Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Game Theory

Today's Daily Cal has an interesting story on a senior admin whose salary became part of a bidding war w/in the UC system between UC Berkeley and UC Irvine. Power of ten...

Campus Spends $150,000 In Salary Increases
found a reader comment there interesting:
"UC claims "talent" must be paid market value, thus Blinder's raise.
What market? Competition from w/in the UC system? Irvine headhunting administrators from Cal? If this is true, it's a sign of total dysfunction w/in the UC at the system-wide level. Only other option: clear conflict of interest, UCOP makes the call to Irvine, tells them to make a fake offer to Blinder, now Cal is "obligated" to match that offer to keep Blinder. Blinder is a UC alum, Philosophy, the humanities are worth a damn after all! Who Knew? Blinder's a well spoken guy (his propaganda's on YouTube).
David, don't hide behind the report, talk to the DailyCal, justify your raise. While you're at it, justify headhunting w/in the UC system for non-academics.I could understand if a campus was building a top notch program in some area, and recruited faculty in that area from another campus. Grad students apply to an individual department not the UC as a whole. If you want the best students for your kick ass program you better have the best faculty and best facilities. The game isn't the same for administration, the intra-system competition is pure poison for the whole system, and this raise right here is proof positive."

scribbles from yesterday's short UC Regent Meeting:
so, the meeting started around 1:30pm-it was posted to begin at 1:15pm-- but, no, the entry just sat there displayed but no audio...and then... the day's meeting entry was completely removed from the website for about 20 minutes from 1:15pm-1:35pm-- so, some folks/Californians might have clicked in to hear the UC Regents meeting-- only to find that no meeting was listed for the day at all for about twenty minutes on the UC website.


the alumni Ex Officio Regent Pelliccioni said she might lose some serious sleep b/c of some of the questions on percent time effort reporting and known federal grant requirements...(Senator Grassley are you listening?)-- she said more updates need to come from each campus to the regents on this issue on a regular basis.

the conversation reminded us of this piece from a former academic senate chair at Cal:
Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Evolution Of The U C Conflict Of Commitment Policy
April 2003 William J. Drummond Professor School of Journalism University of California, Berkeley

in light of today's higher ed headlines it is an interesting read...

review of different grievance procedures was too weird:

believe it was Regent Makarechian (he asks some great questions and always has a deep understanding of the issues at hand, respect him for that) said he thought an employee who grieved and won should have their legal fees paid- that that sort of policy reform would be fair. It sounded like Counsel Robinson said he would advise against making that policy change.

sounded like Regent/Chair Zettle said she was shocked by the huge disparity between the time to file a grievance- 3 years for faculty and 30 days for staff...

No one else spoke about any of it...

believe it was Zettel who asked the Staff Advisor to the Regents for her thoughts on this staff issue, since she is sitting at the table as a voice for staff-- but the staff advisor to the regents punted to human resources- she said she could not begin to address it and said someone from HR should give some granular response-- ...the staff advisor to the regents couldn't even speak to it anecdotally? Wow, seems some sad representation of staff at the regent table...

but, none of this is related to any action item --so, who cares about any of this...

on we go...

it is so weird how so much risk management and data management has not been set up in advance on our 22 billion dollar autonomous, innovative UC system... this meeting is notable for how so many senior admins are saying basically "only now we are working on systems to address" this-- on this and that research issue and this and that admin issue-- what has been going on all these years- there have been previous presentations on almost all of these topics in previous years -- yet, the systems still aren't in place?! pilot programs here, pilot there...
buildings etc. committee was really short - they asked for a list/inventory of current projects and folks from UCOP told them how difficult- almost impossible- it was to get that info to them...
also, check out the right hand column for other recent news stories on cyber studies funding (they will be offering a course on game theory and the program will target Chinese citizens and American veterans as students, aka "tuition paying units" as Melissa Harris Perry referred to them- jokingly- the other day) and stories on coming tuition increases at UC.
remember to check out the UC Regents meeting today and tomorrow.

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