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Crane, Schwarzenegger On CA in Vanity Fair

this is a must read: California and Bust here is one passage:

David Crane, the former economic adviser—at that moment rapidly receding into the distance—could itemize the result: a long list of depressing government financial statistics. The pensions of state employees ate up twice as much of the budget when Schwarzenegger left office as they had when he arrived, for instance. The officially recognized gap between what the state would owe its workers and what it had on hand to pay them was roughly $105 billion, but that, thanks to accounting gimmicks, was probably only about half the real number. “This year the state will directly spend $32 billion on employee pay and benefits, up 65 percent over the past 10 years,” says Crane later. “Compare that to state spending on higher education [down 5 percent], health and human services [up just 5 percent], and parks and recreation [flat], all crowded out in large part by fast-rising employment costs.” Crane is a lifelong Democrat with no particular hostility to government. But the more he looked into the details, the more shocking he found them to be. In 2010, for instance, the state spent $6 billion on fewer than 30,000 guards and other prison-system employees. A prison guard who started his career at the age of 45 could retire after five years with a pension that very nearly equaled his former salary. The head parole psychiatrist for the California prison system was the state’s highest-paid public employee; in 2010 he’d made $838,706. The same fiscal year that the state spent $6 billion on prisons, it had invested just $4.7 billion in its higher education—that is, 33 campuses with 670,000 students. Over the past 30 years the state’s share of the budget for the University of California has fallen from 30 percent to 11 percent, and it is about to fall a lot more. In 1980 a Cal student paid $776 a year in tuition; in 2011 he pays $13,218. Everywhere you turn, the long-term future of the state is being sacrificed.

The author obviously has not listened to Crane at a UC Regent meeting -- "Crane is a lifelong Democrat with no particular hostility to government."-- wow.
"Even If We Had Legislators Who Liked Higher Education, And We Don't"-Crane @ UC Regent Meeting
"There Are No Lincolns In Sacramento, And There Won't Be Any" -Crane @ UC Regent Meeting

here is the whole thing.
More troubling stories from The Fourth Estate:

Censorship -- or something else?-Why did two Bay Area newsrooms dismiss Peter Byrne's story about conflicts of interest in UC investment deals?
hat tip Remaking the University

and recall this development in light of the above:
School of Journalism hires online media outlet founder carried the Byrne story.
Le Vrai Roi Soleil is going on at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass within the hour.
RP on a Hellman sponsored stage...
so conflicted
and yet
Critical Mass and OccupySF events today too, so it is gonna be crazy...lots of folks.
turns out Radiohead is not playing Occupy Wall St. ...yet

The claim that replacing lost public funds with rising tuition fees and increased numbers of out-of-state and international students amounts to “privatisation” is misleading. It is not where the money comes from but how it is spent that determines the “public” character of a university.

George Breslauer Executive Vice-Chancellor University Of California, Berkeley wrote in to Letters -The Economist- in part his letter reads:

Sir – Your article on the financial circumstances facing public higher education in California was factually accurate, but missed a key point of interpretation (“Excellence for fewer”, September 10th). The claim that replacing lost public funds with rising tuition fees and increased numbers of out-of-state and international students amounts to “privatisation” is misleading. It is not where the money comes from but how it is spent that determines the “public” character of a university.

the letter is in response to this article :
Excellence for fewer-California, long a leader in public higher education, is now privatising it

is this how public and private universities will determine whether or not -and when- they are public or private? by this reasoning ...

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Text Book Rebellion Movement At UC

hhmmm --not much press on the Text Book Protests happening across UC but here is some coverage: Textbook Rebellion at Cal

(NBC BayArea also had a story on it today but no link to it available.)

Background on this movement: here

Mascots parade on Bruin Walk as part of CALPIRG's 'Textbook Rebellion' against high prices

UCSB Students Protest Textbook Prices

UC Santa Barbara students protest high cost of textbooks with a 'rebellion'

Textbook Rebellion at UC Santa Barbara

Dream Act: Brown's Nightmare?

Cal will be holding an event on the DREAM Act today:Lecture: California DREAM Act
Thursday, September 29 | 4-5 p.m. | Maude Fife Room, 315 Wheeler Hall

On July 25, Governor Jerry Brown signed the first part of the California Dream Act into law. The second part has passed the California State Assembly and is currently sitting on the governor’s desk. Together, AB 130 and 131 allow undocumented students who have been admitted to California public colleges and universities and who meet in-state tuition requirements to apply for privately-funded scholarships and non-competitive, state-funded financial aid. Assemblyman Gil Cedillo the primary force behind the California DREAM Act, will discuss how the act will help undocumented students pursue their educations.
Tickets not required

UC Berkeley sees rise in hate crimes in 2010

Why Our Experiences Cannot Be Discounted

Hispanic Children Make Up Largest Share Of Poor Children In U.S.

from the Cal PR machine: National award goes to UC Berkeley program that boosts Latino degree completion

increasing tuition higher and higher-- and then yoking these "kids" to indentured servitude or to being beholding to the administration via the blue and gold hush money program is wrong, just wrong.
Report calls for new leader of state's school construction system
California home to 88 of Forbes' 400 richest Americans

NYC Transit Union Joins Occupy Wall Street CNN/John King interviewed Bloomberg yesterday but it never came up as a question but he had all sorts of tips for those running for POTUS...
“hon veshilton,” from this story:
As Scorn for Vote Grows, Protests Surge Around Globe

check out this collectors item post card celebrating Rosh Hashanah -note the banners hanging above- does the imagery hold true today?

shana tova

PS this goes out to Professor Chu current US Sec of energy:Westinghouse Solar celebrates 10 years in San Jose- RFK Jr was in town for it.

"The market for energy is 10 times larger than the market for silicon devices, so it's a huge upside,

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UC Regent Zettels To Be CEO of Donate Life

UC Regent appointed to be CEO of Donate Life

this development recalls to mind some earlier stories: on cadavers,and livers, and more livers, and kidneys and embryos and eggs among other news headlines...for more see the right hand column list.

Department of Education-funded report that analyzed nearly 100 studies and concluded that online instruction, in the words of the report's lead author, "actually tends to be better than conventional instruction."

see: Online teaching's disconnect
A virtual teacher has virtues, but nothing can replace the classroom experience.
by John Villasenor -he is a professor of electrical engineering at UCLA and a nonresident senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.

also see this for more background:
Study Finds That Online Education Beats the Classroom

-- the study in the second story was conducted by SRI International out of Menlo Park,CA in Silicon Valley...

hat tip: University Diaries

Happy Anniversary DailyCal! xo

It has been around a loooonnngg time- but something happened to it 40 years ago that made it so much better:
The Daily Californian 40 Years of Independence

The Daily Californian proclaimed its independence from the campus 40 years ago today, months after a controversial editorial angered UC Berkeley officials into firing the editors responsible for its publication.

