Monday, August 1, 2011

Lots of #SugarCoatedSatanSandwiches Going Around

The Newfield piece is an important analysis and contribution- hopefully picked up on by msm:
Annoying Results of the State Audit of UC, Pt 1: No Cuts, You're Fine!
(Our comment on it posted here due to character limit)- well, the "lede" has been around a long time and the UCOP response has been the same each time- let's remember:

Yudof responds to Samuels when he first raised questions on per student figures ("Yudof: Well, I'm familiar with Mr. Samuels' point of view, and he's wrong." -- but the state auditor just hit on what Samuels was wondering about all those months ago- it's not like it is a shocking finding that UC could not be prepared for responding to in detail. It has been mentioned often and UCOP had time to fully address. Also see Samuels latest The Big Audit Question.),


Fired UCSF Dean Whistleblower on UCSF finances,


Prof. Schwartz- VP Lenz correspondence, note the tone.

UC's previous UCOP response to the state audit of the CIO

and UC's response on other audits.

-- note the behavior and statements coming out of UCOP toward the state auditor -- very similar. This is not an exhaustive list of links, just stuff that immediately came to mind...not just one canary in a coalmine, there were many. Well, with history like this-- not much is gonna change unless legislation is written to deal with the problems of over reaching UC constitutional autonomy.

Easy to understand why Gov. Brown used the term 'hired guns' with regard to UC leadership -- but it looks like they are not acting as hired guns for the students and regular folks--more like hired guns for their moneyed interest groups. Otherwise, their response would have read more like Newfield's piece. Why didn't UCOP address the tuition categorized as public funds question?

Seems as long as the stakeholders have a hand in allowing UC to continue a "$6 Billion in miscellaneous expenses over five years" system...a large portion of 36 million regular Californians will instead begin to be more inclined to give their "bro can you spare a dime" $32 dollars -or whatever they have- to shelters that are closing; hospice/assistance care for elderly, disabled, dying that are closing; or health care/free clinics for the indigent that have no funding etc. -- they need the $32 much more than an institution that operates in the manner the state auditor has shone a light's not like the public wants to feel this way, but look what they are being told-- UC is doin' great, cushy. ... keeping things "opaque"-- out on the street they don't use the term "opaque"- the term "shady" comes to mind ...

It is much more than "annoying"-- esp. in light of what is coming for the states.

Recalling the move away from using the term 'fees' and now calling it 'tuition' -- does the original charter/master plan etc. say that the two terms both fall under or are grandfathered into being categorized as "public funding?" Are the faculty or students seeking a response from the JLAC or state auditor on the origin of treating fees and tuition as public funding?

UCOP seems focused on other stuff, maybe finding out whether or not John Anderson left mega millions in the will for UC-- or other donors like that -- they are after the big money. (We do wonder if Anderson was aware of the efforts to privatize the B School in the last years of his life, what were his thoughts?)

other misc. thoughts: there really should be an add'l staff adviser to regents position (one for staff at the hospitals and one for staff at the non hospital campuses),and an add'l student regent position (one for undergrad and one for grad)
take your pick: "Canary in a Coalmine"
Mary J's "Just Fine"
perilous sugar -- Seeking Arrangement: College Students Using 'Sugar Daddies' To Pay Off Loan Debt
and fyi on the #SugarCoatedSatanSandwiches term - it is likely to trend... served of course with Tea (in the Sahara) (both progressives and some tea party segments are unhappy with DC's recent debt ceiling deal--not enough cuts, too many cuts, constitutionality of super congresses, power of super committees, more of this same drama during Thanksgiving holiday triggers and on and on- there should be bananas in those sandwiches.)

"Does anybody remember laughter?"
(RP-he has a birthday on August 20th.)

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