Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tobacco, Oil, ...Wine

the UC regents were very enthusiastic about a tobacco tax at the last regent meetings last week. Other parts of the UC system are talking about an oil tax. This latest report on wine and much much more also reminds us of other comments we've seen about a wine tax to pay for CA higher ed. -- it sets folks off...pitting different parts of CA industries against UC.

why don't the UC regents ever talk about joining with the Governor or other legislators on broad non industry specific items like these?

why are they are only too happy to talk piecemeal- like the items mentioned above?
corporate owned media outlets are not covering this story out of Wall Street -- quelle surprise...would love to see how CNBC anchors- like this one or this one cover it.
Good News so far on Cal alum hikers held in Iran-- but really want to wait til they are all the way home to celebrate...

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