The front-page editorial, published May 11, 1971, encouraged readers to “Take Back (People’s) Park” and tear down the fence that the UC Board of Regents had put up around it. The piece divided the Daily Cal’s staff and readers while sparking criticism from then-chancellor Roger Heyns, the UC Board of Regents and then-governor Ronald Reagan.

“This (editorial) was following years of bickering and fighting with administration about what we wrote and how we wrote it,” said then-editor in chief John Emshwiller. “It was the last straw towards independence.”

this is interesting:

"No person, corporation or business entity of any type, domestic or foreign, shall be allowed to contribute money, directly or indirectly, to any candidate for Federal office or to contribute money on behalf of or opposed to any type of campaign for Federal office. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, campaign contributions to candidates for Federal office shall not constitute speech of any kind as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution or any amendment to the U. S. Constitution. Congress shall set forth a federal holiday for the purposes of voting for candidates for Federal office."
Get Money Out- Sign the Petition
and more info here.
esp in light of secret super committees...
and see: "Bostrom said the university is developing a “rigorous” fundraising campaign. It recently hired a director of corporate relations, who will be charged with determining how much money the university could potentially raise from corporations and how to go after new donors."
in The Bay Citizen -- it is disturbing how Bay Citizen took a UCOP quote and attributed it to alumni in its subheadline- none of the alumni in the comments section or in the story said that quote-"A lot of the alumni think back to when they went to school and they think, 'I did it, why can’t they do it?'"-why then make it part of the headline?!-- a VP from UCOP said it... but it's Hellman's Bay Citizen it for yourself. Let us also recall Brostrom is the same person who said that the tuition hikes plans are not off the table for future meetings...
final thought on yesterday's bake sale coverage: someone needs to interview Jon Stewart about it-- what does he think of satire used in that manner? would love to hear his answer since his audience includes a lot of college folks etc.

the folks laid out in front of Sproul: The Sunscreen Song

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Post Racial...

Re: This Story...
question: does BCR use genetics-tracking to ensure the correct price is charged? e.g. If Eva Longoria shows up and wants to buy a cupcake is she charged the asian rate like her distant cousin Yo Yo Ma? or the euro/caucasian rate? or hispanic/latino?

see-- that 'let's swab the incoming freshman for their DNA idea' could have resolved so much! Wow -- that would have brought a whole new meaning to student data mining.

holy cow- Wendy Brown shows up and tries to buy all the cupcakes but the BCRs would not sell?!

where are the conscience/conscious cupcakes?!

harry potter people are selling muggle and pure priced baked goods?!

who has the gluten free and low carb stuff? what kind of dyes have been used on that frosting?

and Ward Connerly has shown up and gotten in the middle of it all-- of course, amidst a throng of press with lenses pointed at him.

you can follow the story here and there was a good debate yesterday on the subject at the local ABC affiliate with the actual students involved- imagine that!- and CNN has given this story a lot of coverage- including a split screen interview with the author of the proposed legislation and the Pres of BCR.

recall these two old stories from 1996- because perhaps it addresses the real source of the troubles for everyone:

Suit Targets Wilson's Phone Calls to Regents
Law: ACLU and other groups say talks between governor and members of UC board, which took place before vote to roll back affirmative action, violated state's open meeting act.


Campus paper sues to get records. (University of California, Santa Barbara's Daily Nexus seeks records of phone conversations involving Gov. Pete Wilson and the university's board of regents)

but who cares about history when there are photo ops to be had...
but then there was this spectacular moment!

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David Crane Borrows A Page From Nicolas Berggruen

check out this link on UC Regent David Crane: California Group Vows To Back Candidates With 'courage'
(would they be candidates certain UC regents would prefer-- the ones who don't support what some UC Regents call "Obamacare" and "job killing bills" during UC meetings?)

Seems like Crane is borrowing a page from Nicolas Bergguen-- you can read about Berggruen's work on a soon to be released report on how California should be governed:

Can billionaire Nicolas Berggruen fix California?

Nicolas Berggruen: 'California is worth saving'

Nicolas Berggruen: Change agent - With a world of things needing fixing, why billionaire Nicolas Berggruen has made California his mission.

"Think Long Committee for California" includes a cast of heavyweights from both parties, including former Secretaries of State George Schultz and Condoleezza Rice, former Assembly Speakers Robert Hertzberg and Willie Brown, Clinton economic adviser Laura Tyson, philanthropist and real estate tycoon Eli Broad and Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and his predecessor, Gray Davis,

ah, courageous billionaires--the kind of courage found by committee at the Chateau Marmont...or at Google headquarters-- (well, POTUS told Linkedin folks that Silicon Valley is quintessential America today-- someone needs to sit with him to explain to him how wrong he is on that front-- and maybe straighten him out on talking about "bedroom slippers"-- but chalk it up to his fine tuning his way back on to the campaign trail- for now.)

and then there are the newspaper owning billionaires like UC's Hellman...

funny, read a piece today by Alan Grayson- he, along with SCOTUS from yesteryear, warn us of things: "Fraught With Evil," Said the Supreme Court and he also closed out his latest post with the word "courage".
Lawmakers, Media Must Treat Education as an Economic Issue

And, also see this town hall on education.

Are we going to leave this to be shaped by billionaires and msm with sponsorship of online ed outfits?

Lawrence O' Donnell covered Occupy Wall Street-- billionaire Mayor Bloomberg likely took very little notice...

Functionally Obsolete

A Report from Congress and the White House from Changing Universities
“I also became interested in the return-generating process in the U.S. equity market, a subject pioneered by Barr Rosenberg, then at the University of California at Berkeley.” from University Diaries --oh g-d, just read it...
Muslim students convicted of disrupting university speech thank supporters, vow appeal

UCLA Student spends summer in Libya conflict
and keeping bake sales and adventures abroad in proper perspective, there is this:
Freed hikers recount 2 years of 'lies and false hope'
the title for this post inspired by: this story.

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Freedom Pastries and Cupcakes with a Conscience?

get it? remember 'freedom fries' and is it 'conscious'- or is it conscience?- cupcakes...:

Racially Heated Posting Sparks UC Berkeley Outrage

Berkeley's tempest follows a series of racial and anti-Semitic incidents across UC campuses, which prompted UC officials to focus new attention on fighting hate speech among students.

In March at UCLA, a student posted a video of herself ranting about Asians. In 2010, UC San Diego students posted racial slurs and caricatures on Facebook, and used campus TV to belittle black students. Someone also hung a noose from light fixture in the library.

At UC Davis, six swastikas were found, including one carved into a Jewish student's door, and someone defaced the gay students' center.

At UC Merced, a video mocking efforts to create a Chicano studies program was posted on Facebook.

