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UC Davis Aggie Shocked To Learn "while UC was raising tuition, laying off teachers, cutting classes and student enrollment last year, the school hired four employees who will make more than $1 million a year. Stats also show there are 374 employees who get more than $218,000"

See: Despite money woes, UC hires more executives (this story - although similarly titled- is different from the SF Chron story a few days ago UC Sees Rise In High Earners Despite Money Struggles)

back to the story at UC Davis - it says:

"Hospital CEO Ann Madden Rice made a total of $917,701 after nabbing a bonus of $333,401 on top of her $584,300."

(When we heard the name in the above story - ears perked up cuz we were reminded of Madden Consulting work on Operation Excellence at UC Davis -but guess there is no relation. Anyway, it's cool that apparently she likes to: overshare. --at the end of reading that TMI piece left wondering...doesn't UC have that 'hire a VIP, rock star employee and bring your spouse along and we'll throw in another paid position for your better half cuz we want you so much program'? It is a common feature in academia. So... what gives? See Aggies- million dollar wage earners suffer too, - can't you see the sacrifice?- no yachts in Iowa...)

things are going very well for the UC Med Centers:
UC medical centers show increase in revenue
"Financial schedules from the UC Office of the President show that annual revenues for the university’s medical centers grew to almost $6 billion in 2010, an increase of nearly $2 billion over the medical centers’ revenue only six years before."

Bonuses, bonuses.

Special people, special education, special profits, special bonuses...

We don't doubt the value of quality health care-a caring nurse, an attentive doctor- but the hospitals need to untie themselves from the revenue stream of undergraduate tuition--or, at least explain it. And, when the hospitals go wrong -- they need to acknowledge the negative impact on other parts of the UC system-- see terms like cadavers, fetuses, livers, kidneys, transplants, patient privacy- both celebrity and non celebrity etc. in the right hand column of stories. Upper management/high paid execs have ultimate responsibility for those stories coming out of the UC hospital system. There have to be $300,000+ bonuses to individuals in order to avoid scandals?-or avoid scandals hitting the news?- is that the subtext of this bonus program?

Why do we have to have undergrad degrees in Math, English, Music tied to this kinda stuff?!

and then we read this:

"Already, we find an indication that the medical centers are being privileged by the Office of the President." ..."Everyone in the UC system should be concerned about how UCOP and the regents decide to distribute state funds. Since the campuses will be able to keep their own revenue, there is an incentive for the wealthier campuses to increase their wealth by increasing their number of nonresident students and decreasing their number of Californian students. Moreover, the medical centers will continue to use their enormous resources to fight for more funding, while the smaller campuses will suffer from a lack of new revenue. All of these trends will force continual tuition increases for undergraduates at a time when undergraduate budgets are being downsized. Let us hope that the state audit pushes the UC system to find a more equitable balance. " read the full post: here. (bold emphasis is ours)

Yep, if you're not in the higher echelons of the UC Hospital system - if you're at other non UC hospital campuses or other parts of UC -or, you're middle and low wage workers at the UC hospitals who hope to attend and/or send family to UC -- we suggest you take a good look at this set up.

What about patents at the UC hospitals? are there lucrative patents to be monetized for UC at the UC hospitals? Is anybody talking about that bit? Are they part of the UC system? or aren't they?

The UC hospitals are very quick and able to draw lines separating them from less lucrative partners -- see this and this--when it's tied to something that isn't going to be so profitable...
"UC will not be financially liable for the nonprofit entity that will operate the proposed new hospital. UC will not contribute funds to the hospital."

see how they are capable of drawing lines of separation between them/UC and poor hospitals, indigent care...

-- yet, they're only too happy to maintain the connections to lucrative undergraduate tuition from other non hospital UC campuses... Fiat Luxury.
Once again, don't doubt the value of research or the work at hospitals e.g. this recent talk on The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer with Siddhartha Mukherjee, Assistant Clinical Professor Columbia and John Maa,
Assistant Professor University of California, San Francisco
Division of General Surgery --really wonderful work from them- and could rattle off many more examples. --but do not like the lack of transparency/set up of funding as it relates to undergrad tuition coming to UC hospitals from non UC hospital campuses.

btw, UCSC Chancellor Blumenthal is a UCSF patient- he just went through surgery. (We wish him speedy recovery.)

Strange business at UC.
where even the 'public health' profs have their chairs from private or pseudo non profit hmo industry
and the hospital system gets to stay on the teet of UC undergrad ever increasing tuition.
strange "business" indeed.
Ok, away from the screed and on to something else...
If you wish to donate to or help the National Association of Free Clinics, Learn more here.

Important to note that in the Bay Area (home to many UC campuses) and in So Cal (ditto on many UC campuses) -- this organization could not get enough doctors to staff all stations when they came to town -- not enough doctors or dentists etc.-- but lines of patients out the door. -- It would seem this is something Higher Ed (esp. Public) hospital systems could support more - here is more background.
Also, another interesting article on UC Davis and water wars: UC Davis Strategy of Hanging Back Outside of the Water Fray Will Cost Davis and Woodland Residents
Congrats to Goodwin Liu he will likely do a great job- you can view his swearing in ceremony: here- wish there was more diversity on the CA Supreme Court, though.

No African Americans, No Latinos on CA Supreme Court- did ya know?

(and, no, we are not saying folks should be appointed based on their race and "even-ing" things out-- think a li'l deeper.)
UCLA's B School executive this, certificate that get confused with MBA-- as part of this disturbing and sad story-many enjoyed reading his posts here.

It looks like:

State Assembly sends second part of DREAM Act to Brown
UCLA Student Joins the Rebels In Libya

Like Hemingway--Spanish Civil War?, not so much.
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