Tuesday, September 27, 2011

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question: does BCR use genetics-tracking to ensure the correct price is charged? e.g. If Eva Longoria shows up and wants to buy a cupcake is she charged the asian rate like her distant cousin Yo Yo Ma? or the euro/caucasian rate? or hispanic/latino?

see-- that 'let's swab the incoming freshman for their DNA idea' could have resolved so much! Wow -- that would have brought a whole new meaning to student data mining.

holy cow- Wendy Brown shows up and tries to buy all the cupcakes but the BCRs would not sell?!

where are the conscience/conscious cupcakes?!

harry potter people are selling muggle and pure priced baked goods?!

who has the gluten free and low carb stuff? what kind of dyes have been used on that frosting?

and Ward Connerly has shown up and gotten in the middle of it all-- of course, amidst a throng of press with lenses pointed at him.

you can follow the story here and there was a good debate yesterday on the subject at the local ABC affiliate with the actual students involved- imagine that!- and CNN has given this story a lot of coverage- including a split screen interview with the author of the proposed legislation and the Pres of BCR.

recall these two old stories from 1996- because perhaps it addresses the real source of the troubles for everyone:

Suit Targets Wilson's Phone Calls to Regents
Law: ACLU and other groups say talks between governor and members of UC board, which took place before vote to roll back affirmative action, violated state's open meeting act.


Campus paper sues to get records. (University of California, Santa Barbara's Daily Nexus seeks records of phone conversations involving Gov. Pete Wilson and the university's board of regents)

but who cares about history when there are photo ops to be had...
but then there was this spectacular moment!

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