In 2010, UC President Mark Yudof described the incidents as "quite simply the worst acts of racism and intolerance I've seen on college campuses in 20 years."

will the administration acknowledge their part in rigging the game against the middle class at UC and their part in creating this climate? there is a lot to understand on all sides.
maybe DailyCal can even use the food references and work in another plug for Alice Waters/North Berkeley into this-- it is not just about race -- it is also about class. Ugh, "class warfare".

At the meeting this month the UC Regents used terms like "job killing bills" and "Obamacare"-- and no one called them on it.
"When Democrats are intimidated into using conservative language, they help conservatives, even if they are arguing against them."

Prof. Lakoff on public intimidation by framing.
once again, check out: here for more on UC etc.-- they also link to other headlines that relate so much to the story above...
Are we just going to keep revisiting this same space? Or, are we gonna throw out the game that is rigged against the majority of us?
What's Goin' On? What's Happening Brother? (Do we also call the images in this video "class warfare"?)

btw Why does LA get a Santana school before SF?

"The '60s were a leap in human consciousness. Mahatma Gandhi, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Che Guevara, Mother Teresa, they led a revolution of conscience. The Beatles, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix created revolution and evolution themes. The music was like Dalí, with many colors and revolutionary ways. The youth of today must go there to find themselves." Carlos Santana

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to the audio link at the bottom of this post -- please set aside time and listen to it - esp if you are a grad student-- if you work at the UC hospitals listen to the 23:00 minute mark and the opening comments in the first ten minutes. Try to listen to the whole thing if you have time..

jpanzar's twit pics include Richard Trumka at the Nurses strike in Berkeley and also has photos of today's protest at Cal-- Javier also took a pic of his packed like sardines class and wondered if it was common five years ago- it made us think about Chancellor Katehi's idea of bringing in 5000 more students at Davis over the next five years. see our earlier posts for links to jpanzar and the Katehi story- but make time to listen to the audio link above - it has important content.

Cal's 1st Day Of Action Coverage

Can be found here and here and also here.

Tolman Hall - an interesting choice- has become the center of attention.

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UC Regents, Multipliers, Market Psychology --Oy!

Read these two posts:

Regents Budget Strategy: Stuck Between Stations

Report on UC's Economic Impact on State -Multiplier Wonderland (this post gave a giggle)

Opportunities-- Let's Make Lots of Money

Tobacco, Oil, ...Wine

the UC regents were very enthusiastic about a tobacco tax at the last regent meetings last week. Other parts of the UC system are talking about an oil tax. This latest report on wine and much much more also reminds us of other comments we've seen about a wine tax to pay for CA higher ed. -- it sets folks off...pitting different parts of CA industries against UC.

why don't the UC regents ever talk about joining with the Governor or other legislators on broad non industry specific items like these?

why are they are only too happy to talk piecemeal- like the items mentioned above?
corporate owned media outlets are not covering this story out of Wall Street -- quelle surprise...would love to see how CNBC anchors- like this one or this one cover it.
Good News so far on Cal alum hikers held in Iran-- but really want to wait til they are all the way home to celebrate...

Pack 'Em In!

The chancellor of the University of California's Davis campus is proposing a major increase in the size of the school's student body to compensate for cuts in state funding.

Chancellor Linda Katehi's plan calls for expanding UC Davis' undergraduate population of 24,700 by 5,000 students over the next five years.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Perfunctory Protest?


Demands Released For Thursday’s Protest

Daily Cal is talking about it being "that time of year" as though protests are perfunctory-- but, actually the first week of March tends to be the big "march on ..." and protest time...don't think it is so perfunctory right now. Especially, since the staff adviser to the regents stayed silent when asked to comment on the staff grievance policy presentation to the regents--

and then this is the headline on the student regent from last week's regents meetings:

Student Regents Remain Silent At Meeting.

"it felt to him as though the Regents were doing his work for him and that he did not want to interrupt the debate."

--Even when UCSA's Magana addressed the regents and spoke about the student regent role and suggested some major changes...crickets...

Perhaps other regents have the luxury of staying silent on principle (recall UC Regent Eddie Island took a similar position--but also recall there is a long record of Island speaking at many meetings). However, the student regent does not have a 12 year appointment like other regents and really should be heard from at each meeting during their relatively short 1-2 year term in office.

Here is the latest on the Irvine 11 --also here and here.

and here is the latest on the March-Wheeler story -- we are going to need a list of the different Wheeler events-- the sit in at Wheeler, the ledge sitters on Wheeler, the taking of Wheeler Hall...hard to keep track.

Benjamin Ide Wheeler
Rosanne Cash -The Wheel

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UC Now Has More Senior Managers Than Ladder Rank Faculty

See: Keeping California's Promise: UC’s Administrators Crossed the Line

"faculty ranks have declined by 2.3 percent since the 2009 post, at a time when student enrollment increased by 3.6 percent. ..

"Somehow the ranks of managers have continued to grow right through this difficult period – up 4.2% between April, 2009 and April, 2011."
also see DailyCal's story where : "UC Berkeley deans have discussed the possibility of offering college tuition assistance to faculty members’ children."

and the monetization of patents solution has lost it glow: UC Berkeley officials do not see patent revenue as a long-term financial solution to budget woes.
but Lansing and Yudof were very excited about pursuing this at a regents meeting just a few short months ago.

btw, not a fan of DailyCal's burying their story content under a bullet list of related post lists at the top just below their headline.
and check out Remaking the University for some other reading selections.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gov. Brown: "I hope that UC will take a closer look at how they're running their operation because they're always savings. We're cutting back a lot in state government. I think the university has got to do the same thing,"

Oh, but hasn't Gov. Brown heard all the cutting into sinew, muscle, bone talking points from the UC administration? who do you believe?

Brown warns he'll veto scores of bills

and here is an: article on Bain's work at Cal

It is an interesting dance Brown and the Regents are doing right now--
the Regents made a point to mention that they spent an evening this week watching:
"California Dreaming- The Legacy of Pat Brown documentary"-- were they referring to this but using the wrong title? or another one?

Key, Necessary Asset, or Cog- Which One Are You?

UC Regents, when voting in favor of raises for senior execs calls them "key" or "necessary assets" - let us get them $ asap!! yep, raises to "keep the key staff people"-- well, some people are key and get raises and some are cogs and no raises...
Are you a "necessary asset", or not?

during the open meeting on compensation actions a woman stood up off mic in the audience and said -'this is wrong, those people are getting huge raises for things that other people being denied their raises actually labored on' - or words to that effect. The man reading the compensation actions then said to her excuse me, we listened to you during your turn-now, excuse me and she replied back "yes, you need to be excused" -- it was a moment that summed up so much going on today.

an account of this from a reporter in the room is covered here toward the end of the story.
Note: the 3 o'clock hour meeting on wednesday was listed as "in progress" but when we clicked the link to listen it said no meeting scheduled and to check the agenda - which we did- also tried a number of different things to see if they worked - but no deal. So if the meeting did happen during the 3 o'clock hour on Wednesday we did not get to hear it-- if no meeting occurred during that time-- well, it was listed as being "in progress"...

rough notes below are not exact quotes and the identification of speakers is as best we can hear it -- it is just notes to sum up-- if you want to listen to the audio - well, the regents don't provide recordings or archives on it-- but you can try to see if the UCLA Faculty Assn has posted the audio- they do so sometimes.

