Monday, August 15, 2011

"Hard and Pure"

President Yudof issues letter to UC students and parents

(we found the site at the above link rather comical to look at because of the surreal comment on: this UCOP piece--guess UC has been very good to some people over the past few years of this economic crisis-- and, yet, juxtaposed against this other comment posted in response to "The Market and You" at Changing Universities story...)

Davis Vanguard:
Nothing Like the Smell of Rank Hypocrisy in the Morning
The student newspapers are recruiting their staff right now - - we hope they are able to fill their positions soon, there could have been more in depth coverage of this:

"At first we said 'thanks, but no thanks' because the state wanted funds deposited through April 2013, but we wanted to deposit through October 2012," Taylor said. "Since the UC is constitutionally autonomous, we don't have to put a dime in [the bill] if it doesn't make sense."

According to Taylor, the bill was rectified in a way that gave a win-win situation.
read the rest here: UC, CSU to lend money to the state Senate Bill 79 is effective in late September

take a look at it for yourself.

Then compare what is happening in that story with what is happening in this story:
With state funding falling short, seismic needs mounting at UC
Gee, the possibility of creating construction jobs up and down the state at each UC campus on already existing structures-- nope, no one is really terribly interested in funding that- but there actually is money for both? no "win-win" money for existing structures? are we missing something?

And, the Aggie also had this strange headline: Judge finds UC Davis not guilty of gender discrimination-University found in violation of some rules they do not mention its link to this earlier award.

We were perusing the Aggie cuz we wanted to see how they were covering the drop in funding for campus farms story -- but they don't seem to be covering it at all.

KCSB had a radio show discussing the recent UC audit -- but there is no way to listen to the show or read a transcript that we can find - are we not seeing a special 'play' button hidden somewhere?!-- it is a product under the "Copyright © The Regents of the University of California" label --so we would not be surprised if it 'got lost' somewhere-- or maybe they are short staffed or on vacay, too?? but we will keep checking: here. It should be interesting.

The "relationship economy" mentioned in this piece: On Innovation and Optimism

is related to what is going on here:

Officials Interrupt Phone Service To Stall Protest

and here:
Riot Fear: Could U.K.-Style Destruction Happen Here?

Reasonable people trying to be reasonable with each other are searching for better solutions.
--but Jane and Markos associates don't even seem to be able to get along right now...


“The rich seem to be on the road to recovery,” says Emmanuel Saez, an economist at Berkeley, while those in the middle, especially those who’ve lost their jobs, “might be permanently hit.” Coming out of the deep recession of the early 1980s, Saez notes, “you saw an increase in inequality … as the rich bounced back, and unionized labor never again found jobs that paid as well as the ones they’d had. And now I fear we’re going to see the same phenomenon, but more dramatic.” Middle-paying jobs in the U.S., in which some workers have been overpaid relative to the cost of labor overseas or technological substitution, “are being wiped out. And what will be left is a hard and a pure market,” with the many paid less than before, and the few paid even better—a plutonomy strengthened in the crucible of the post-crash years. read the rest: here.

Hard and pure in action.

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