Monday, September 26, 2011

David Crane Borrows A Page From Nicolas Berggruen

check out this link on UC Regent David Crane: California Group Vows To Back Candidates With 'courage'
(would they be candidates certain UC regents would prefer-- the ones who don't support what some UC Regents call "Obamacare" and "job killing bills" during UC meetings?)

Seems like Crane is borrowing a page from Nicolas Bergguen-- you can read about Berggruen's work on a soon to be released report on how California should be governed:

Can billionaire Nicolas Berggruen fix California?

Nicolas Berggruen: 'California is worth saving'

Nicolas Berggruen: Change agent - With a world of things needing fixing, why billionaire Nicolas Berggruen has made California his mission.

"Think Long Committee for California" includes a cast of heavyweights from both parties, including former Secretaries of State George Schultz and Condoleezza Rice, former Assembly Speakers Robert Hertzberg and Willie Brown, Clinton economic adviser Laura Tyson, philanthropist and real estate tycoon Eli Broad and Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and his predecessor, Gray Davis,

ah, courageous billionaires--the kind of courage found by committee at the Chateau Marmont...or at Google headquarters-- (well, POTUS told Linkedin folks that Silicon Valley is quintessential America today-- someone needs to sit with him to explain to him how wrong he is on that front-- and maybe straighten him out on talking about "bedroom slippers"-- but chalk it up to his fine tuning his way back on to the campaign trail- for now.)

and then there are the newspaper owning billionaires like UC's Hellman...

funny, read a piece today by Alan Grayson- he, along with SCOTUS from yesteryear, warn us of things: "Fraught With Evil," Said the Supreme Court and he also closed out his latest post with the word "courage".
Lawmakers, Media Must Treat Education as an Economic Issue

And, also see this town hall on education.

Are we going to leave this to be shaped by billionaires and msm with sponsorship of online ed outfits?

Lawrence O' Donnell covered Occupy Wall Street-- billionaire Mayor Bloomberg likely took very little notice...

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