Monday, August 15, 2011

Towering San Franciscan

remember that story about a UC Regent who was interested in buying the state buildings Arnie wanted to sell?

Well-- Don Casper, a "reasonable, moderate Republican"-- "Casper was also the whistleblower on a sloppy plan by then-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to sell off state buildings for quick cash and then lease them back, resulting in possible city losses into the billions."-- he was killed yesterday in a hit and run in Forestville. It is very sad news.

His dad, Andrew 'Andy' Casper, was SF Fire Chief-- it's a weird coincidence for us b/c this obscure cable channel played The Towering Inferno this weekend and we watched it start to finish-- and his Dad's name came up at the end when the movie credits roll with "great thanks" to him-- that movie did a lot to make the public think about building safety in a big way at a critically important time-- and one of the few times- the only time- Newman and McQueen were on the screen together. (Chief says:"This is gonna keep happening til you guys ask us how to build 'em"-- the architect responds: "I'm asking")

Great San Franciscans--we need more of them.
The Mayor has ordered the flags at half staff.

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