Or, go back to the agenda and the minutes once they are published here.

The notes below flow with the most recent stuff at the top -- so, maybe scroll up rather than down - and just rollover the links to see where it leads and return to that section after reading the rest of the text- just a suggestion.

Also, the Daily Cal twitter account has promised other upcoming stories on other aspects of the meeting, so also check there over the next few days.
(end of meeting)
Yudof--I've invited people over we've given them dinner we informed them it is not a free dinner-- we are in the midst of the corp scholarship campaign -- one of the regents is willing to give air time during the Superbowl game?! advertising, corp giving, Sacto, cluster committee/sub committees to work on these campaigns. In a sense Island is right-Yudof says he rarely disagrees with him but the problem is the middle class getting squeezed out and not growing the university fast enough. Commitment to maintain quality is the most important over everything else.

Yudof--corporate approaches, he has had multiple dinners with these people--we've done this. We need stability- everyone in that (Lt Gov Ex Officio) chair and on over has made speeches for the past twenty years and for twenty years tuition has gone up because the state support has eroded over the twenty years. We need realism, we need realism. A lot of this is driven by inequity b/c of the state's failure to support the pension fund.

Lansing- states she is product of feminist movement and civil rights and wants to fight this --she asks Eddie (Island) and Odessa (Johnson) to speak up (they are African American regents, and this part feels awkward to listen to- btw Justice Ginsburg was at UC Hastings and Hillary Rodham Clinton was in SF and spoke about UC Hikers in Iran) Island says he wanted to stay silent and listen but ok he will speak-- he also mentions that this might be one of Crane's last meetings, he agrees with Crane and Blum but, he says, we have come to a tipping point - where are we going to collect exorbitant fees- the majority of CA high school students are of color and poor-- affluent white declining. If we are going to look out of state -- then the UC is not going to be for CA. He agrees with Gould that we should show how the legislature is saying it is okay to raise student fees. We are not VA, we are not MI - their demographics and mandate is different from ours. Their models do not work with our constituency- our constituency is different. There is no money in Sacto to save us anyway- but there is money in CA-- but we can't get there by creating a student fee regime. 1 out of 6 in poverty - 1 out of 5 without health insurance in CA. Student fee increases are not gonna do it for us. 4.5 million underrepresented minority kids need to be educated- that is our job - VA and MI don't have that same mandate. Yudof did a good job cutting fat. We need to look at alternatives now cuz no more fat to cut. We don't have the customer base for raising prices- we need to look at other alternatives. Island tries to avoid voting for student fee/tuition increases - he did vote for it once but he does not think that is the option anymore-- we need to come up with more thoughts, more rigor to identify other alternatives. Chancellor Leland backs up what Island is saying by listing numbers from Merced. need to sufficiently staff student support services, provide academic programs that allow them to graduate timely, promise donors their contributions will reach fruition in reasonable time frame, etc. likens UC to sick crops-- Island also talks about avoiding just reaching for low hanging fruit. Chancellor White of Riverside mentions Dickens Tale of Two Cities. You can't implement plans without the resources. Riverside will lose enrollment. Documentary California Dreaming- The Legacy of Pat Brown was viewed last night by regents and White also mentions this documentary. Riverside medical center an example of what is happening in the state. Lost 30 ladder rank faculty. Chancellor Yang of Santa Barbara-- he touts a bunch of awards given to UCSB- highest Latino population of any AAU institution. 15% rise in gpa of incoming but this could easily change or be lost if future cuts etc.

Lansing is going to be the person to say "you are all right" to each of the regents, faculty, etc who have just spoken... we need to become actively involved in all of these relationships with legislature, with corporations, with other higher ed. Going to alumni to ask them to give back to "the institution that gave them the life they now have"-- omfg! yes, she did just say that! she wants subcommittees that work on each of these to come back and report on assignments-started in the next ten days and begin immediately to work on it.

Gould?--the idea of the shift in higher ed should be addressed by UC, possibility of converting some 2yr colleges into 4 yr colleges to meet the needs in certain parts of the state should be looked at- we should be part of that conversation. sad that Crane may be in one of his last meetings due to his "candor".

Brostrom tells Newsom about the Hewlett chairs at Cal as an example of how Blum's idea could work.

Gould says biz community believes the most dangerous cuts were to UC --think beyond scholarship money from corporations campaign and enlist students and labor into campaign to pressure legislature with allies. He doesn't think Sacto gets it. Impact of decisions they make - UC needs to make it clear that means tuition increases. This framework/modeling may be uncomfortable but we need 1.5 billion dollars now and he does not think Newsom's efforts or Blum's suggestions could result in 1.5 billion-- but we think Gould could be wrong.

Crane says multi year proposal (16% for 4 years model) is the right strategy to talk about- hope to pressure the legislature- that is the strategy. He raises prison guard lobby issue and loss of funding for UC because of them. Battle between higher ed and corrections is the problem- he says Gould can speak to this. Students and labor have not shown the courage to go to legislature to speak to them as much as they speak to the regents in protest. Medi-Cal growing 14% ; "Patient protection act/Obama care"- he used the term Obamacare- costs projected to grow a lot --he says Gould? said so as well. CTA is going to win more funding. So it is likely UC will lose out to all these others-- get real - start acting like a serious private university. He says he is with Blum, Newsom, etc. but he says everyone needs to 'get real'.

Newsom says Pattis is right to ask the better question. K-12 is linked and all other public higher ed are having the same sorts of conversation. We are walking the path to tuition increase in Nov rather than dealing with the predicate/the problem overall. Regent Blum's suggestions are already a part of the plan for funding other areas. We need to find out and know what we don't know. A sixty day focused effort -- the multi year increase proposal needs to be rejected, it is badly framed and scaring people who believe that it is gaining permanence (Magana also said this too). We need to collaborate with other systems. 'If you wanna go fast you can go it alone- but if you want to go long you have to go together.'- that's what he said. Over the next 60-90 days we need to have a critical focus on this with other systems.

A Regent talks about 'job killing bills affecting private just like public', talks about the chamber raising money for their PAC (political action committee) and his work on that and raising money for business friendly elected officials- he says it will be and is non partisan (but Yudof had troubles with the chamber and questions about partisan behavior just last year more on that here and here.)

Staff Advisor Herbert asks about staff stability and 3% increase bumps -- how close to market will staff get she asks Brostrom. -he says depends on market...

Pattis starts talking really loudly-incomprehensible-support for a campaign on the real story to put pressure on the legislature. Others jump in--Money for a campaign to leverage the legislature or a ballot initiative for a regular revenue stream for higher ed.

