Monday, August 8, 2011

Bypass Trading Currency, Bypass Trading Education?

if you're only into CA higher ed-- there is this rumble currently going on- (wonder if Tom Ammiano is going to step in and break it up again?)-important to higher ed b/c Portantino chairs the Higher Ed Committee in the CA Assembly:
Portantino says Dem leaders are punishing him for budget vote

Newspapers sue Assembly over refusal to release records
and more here.

and now on to:

Bypass Trading Currency
this kind of talk has been around for a while.

"With America occupying the core of the world's financial system, Friday's downgrade will erode over time the standing of the global public goods it supplies - from the dollar as the world's reserve currency to its financial markets as the best place for other countries to outsource their hard-earned savings" from U.S. Downgrade Heralds a New Financial Era by Mohamed el-Erian

@DylanRatigan made reference to this as 'bypass trading currency'--(the video with Fleckenstein and Black was pretty amazing)

-- it made us wonder is there a similar thing in higher ed like 'bypass trading education' -- what it looks like, or could look like- would that be a good thing or bad thing? It certainly can't be this incarnation of online education or this either, could it?

UCSD Joins With Pharmaceutical Giant Pfizer


Breakthrough in Photonic Chip Research Paves Way for Ultrafast Information Sharing

found this old link in the mix -- interesting melange of Carnegie Mellon, UCSD, and Silicon Valley.

it recalled our earlier post: Berkeley Fuels Silicon Valley Part II
Did ya know Alyona Minkovski is a slug? She was recently interviewed by Brian Lamb on C Span.

Christina Romer said a bad word heard round the world-and today, she was on CNN and other places calling for "bolder and grander".

Robert Rubin was at Cal a l'il while back, and on Charlie Rose recently.
Robert Reich tried to figure it out with @Lawrence O'Donnell.

POTUS today:
"For all of the challenges we face, we continue to have the best universities,..."
later in his remarks POTUS said:
"But no matter what differences they might have as individuals, they serve this nation as a team. They meet their responsibilities together. And some of them -- like the 30 Americans who were lost this weekend –- give their lives for their country.
Our responsibility is to ensure that their legacy is an America that reflects their courage, their commitment, and their sense of common purpose."

Navy SEALS are born in California. Most of their names will remain unknown, UC alumni? -unknown. RIP. Bring them home.

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