Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bain Exec Gives $1 Million To Romney-- Operational Excellence Rolls On

check it out: a former(?) Bain Exec is the source of a recent secret $1 million dollar campaign contribution to Mitt Romney. -- funny enough, the Bay Area's very own Rachel Maddow said when her folks called the former exec at his home phone -- the phone was answered by someone saying "Hello, Bain Capital"...likely they had an "operationally excellent" voice... (on the headline-- should we have followed Politico's lead - or GOP/Tea/Evang./Neo Cons. covert ops planted story - and called him Weird Willard? naw, that's mean.)

speaking of.. Cal has updated their Operational Exodus website -- search far and wide for the Bain references-- have they tried to bury them? But we remember-- yep, we really do:
Other UC campuses adopt OE model
also see:

Nickel and Dimed (2011 Version) by Barbara Ehrenreich (recall her work on the Berkeley's Betrayal report listed on the lower right hand column).

Was the Innovation Economy Killed by the Debt Debate? Christopher Newfield of Remaking the University

UCLA Law School Gets $10 Million Donation from Lowell Milken -the brother of Michael Milken... -- interestingly, they are in on a bunch of stuff with Larry Ellison of Oracle-- the folks UC use for many of their "enterprise systems" -- systems that have gotten ink in recent years b/c they make many UC folks none too happy.

No Limit for Student Debt by Reclaim UC.

On Wisconsin.

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