Blum says the Deans and Chancellors need to go to the corporations solely for scholarship funding not on collaborations --just getting the check-- and perhaps he is right on this but other regents don't understand. Blum says that extending the amount of time students spend at campus because courses aren't being offered is dumb and not rational. btw his wife just got duped, wiped out of millions in campaign funding

heard one of the regents who said yesterday that she lost her mother to cigarette smoking and cancer and so she really wants a cigarette tax to fund higher ed and supports UC efforts on that --now, that same regent is now touting the idea of developing collaborations with Chevron for funding for UC. wonder where she comes down on the oil tax idea for higher ed...sheesh

Regent Blum --I have no faith in Sacto to do anything-Brown is going to give a very ?? budget- a waste of time to lobby Sacto- they know the benefits of UC - the positive economic impact of UC already. They know. but they are going to do what they are going to do b/c of the politics. we are in the process of bottoming out. the money is in the private sector, corporations and private individuals- focus on the people that can write a check. Chevron, Apple, Cisco, Google-- $5 Million for the next 10 years from each of them for scholarships since they benefit from our students.

Someone says UC approach isn't consistent with planning even when we get full funding.

"saving something" vs. "using something"--regent pattis
says "using something" (UC) more important- tells Lansing the "saving something" misses the point.

A regent says that parts of the legislature are voting against the interests of their own constituents-- refers to the payment of lower income students coming off the backs of middle income students. Another regent chimes in agreement (but UC created the blue and gold plan not the legislature. and UC has advocated for DREAM Act I and II -- part of which would extend Cal Grant to undocumented etc. So? It is confusing how they want to say only the legislature did this -- when the push came from UC - see Chancellor Birgeneau's latest piece. This was an important exchange--we wanted to understand how UC could say that the Legislature pursued the DREAM Act or the Blue and Gold Plan, when it was UC that did that- @dailycal Daily Californian
#UC president @mark_yudof on the #DREAMact: "We will implement it 110% ... We've been on board this train since the beginning."
14 Sep via web- but it was difficult to identify the speakers at the UC Regent meeting and to hear all of it)-- try to listen to this section for yourself if the audio is posted- it was an important exchange. If you are supporting legislation then aren't you supporting it?!

one of the regents said that the cost of education has NOT gone up in constant dollars-it has actually gone down. - what does this mean, is it true?

the press keeps giving us stories that say the costs are going up and up- so, which one is it?

Now, let's look at modeling if the state decreases or increases its support.

UC generates billions for the state. wow, like we didn't already know it.

oh gosh, the whole grad student support presentation was a mess- Regent Makarechian said it looked strange and pointed to slides that used terms like revenues and expenditures when he was not sure that those terms necessarily applied and perhaps other terms should be used-- but the person who created the slides openly acknowledged he did not know the accounting systems and terms used for this --- good grief-- regents telling the faculty presenters "this looks like your keeping two different sets of books"...(btw, the agendas posted online should include the presenters names and titles for each agenda item but, anyway)- calling grad and prof student tuition "sticker price", "published price", "discounted price" etc-- JD Powers should do the regent says "we are talking about competitiveness but this is cockamamie" another says we have to do better cuz everyone in the room, including the smart people are looking at this confused or with their eyes glazed over-- the regents cross talking over each other - they could have made it clearer-- it is a shame. But try to listen to this section if it is on the audio tape on the UCLA Fac blog link listed above if they have it and see what you can glean from it. There will be other presentations on this issue throughout the year- resident and non resident grad level will be taken up in the spring and the prof students will be handled as a separate presentation because it is so distinct from the others.

on Wednesday's regents meeting:
Listen to/Read the presentations of: UCSA's Claudia Magana and the Director of the Labs if you can find them on the web- the UCSA and Lab websites really should post their leaders' addresses to the regents.

no questions for Claudia lots of questions for the lab director...
not even "Claudia, why is it that you feel each student group should have its own regent for prof students, grad students and undergrad?" or "what time frame is your organization setting for this?"
or "Claudia, did you read the audit of the student health centers?" etc.
nope--Claudia rushed through her presentation - like they had a giant hook to pull her off the panel any second
it is like an unspoken thing that she is to understand that the students only get three minutes because of their revenue stream status and they should be grateful for the time- then, with egg timer in hand, pat on the head move along... not even an attempt to feign curiosity on the undergrad student perspective from anyone at the table- but let's use them for lobbying.
neither Yudof nor Lansing could even pronounce her name correctly but she has been before them several times over the last two years-- it's Magana pronounce Magan-ya - not that difficult--simple really.

but when the Lab Director was on there was unlimited time for him -people called nat'l treasure-- an absolute love fest, all the time in the world.

they talked about Energy Sec. Chu and his understanding of important things others don't understand-and it is true- but they did not mention the recent Solyndra embarrassment and the negative impact of that news story on the Green jobs movement--

(in fact, on a side note, if the POTUS administration was smart it would stop using the term "Green Jobs" and use the term "Stop Our Dependence On Foreign Oil Jobs"-- when are they going to understand that all of it has to be spoon fed right now.)

apparently the quality of services at some of the student health centers was not so great in certain spots -- a recent audit was conducted and they openly referred to it and said they addressed many of the problems as they found them and will continue to work on other identified problems. several regents compared and contrasted it with the UC hospitals. hope it gets better. regent de la pena led the effort.

FFRRC employees at the labs?

The LLC aspect of the UC Labs is a trouble spot. it might turn it into Halliburton or something?-- --many were complaining about the constraints of LLC or the contract nature of it and how it impacts UCs part of the research.

Tuesday the regents talked about a cigarette tax to fund higher ed in Cali
also read this article Milken's money, UCLA's dilemma --with this sentence: "The more serious ethical problem for universities lies in, say, accepting tobacco company money for research on smoking addiction (as UCLA did a few years ago)" -- seems Big Tobacco was fine for UCLA and for the Chancellor at UCSF only recently-we hate the habit, but the hypocrisy meter is on overload- didn't Rob Reiner lead a campaign to tax tobacco to fund early childhood development programs like First Five-yes, but the regents say this initiative will "keep them (First Five) whole"-- it would be good to hear that directly from the First Five folks.

