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UC Regent Blum's For Profit College Inflated Job Placement Rates? and thoughts on Weird Willard's "Corporations are people" comment, sort of...

Harris seeks millions in for-profit college lawsuit
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seems so, take a look:

For-Profit College Company Inflated Job Placement Rates, by California Watch

if you don't understand what this has to do with US Senator Dianne Feinstein's husband UC Regent Richard Blum --then read this:

The University of California Invests $53 Million In Two Diploma Mills Owned By A Regent.

John McKernan, ex-Governor of Maine and husband of US Senator Olympia Snowe is the Chairman of the Board of EDMC -Education Management Corp. it is also mentioned in some of these new stories below:
NASA Misuses $1.4 Million in Tax Dollars for Degrees Earned at For-Profit Colleges, According to OIG Audit
The Stellar Career Path Of A For-Profit University Leader. and in this story.

the stories about Snowe's and DiFi's hubbies recall to mind the dems who watered down legislation on for profits and diploma mills

it is -mostly- about Congress:
Olympia Snowe On Debt Ceiling Debate: 'I've Never Seen A Worse Congress'

--remember how all of congress ran around to get Collins' and Snowe's votes?

The London riots and Philadelphia flash mobs coverage has brought "disaffected youth" (the right term?) to center stage - various age groups took part and much still needs to be learned. But, here is an interesting clip with Don Peck, author of "Pinched", discussing long term disillusionment of millennials -- and here is another very good article on the subject of crushing youth resistance (to corruption, waste, fraud, abuse, exploitation and other societal ills etc.)

Philadelphia is a pretty symbolic place for America-- but America has forgotten that too-- the city of Brotherly Love, Ben Franklin, Philadelphia Freedom...but for some reason we can't see its connection right now to London, Greece, etc.-- or the corp media don't want us to see it.

layer on top of this the coverage of Somalia and other world news-- if you want the really full on "we are fucked" effects.

so, we are sure that by now you know that Willard Mitt Romney, who gave us Operational Exodus at UC, said that "Corporations are people" -- and that this blog sprang up, in part, as a result of looking at (first Washburn's and other analysis of) the corporate corruption of higher education, specifically at UC-- so it would be natural to riff on this particular news story-- but, no, really, it speaks for itself. Weird Willard's words tell the story.

With regard to the Presidential campaign --guess the only thing to add or relate to it are some recent comments still in mind on another branch of govt -- RFK Jr recently gave an interview to Tavis Smiley and his comments were the familiar refrain:
"Now we have a Supreme Court that is the most – it’s not a right wing Supreme Court. There’s no coherent right wing philosophy to this Supreme Court. The only coherent philosophy to Alito, Scalia, Roberts and Clarence Thomas, one thing, the corporations always win. If it’s government against an individual, the government wins. If it’s corporations against the individual, the corporation wins. If it’s corporations against the government, the corporation wins. Show me one exception to that in any decision written by that Supreme Court. We have the Supreme Court and last year they repealed this 100-year-old law and made it legal for the first time in a century for corporations to flood our federal political campaigns with a tsunami of money and that is the beginning of the end." -- but RFK Jr. also spoke about energy and current political discourse, it was a good interview and his voice sounds alot better.

and 'cause the Kennedys are Catholic and the SCOTUS has five self identified Catholic jurists- along with the upcoming events for MLK- got to thinking about Catholicism and Social Justice and how split it gets-- how fractured this country becomes even in 'normal' election year politics.

Do those SCOTUS members believe in the social justice catechism taught to Catholics?-- even the term 'social justice' has become maligned by the far right.
and then remembered this Michelle Bachmann story and this info on this high profile very Catholic Club for Growth member who was very, very outspoken and presented as a moderate voice of reason on all MSM during debt ceiling negotiations -- politics makes strange bed fellows or whatever. Club for Growth Catholics and Bachmann, or even Perry?

but Catholics- cafeteria, cultural and otherwise-they make up 25% of the electorate-- are they seeing the same landscape? Lawrence O'Donnell is one of the few people really looking at this closely-- remember it gets pretty intense-- and these are the topics we visit during the campaign trail- in case any of us forget how far off the rails the year can go.

Dylan Ratigan's rant - is he a Catholic Irish boy?- included a few key sentences where Tea Party types have common ground with Progressives -- not talking about all Tea Party, just some- that might be a thing to build on--for those who want to build.

Unions and others are talking up creating a third party candidate - and so are some east coast elite -- talk of a moneyed up 'progressive conservative' candidate-- cuz 'fiscal conservative social liberal' isn't sounding so sexy anymore. lots of talking heads running around schmoozing extremely wealthy...and unions talking about a 'true progressive' third candidate to use as a wedge, as leverage...

given how crazy election year politics can get-we wonder are they riding the Nader third rail or are they on to something?

Charlie Rose had some folks on (Fareed Zakaria, Editor-at-Large of TIME Magazine, Drew Westen of Emory University and Jonathan Chait of The New Republic) who - by their own admission ,say they are like "professors who never ran for dog catcher" - they spoke about the presidential state of leadership right now.

Chancellor Birgeneau recently seemed extremely proud of the feather in his CV??- oh, wait it was the campus that was tapped --not just him??- being asked to work with the White House on jobs, economy -- we'll see what results...

and the US Treasury employee who found the $2 Trillion S & P error is a Cal alum. Congrats on finding the error - condolences for having to work for Geithner.

just ramblings on the Presidential election right now.

Oh Philadelphia freedom shine on me, I love you
Shine a light through the eyes of the ones left behind

(take Philly musicians over a Philadelphia lawyer any day)

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