Saturday, July 9, 2011

University of Orion? "America will continue the dream"... .!?

Yudof's tweeting how he's all proud of Cal alum astronaut Rex Walheim '84 on the final shuttle -- but Walheim graduated UC in the early eighties- under UC Presidents Saxon and Gardner- long before UC got "Yudoffed"...[ and Yudof once again is coming to the Regents in JULY to request even more power -you might recall he did a similar emergency power grab in the convenient month of JULY (when most folks are off campus and on holiday) before- you can read more: here. ]

Ironic, the US space shuttle program has been ended with an eye to making it private and commercial- remind you of anything? perhaps reminds you of what is currently happening at UC and public higher ed.

For every NASA job there are two jobs created...see this and this and this and this for a sample of what is happening as a result of this move to commercialize/privatize.

The last words of the commentary during the lift off were "America will continue the dream" (insert a period, exclamation point, or question mark at the end of that last sentence). Let's see what the final words are during commentary when they land a week and half from now -- maybe some ballsy person from Houston will say "America will continue the dream and &%$# privatization of our proudly publicly funded institutions!".

...Something that kind of strikes this same tone...

Sending our best for a safe return home of Atlantis.

Anyway, the Orion project will now come to center stage-- and much remains unclear on its future, just like with public higher ed...

P.S. if we'd been blogging during July 4th we would have cross posted this story. Love 'em.

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