Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fried Butter,Abercrombie, Fried Oreos, Christine O'Donnell, Fried Pork Chops and the Situation

...big topics the news wasted vast amounts of time on while real %^$# is goin' down. local color bs they think we are interested in-- so...anyway...

there is a good article at
UC takes first steps into online education By Lisa M. Krieger

--initial impression it seems a concern that many are using the term cyberstudies rather than calling it online general studies or calling it a particular existing major. are the students going to have a stigma of being referred to as a cyberstudent in cyberstudies? but some secret coven? folks at santa barbara will figure it out...

and more on the topic: here(you can also find further clarification of the merit pay raises there, too)
Higher education transparency bill sent to governor- he has 12 days to sign it:
SB 27x1-Bill To Stop Executive Pay Hikes At CSU And UC Introduced Senator says UC/CSU decisions are appalling, Trustees are out of touch

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