Sunday, September 4, 2011

UC and Stanford Students Should Go 'Transpartisan' on This...

the more eyes making sure accurate info comes out on this --the better...
see: Portantino touts study, accuses Assembly of cooking the books
(Note: Portantino chairs the higher ed committee in the CA assembly)- some snippets of coverage:

Common Sense President Dakin Sloss highlighted "significant differences in how the Rules Committee reports its expenditures and payroll, adding, "we are suspicious there may have been intentional manipulation, because the data strongly points to that conclusion."

The group compared expenditures released by the Rules Committee Friday with monthly salaries ("Payroll data") listed on the Assembly's website for May 2011.
Vigna also dismissed Common Sense's Sloss, claiming, "he is a climate-change denier and he's not even a student at Stanford."

Sloss, a registered Democrat, said he took time off last year to work full-time for Common Sense.

"I believe my current status is 'student' since I'm enrolled for the fall," he said.

Sloss heads a campus Objectivism club (based on the philosophy of Ayn Rand), and expresses views against prevailing climate change science.

He and Joe Lonsdale, CACS's primary donor, will represent the nonprofit at an event for the Santa Clara County Republican Party of Silicon Valley next month, according to SCCRP's website.

Sloss said Common Sense will next look at the Senate's bookkeeping, likely in a similar comparison of expenditures versus payroll.

"It would be very, very surprising to me if the Assembly had reported more accurate figures than the Senate. It would be very strange if the Senate had worse discrepancies because the discrepancies are quite large in the Assembly."

At first glance, Sloss noted about 35 percent of Senate employee salaries were listed with individual members, compared to about 15 percent of Assembly staff salaries listed as member expenditures.

The burden of proof, Sloss said, is now with the Assembly to release further payroll showing which staffers seem to be reallocated - and why.

"The smoking gun could only be uncovered if the Assembly was to release data for all eight months in question ... Then you could see the entire picture," he said.

Portantino's effort to scrap the Legislative Open Records Act and instead make the Legislature subject to the same disclosure rules as other governmental bodies under the California Public Records Act, was tabled Monday.


Perhaps ignore the Ayn Rand references and the global warming doubting if that's not your thing-- some folks at Stanford are looking into something that should be of interest -even more interest perhaps-- to students at UC, here is more:
Portantino Calls Out Assembly

--take a look at the graphs on the side bar here:
Hueso moves to block anti-secrecy bill
(some state senate staffers making just shy of Mark Yudof size salaries!)

also see:
“All this reminds me of the woman with the Virginia ham under her arm, crying she has no bread,” he told the Pasadena Star-News.

We’re not really sure what the hell that means, but we are sure that referencing ham, bread, or any other foodstuff, is most appropriate in commenting on the Battle of Heavyweights between Speaker Perez and Assemblyman Anthony Portantino.

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