Friday, August 12, 2011

Prop B Author Running For SF Mayor and Fitch Rating Comments On UC

Cal alum Jeff Adachi has entered the San Francisco Mayoral Race
Recall our earlier post on Adachi, Prop B and his ties to Warren Hellmann...
Leland Yee is also running. It's gonna get interesting!

Speaking of pensions: Public Pension Funds Lost Value As Stocks Fell

and more commentary: here.

did anyone notice this section in the Fitch rating of UC: "In addition to an uncertain state funding environment going forward, credit concerns center primarily on the university's significant and growing unfunded pension and retiree health benefits liabilities and UC's recent negative trend in operating performance, which may be difficult to reverse in the current environment."

expanding on the Corporations Are People thing Rand Paul: 'We're all corporations'

if you didn't catch the Republican debate in Iowa you can watch that: here

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