Monday, August 1, 2011

Strange Calculus At Cal's Tolman Hall - Only Some Occupants Are Worthy?

wonder what the seismologists at Cal think of: this latest.

"questions about our continued presence in a building that the university deems unsafe.”

“I understand that the university limits its liability, but once you’ve identified that, to leave some offices there seems odd,” Perlstein said. “It’s also a kind of strange calculus of who’s worth what.”

Koshland rejected the idea that the Tolman Hall staff members were being singled out, saying that “their risk is not any different from other people whose buildings are rated poor. They are not being discriminated against.”


staff in Tolman Hall remain apprehensive. One staff member, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of retribution, said the administration has opened themselves up “morally … and legally, probably.”

“They said ‘why are you all of a sudden panicking? Because you have always been in this crappy building and told that it was rated poorly,’” the staff member said. “Well, now they are pulling people out, so that creates a different kind of division among those who have a right to be safe and those who do not … I don’t see how they can get around that, I mean morally.”


pretty interesting approach to emergency preparedness and risk management. didn't Cal just reach a $3 Billion fundraising bench mark? Maybe move them into an unoccupied UC chancellor or UC president house-plenty of those- there's hundreds of millions of dollars available for renovation of those spaces...'strange calculus' indeed.

speaking of UC Psych here is this latest:
Don't copycat an unpopular boss's behavior, study reminds --they should hand out copies of this at UC Regent meetings.

and this silly article on UC salary database: Pay disparity - ignorance is bliss

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