Thursday, September 29, 2011

Text Book Rebellion Movement At UC

hhmmm --not much press on the Text Book Protests happening across UC but here is some coverage: Textbook Rebellion at Cal

(NBC BayArea also had a story on it today but no link to it available.)

Background on this movement: here

Mascots parade on Bruin Walk as part of CALPIRG's 'Textbook Rebellion' against high prices

UCSB Students Protest Textbook Prices

UC Santa Barbara students protest high cost of textbooks with a 'rebellion'

Textbook Rebellion at UC Santa Barbara

Dream Act: Brown's Nightmare?

Cal will be holding an event on the DREAM Act today:Lecture: California DREAM Act
Thursday, September 29 | 4-5 p.m. | Maude Fife Room, 315 Wheeler Hall

On July 25, Governor Jerry Brown signed the first part of the California Dream Act into law. The second part has passed the California State Assembly and is currently sitting on the governor’s desk. Together, AB 130 and 131 allow undocumented students who have been admitted to California public colleges and universities and who meet in-state tuition requirements to apply for privately-funded scholarships and non-competitive, state-funded financial aid. Assemblyman Gil Cedillo the primary force behind the California DREAM Act, will discuss how the act will help undocumented students pursue their educations.
Tickets not required

UC Berkeley sees rise in hate crimes in 2010

Why Our Experiences Cannot Be Discounted

Hispanic Children Make Up Largest Share Of Poor Children In U.S.

from the Cal PR machine: National award goes to UC Berkeley program that boosts Latino degree completion

increasing tuition higher and higher-- and then yoking these "kids" to indentured servitude or to being beholding to the administration via the blue and gold hush money program is wrong, just wrong.
Report calls for new leader of state's school construction system
California home to 88 of Forbes' 400 richest Americans

NYC Transit Union Joins Occupy Wall Street CNN/John King interviewed Bloomberg yesterday but it never came up as a question but he had all sorts of tips for those running for POTUS...
“hon veshilton,” from this story:
As Scorn for Vote Grows, Protests Surge Around Globe

check out this collectors item post card celebrating Rosh Hashanah -note the banners hanging above- does the imagery hold true today?

shana tova

PS this goes out to Professor Chu current US Sec of energy:Westinghouse Solar celebrates 10 years in San Jose- RFK Jr was in town for it.

"The market for energy is 10 times larger than the market for silicon devices, so it's a huge upside,

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