Saturday, September 24, 2011

Freedom Pastries and Cupcakes with a Conscience?

get it? remember 'freedom fries' and is it 'conscious'- or is it conscience?- cupcakes...:

Racially Heated Posting Sparks UC Berkeley Outrage

Berkeley's tempest follows a series of racial and anti-Semitic incidents across UC campuses, which prompted UC officials to focus new attention on fighting hate speech among students.

In March at UCLA, a student posted a video of herself ranting about Asians. In 2010, UC San Diego students posted racial slurs and caricatures on Facebook, and used campus TV to belittle black students. Someone also hung a noose from light fixture in the library.

At UC Davis, six swastikas were found, including one carved into a Jewish student's door, and someone defaced the gay students' center.

At UC Merced, a video mocking efforts to create a Chicano studies program was posted on Facebook.

In 2010, UC President Mark Yudof described the incidents as "quite simply the worst acts of racism and intolerance I've seen on college campuses in 20 years."

will the administration acknowledge their part in rigging the game against the middle class at UC and their part in creating this climate? there is a lot to understand on all sides.
maybe DailyCal can even use the food references and work in another plug for Alice Waters/North Berkeley into this-- it is not just about race -- it is also about class. Ugh, "class warfare".

At the meeting this month the UC Regents used terms like "job killing bills" and "Obamacare"-- and no one called them on it.
"When Democrats are intimidated into using conservative language, they help conservatives, even if they are arguing against them."

Prof. Lakoff on public intimidation by framing.
once again, check out: here for more on UC etc.-- they also link to other headlines that relate so much to the story above...
Are we just going to keep revisiting this same space? Or, are we gonna throw out the game that is rigged against the majority of us?
What's Goin' On? What's Happening Brother? (Do we also call the images in this video "class warfare"?)

btw Why does LA get a Santana school before SF?

"The '60s were a leap in human consciousness. Mahatma Gandhi, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Che Guevara, Mother Teresa, they led a revolution of conscience. The Beatles, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix created revolution and evolution themes. The music was like Dalí, with many colors and revolutionary ways. The youth of today must go there to find themselves." Carlos Santana

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