Came across this- UC Regents: Dumb and Dumber
One obvious way to pressure the state would be to pursue ballot initiatives that give special constitutional protection to the university systems -- the same kind enjoyed by K-14 education, prisons, and a host of other spending programs.
When I suggested as much to UC President Mark Yudof during a press call earlier this year, he said that such guarantees are the kind of bad public policy that hurt California. He's right, of course.
But that's not his problem. His problem is that UC's reputation, quality and budget are at perpetual risk. And the ballot box is where budgeting is done in California.

also see: Reinventing California's Higher Education System

a thought--the Regents keep saying the facts are on their side, that student and labor lobbying in Sacto is the answer -- but if they really believe that then why are they making it so hard for the students and labor to hear the UC facts at UC Regents meetings? why can't the regent meetings be video taped? then the students can email the legislature and refer to facts/snippets from UC regent meetings that they have viewed themselves etc.? if the regents truly want students and labor to lobby Sacto...
Say My Name

Catch 22K

some folks think 22K isn't so bad for tuition- -Ivy costs way more than that...
that's what they think when they see these headlines:
Worst Case for UC is $22K
but also consider:
22K also is the poverty rate for a family of four in America-- and the number of people falling into that group is booming... Number of Americans in Poverty Hits Record High
The UC Regents meeting- happening right now- can be listened to: here

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Game Theory

Today's Daily Cal has an interesting story on a senior admin whose salary became part of a bidding war w/in the UC system between UC Berkeley and UC Irvine. Power of ten...

Campus Spends $150,000 In Salary Increases
found a reader comment there interesting:
"UC claims "talent" must be paid market value, thus Blinder's raise.
What market? Competition from w/in the UC system? Irvine headhunting administrators from Cal? If this is true, it's a sign of total dysfunction w/in the UC at the system-wide level. Only other option: clear conflict of interest, UCOP makes the call to Irvine, tells them to make a fake offer to Blinder, now Cal is "obligated" to match that offer to keep Blinder. Blinder is a UC alum, Philosophy, the humanities are worth a damn after all! Who Knew? Blinder's a well spoken guy (his propaganda's on YouTube).
David, don't hide behind the report, talk to the DailyCal, justify your raise. While you're at it, justify headhunting w/in the UC system for non-academics.I could understand if a campus was building a top notch program in some area, and recruited faculty in that area from another campus. Grad students apply to an individual department not the UC as a whole. If you want the best students for your kick ass program you better have the best faculty and best facilities. The game isn't the same for administration, the intra-system competition is pure poison for the whole system, and this raise right here is proof positive."

scribbles from yesterday's short UC Regent Meeting:
so, the meeting started around 1:30pm-it was posted to begin at 1:15pm-- but, no, the entry just sat there displayed but no audio...and then... the day's meeting entry was completely removed from the website for about 20 minutes from 1:15pm-1:35pm-- so, some folks/Californians might have clicked in to hear the UC Regents meeting-- only to find that no meeting was listed for the day at all for about twenty minutes on the UC website.


the alumni Ex Officio Regent Pelliccioni said she might lose some serious sleep b/c of some of the questions on percent time effort reporting and known federal grant requirements...(Senator Grassley are you listening?)-- she said more updates need to come from each campus to the regents on this issue on a regular basis.

the conversation reminded us of this piece from a former academic senate chair at Cal:
Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Evolution Of The U C Conflict Of Commitment Policy
April 2003 William J. Drummond Professor School of Journalism University of California, Berkeley

in light of today's higher ed headlines it is an interesting read...

review of different grievance procedures was too weird:

believe it was Regent Makarechian (he asks some great questions and always has a deep understanding of the issues at hand, respect him for that) said he thought an employee who grieved and won should have their legal fees paid- that that sort of policy reform would be fair. It sounded like Counsel Robinson said he would advise against making that policy change.

sounded like Regent/Chair Zettle said she was shocked by the huge disparity between the time to file a grievance- 3 years for faculty and 30 days for staff...

No one else spoke about any of it...

believe it was Zettel who asked the Staff Advisor to the Regents for her thoughts on this staff issue, since she is sitting at the table as a voice for staff-- but the staff advisor to the regents punted to human resources- she said she could not begin to address it and said someone from HR should give some granular response-- ...the staff advisor to the regents couldn't even speak to it anecdotally? Wow, seems some sad representation of staff at the regent table...

but, none of this is related to any action item --so, who cares about any of this...

on we go...

it is so weird how so much risk management and data management has not been set up in advance on our 22 billion dollar autonomous, innovative UC system... this meeting is notable for how so many senior admins are saying basically "only now we are working on systems to address" this-- on this and that research issue and this and that admin issue-- what has been going on all these years- there have been previous presentations on almost all of these topics in previous years -- yet, the systems still aren't in place?! pilot programs here, pilot there...
buildings etc. committee was really short - they asked for a list/inventory of current projects and folks from UCOP told them how difficult- almost impossible- it was to get that info to them...
also, check out the right hand column for other recent news stories on cyber studies funding (they will be offering a course on game theory and the program will target Chinese citizens and American veterans as students, aka "tuition paying units" as Melissa Harris Perry referred to them- jokingly- the other day) and stories on coming tuition increases at UC.
remember to check out the UC Regents meeting today and tomorrow.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Reminder: UC Regents Meeting September 13-15, 2011

Starts Today:
UC Regents Meeting September 13-15 see: agenda here.

Today, you can begin listening to it live: here.

(Remember no archive or recorded audio of the meetings provided. You can only listen to it live or attend in person to hear.)

UC has been Pitt-ed-it was planned, so no surprise. Now, see who the leadership picks as his replacement and what we can decipher about the leadership from the choice...

DailyCal also has some articles on the meeting agenda here and here.
and Fingers Crossed!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

"so we write Truth and Justice With capital letters, lie and oppression with small."

Appropriately and beautifully, Czesław Miłosz's Incantation read at the Memorial for Flight 93 today.

It says that everything is new under the sun,
Opens the congealed fist of the past.
Beautiful and very young are Philo-Sophia
And poetry, her ally in the service of the good.
As late as yesterday Nature celebrated their birth,

Czesław Miłosz-- From 1961 to 1998 he was a professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of California, Berkeley.

(Incantation-- read it in its entirety.)
Former POTUS Clinton said he was aghast at the lack of funding for the Flight 93 memorial-- he said he was going to launch bipartisan efforts to get it fully funded quickly- and Clinton ended with the words --"Let's roll"

Friday, September 9, 2011

9/11 Day of Service

suggestion: to the extent possible-- make it- in your own way- a day of service:
give canned food to food banks, donate one warm coat --whatever...
info here
other good stuff:
UCLA's Operation Mend
gosh, gonna miss Rescue Me, a catharsis, but anyway Denis has this going.

Seems This Has UC Stamped All Over It...

so, we simply must share it: How Lousy Organizations Treat Institutional History

and these two stories also have similarities to UC:

even higher ed operating in the midst of Silicon Valley--today's Masters of The Universe promising tech solutions that cure all ills - we still end up with this crap: Patient Data Posted Online in Major Breach of Privacy

maybe the solutions and tech advancement are not really solutions or advancement at all...

