good luck on trying to use that figure at UCLA, UC Davis, or Cal--its much more expensive to live in those areas).

and UC is paying around $12,000+ per month in rent for the Lafayette house --that is down from the $13,000 per month in rent on the house UC rented for him in Oakland... but that doesn't include expenses for the UCOP staff who serve as dedicated property management etc. on this stuff. You also might recall that there is another uninhabited UC President estate called Blake House that UC owns -- but Yudof says he doesn't want to live there and that the repairs would be too pricey. "Pricey"-- it's all relative... how you roll...

more info here and here

important to note that the $500,000 to Chow story only came about because of a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request.
And, the SignOnSanDiego story in the header of this post was learned from a tip.

So it looks like UCOP did not want to put any of this stuff out there in bold bright lights -- keep that in mind as they claim out of the other side of their mouth that UC leadership has a commitment to transparency and that everything related to tuition hikes is Sacramento's, Legislature's and everyone else's fault...

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