Friday, August 19, 2011

UPDATE:Chiang Responds--UC Gives The Middle Finger To The State Controller?!

Chiang responds to UC in a phone interview : UC opts out of public salary database & gives $140 million in raises: justifiable or egregious?-- if you want to go straight to the audio click: HERE (LA Times' David Lazarus filled in for Patt Morrison and did a great job questioning- refreshing.)
we are still reviewing it -- but had to laugh when - paraphrasing- the PR guy from UC says 'UC is a 20 BBBillion dollar a year operation with a 10 BBBillion dollar payroll-- so we can't dedicate 1.5 mmmillion to comply with the State Controller's request.'-but all the other state agencies can do it!- just laughable and revolting.
see: UC to Chiang: We probably won't give you all pay data you want
UC Opts Out Of Controller’s Public Pay Database
Information requested would be too expensive to provide, system says
and then read this story:Bell Scandal Fails To Boost Public Pay Transparency
and then let's remember:UC gets poor grade for complying with records requests
on a side note...quote from the sac bee piece above:
"But that data -- usually published in May or early June -- still isn't ready." much for Operational Excellence...
this made us sad, sad, sad to read it. we'd read the stories surrounding it already - but the piece from a recent UC alum just read so poignantly to us today-- he captures a certain longing, desire to be proud of one's alma mater even in the face of -- well, read the headlines in the right hand column-- what would you call it?

Like BART protests, Internal Documents Reveal UC Has Spied on Student Fee Hike Demonstrations

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