UD has this post -referencing a Menlo Park consulting firm engaged in serious biz- funny how Cal goes to Boston for consultants and Ohio goes to Menlo Park-anyway, it made us crack up cuz it seems wide spread top of the chart big wig titles and salaries are being paid to folks who don't understand that 'universities are different'.

so, this is dedicated to all the senior administrators of public and even private higher ed:

Sesame Street's "One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other"

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Students

a mixed bag of stories we recently came across:

Muslim Students Protest Michael Oren, Israeli Ambassador: Free Speech Or Criminal Act?
they talk about ironies in this next story, but is it just ironic? anyway, this was the most intelligent coverage of this particular story:
Josh Wolf must pay damages to professor
Envisioning justice for students

Is this true about Clark Kerr?

"Clark Kerr – the late, great UC president and architect of California's Master Plan for Higher Education – imagined a world-class, state-supported university where "academic entrepreneurs" would thrive.

But he also described the university evolving from a community of academics into more of a "mechanism held together by administrative rules and powered by money."

For Kerr, this was a feature, not a bug."

--for some reason we don't recall it that way...


see: Political fallout of UC’s decisions raises Capitol eyebrows
“I don’t think their image to the general California public is as important as their image to their top donors, to what their status is amongst the higher ed family nation wide,” said Adam Keigwin, chief of staff to Sen. Leland Yee, D-San Francisco.

“I think absent some sort of change in terms of their autonomy, there’s not a huge need for them to respond to the people or the Legislature,” he added.

The ghost of administrative scandals past – capped by the lingering issues of transparency and excessive executive pay - still haunt the university’s image, raising fears that the entire system is administratively overpaid and top heavy.

But that system, however ponderous, remains one of the world’s great educational institutions.

“UC is a $22 billion-a-year operation with not only 10 campuses, but five medical centers, world class research facilities, a division of agriculture and natural resources, and the second largest employer in state,” said UC spokesperson Steve Montiel, “so it’s naturally a big target, it’s always going to be the object of criticism from one corner or another.”


“I’ve sat in Regents meetings for two years now and spent a lot of time with President Yudof, and I think they are highly sensitive to what goes on in Sacramento,” said Simmons. “But the Legislature has backed the University into a corner right now, it’s kind of at the end of its rope, and regardless of what members of the Legislature may think, there’s just no room beyond replacing cuts in state funding with tuition hikes.”

Since We're Supposed To Be All Hot And Heavy Over Monetizing UC Patents...

Boxer and DiFi surfaced recently on this legislative push where they partnered up with DeMint and Coburn (it's toward the end of the video clip.)
more here:
Patent Reform Bill Full Of Special Interest Giveaways Passes Congress

Cal Slipped Seven Spaces In Rankings

North Carolina fell from 20th in 1991 to 30th in 2011; the University of Virginia from 18th to 25th; and U.C. Berkeley from 13th to 22nd. Overall, writes De Vise, “Since 1991, each of the five public institutions ranked highest on the U.S. News list has slipped at least seven places.”

“I never quote U.S. News at all, ever,” Berkeley’s chancellor Robert J. Birgeneau told De Vise.

yep, Birgeneau only references the THE or Shanghai rankings...

but Birgeneau took the Chapel Hill Bain blue print for Cal and ran with that partly related to drop in rankings?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Keeping UC Honest? - The Bain Of Their Existence (cont.)

Are UC job numbers part of the US Presidential campaign? See HuffPo:

Romney unveiled a jobs plan on Tuesday that, in the words of the Associated Press, seeks to "reduce regulations and taxes on companies, sanction China over its currency practices and weaken the clout of labor unions." Romney says the plan will create 11.5 million jobs.

"We did some checking on Mr. Romney's repeated claims that his private sector experience uniquely prepares him as a job creator," Cooper said. "He says that a lot." he played clip after clip of Romney saying this, including one where he said that "tens of thousands of jobs" were created as a result of investments that his company, Bain Capital, had made.

"That figure, tens of thousands, is vague," Cooper pointed out. "And when we asked the campaign for specifics to back it up, we got no reply. In addition, some of Governor Romney's investments, while running Bain, are such that putting a number on jobs created is downright impossible."
(bold emphasis is ours)

Governor Brown Signs Higher Ed Transparency Bill

Gov. Brown signs transparency bill

According to St. Sen. Leland Yee's press release:

In April, longtime open government advocate Richard McKee passed away. In his honor, Yee named SB 8, “The Richard McKee Transparency Act of 2011.”

“Rich McKee was one of our state’s strongest champions for open government,” said Yee. “His passion helped ensure greater public access and accountability of government agencies throughout California. Whether you knew Rich or not, you benefitted from his activism. Our democracy is significantly better because of the work of Rich McKee and that is why he will be so greatly missed by all those who care about government transparency. This bill is a fitting tribute to his legacy.”

that last bit is pretty moving, congrats to all his friends at CalAware!

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom's Meetings On Private Funding For CA Public Higher Ed

See: Group Created To Brainstorm Funding Alternatives For Higher Education
Newsom Announces Formation of a Working Group for the Future of Higher Education
-- are the meetings happening at the Founder's Den? more communication on how this group formed and how it will operate needs to come out pretty fast-- if it is just busy work and for photo ops with the right people then everyone loses.

Recall these earlier stories on Gavin Newsom:
Gavin Newsom's Lavish Gift From Russian Billionaire (related to a tour of UCSF) Raises Questions

Why did a Russian billionaire give Newsom a $400 pen?

Gavin Newsom 'blindsided' as governor names jobs czar

Concern Over Newsom's Shared Office At Founders Den

Sunday, September 4, 2011

UC Davis Aggie Shocked To Learn "while UC was raising tuition, laying off teachers, cutting classes and student enrollment last year, the school hired four employees who will make more than $1 million a year. Stats also show there are 374 employees who get more than $218,000"

See: Despite money woes, UC hires more executives (this story - although similarly titled- is different from the SF Chron story a few days ago UC Sees Rise In High Earners Despite Money Struggles)

back to the story at UC Davis - it says:

"Hospital CEO Ann Madden Rice made a total of $917,701 after nabbing a bonus of $333,401 on top of her $584,300."

(When we heard the name in the above story - ears perked up cuz we were reminded of Madden Consulting work on Operation Excellence at UC Davis -but guess there is no relation. Anyway, it's cool that apparently she likes to: overshare. --at the end of reading that TMI piece left wondering...doesn't UC have that 'hire a VIP, rock star employee and bring your spouse along and we'll throw in another paid position for your better half cuz we want you so much program'? It is a common feature in academia. So... what gives? See Aggies- million dollar wage earners suffer too, - can't you see the sacrifice?- no yachts in Iowa...)

things are going very well for the UC Med Centers:
UC medical centers show increase in revenue
"Financial schedules from the UC Office of the President show that annual revenues for the university’s medical centers grew to almost $6 billion in 2010, an increase of nearly $2 billion over the medical centers’ revenue only six years before."

Bonuses, bonuses.

Special people, special education, special profits, special bonuses...

