Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Perfunctory Protest?


Demands Released For Thursday’s Protest

Daily Cal is talking about it being "that time of year" as though protests are perfunctory-- but, actually the first week of March tends to be the big "march on ..." and protest time...don't think it is so perfunctory right now. Especially, since the staff adviser to the regents stayed silent when asked to comment on the staff grievance policy presentation to the regents--

and then this is the headline on the student regent from last week's regents meetings:

Student Regents Remain Silent At Meeting.

"it felt to him as though the Regents were doing his work for him and that he did not want to interrupt the debate."

--Even when UCSA's Magana addressed the regents and spoke about the student regent role and suggested some major changes...crickets...

Perhaps other regents have the luxury of staying silent on principle (recall UC Regent Eddie Island took a similar position--but also recall there is a long record of Island speaking at many meetings). However, the student regent does not have a 12 year appointment like other regents and really should be heard from at each meeting during their relatively short 1-2 year term in office.

Here is the latest on the Irvine 11 --also here and here.

and here is the latest on the March-Wheeler story -- we are going to need a list of the different Wheeler events-- the sit in at Wheeler, the ledge sitters on Wheeler, the taking of Wheeler Hall...hard to keep track.

Benjamin Ide Wheeler
Rosanne Cash -The Wheel

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