We don't doubt the value of quality health care-a caring nurse, an attentive doctor- but the hospitals need to untie themselves from the revenue stream of undergraduate tuition--or, at least explain it. And, when the hospitals go wrong -- they need to acknowledge the negative impact on other parts of the UC system-- see terms like cadavers, fetuses, livers, kidneys, transplants, patient privacy- both celebrity and non celebrity etc. in the right hand column of stories. Upper management/high paid execs have ultimate responsibility for those stories coming out of the UC hospital system. There have to be $300,000+ bonuses to individuals in order to avoid scandals?-or avoid scandals hitting the news?- is that the subtext of this bonus program?

Why do we have to have undergrad degrees in Math, English, Music tied to this kinda stuff?!

and then we read this:

"Already, we find an indication that the medical centers are being privileged by the Office of the President." ..."Everyone in the UC system should be concerned about how UCOP and the regents decide to distribute state funds. Since the campuses will be able to keep their own revenue, there is an incentive for the wealthier campuses to increase their wealth by increasing their number of nonresident students and decreasing their number of Californian students. Moreover, the medical centers will continue to use their enormous resources to fight for more funding, while the smaller campuses will suffer from a lack of new revenue. All of these trends will force continual tuition increases for undergraduates at a time when undergraduate budgets are being downsized. Let us hope that the state audit pushes the UC system to find a more equitable balance. " read the full post: here. (bold emphasis is ours)

Yep, if you're not in the higher echelons of the UC Hospital system - if you're at other non UC hospital campuses or other parts of UC -or, you're middle and low wage workers at the UC hospitals who hope to attend and/or send family to UC -- we suggest you take a good look at this set up.

What about patents at the UC hospitals? are there lucrative patents to be monetized for UC at the UC hospitals? Is anybody talking about that bit? Are they part of the UC system? or aren't they?

The UC hospitals are very quick and able to draw lines separating them from less lucrative partners -- see this and this--when it's tied to something that isn't going to be so profitable...
"UC will not be financially liable for the nonprofit entity that will operate the proposed new hospital. UC will not contribute funds to the hospital."

see how they are capable of drawing lines of separation between them/UC and poor hospitals, indigent care...

-- yet, they're only too happy to maintain the connections to lucrative undergraduate tuition from other non hospital UC campuses... Fiat Luxury.
Once again, don't doubt the value of research or the work at hospitals e.g. this recent talk on The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer with Siddhartha Mukherjee, Assistant Clinical Professor Columbia and John Maa,
Assistant Professor University of California, San Francisco
Division of General Surgery --really wonderful work from them- and could rattle off many more examples. --but do not like the lack of transparency/set up of funding as it relates to undergrad tuition coming to UC hospitals from non UC hospital campuses.

btw, UCSC Chancellor Blumenthal is a UCSF patient- he just went through surgery. (We wish him speedy recovery.)

Strange business at UC.
where even the 'public health' profs have their chairs from private or pseudo non profit hmo industry
and the hospital system gets to stay on the teet of UC undergrad ever increasing tuition.
strange "business" indeed.
Ok, away from the screed and on to something else...
If you wish to donate to or help the National Association of Free Clinics, Learn more here.

Important to note that in the Bay Area (home to many UC campuses) and in So Cal (ditto on many UC campuses) -- this organization could not get enough doctors to staff all stations when they came to town -- not enough doctors or dentists etc.-- but lines of patients out the door. -- It would seem this is something Higher Ed (esp. Public) hospital systems could support more - here is more background.
Also, another interesting article on UC Davis and water wars: UC Davis Strategy of Hanging Back Outside of the Water Fray Will Cost Davis and Woodland Residents
Congrats to Goodwin Liu he will likely do a great job- you can view his swearing in ceremony: here- wish there was more diversity on the CA Supreme Court, though.

No African Americans, No Latinos on CA Supreme Court- did ya know?

(and, no, we are not saying folks should be appointed based on their race and "even-ing" things out-- think a li'l deeper.)
UCLA's B School executive this, certificate that get confused with MBA-- as part of this disturbing and sad story-many enjoyed reading his posts here.

It looks like:

State Assembly sends second part of DREAM Act to Brown
UCLA Student Joins the Rebels In Libya

Like Hemingway--Spanish Civil War?, not so much.
Sunday Morning

UC and Stanford Students Should Go 'Transpartisan' on This...

the more eyes making sure accurate info comes out on this --the better...
see: Portantino touts study, accuses Assembly of cooking the books
(Note: Portantino chairs the higher ed committee in the CA assembly)- some snippets of coverage:

Common Sense President Dakin Sloss highlighted "significant differences in how the Rules Committee reports its expenditures and payroll, adding, "we are suspicious there may have been intentional manipulation, because the data strongly points to that conclusion."

The group compared expenditures released by the Rules Committee Friday with monthly salaries ("Payroll data") listed on the Assembly's website for May 2011.
Vigna also dismissed Common Sense's Sloss, claiming, "he is a climate-change denier and he's not even a student at Stanford."

Sloss, a registered Democrat, said he took time off last year to work full-time for Common Sense.

"I believe my current status is 'student' since I'm enrolled for the fall," he said.

Sloss heads a campus Objectivism club (based on the philosophy of Ayn Rand), and expresses views against prevailing climate change science.

He and Joe Lonsdale, CACS's primary donor, will represent the nonprofit at an event for the Santa Clara County Republican Party of Silicon Valley next month, according to SCCRP's website.

Sloss said Common Sense will next look at the Senate's bookkeeping, likely in a similar comparison of expenditures versus payroll.

"It would be very, very surprising to me if the Assembly had reported more accurate figures than the Senate. It would be very strange if the Senate had worse discrepancies because the discrepancies are quite large in the Assembly."

At first glance, Sloss noted about 35 percent of Senate employee salaries were listed with individual members, compared to about 15 percent of Assembly staff salaries listed as member expenditures.

The burden of proof, Sloss said, is now with the Assembly to release further payroll showing which staffers seem to be reallocated - and why.

"The smoking gun could only be uncovered if the Assembly was to release data for all eight months in question ... Then you could see the entire picture," he said.

Portantino's effort to scrap the Legislative Open Records Act and instead make the Legislature subject to the same disclosure rules as other governmental bodies under the California Public Records Act, was tabled Monday.


Perhaps ignore the Ayn Rand references and the global warming doubting if that's not your thing-- some folks at Stanford are looking into something that should be of interest -even more interest perhaps-- to students at UC, here is more:
Portantino Calls Out Assembly

--take a look at the graphs on the side bar here:
Hueso moves to block anti-secrecy bill
(some state senate staffers making just shy of Mark Yudof size salaries!)

also see:
“All this reminds me of the woman with the Virginia ham under her arm, crying she has no bread,” he told the Pasadena Star-News.

We’re not really sure what the hell that means, but we are sure that referencing ham, bread, or any other foodstuff, is most appropriate in commenting on the Battle of Heavyweights between Speaker Perez and Assemblyman Anthony Portantino.

more light reading on:
Sunday Morning