Monday, September 19, 2011

UC Now Has More Senior Managers Than Ladder Rank Faculty

See: Keeping California's Promise: UC’s Administrators Crossed the Line

"faculty ranks have declined by 2.3 percent since the 2009 post, at a time when student enrollment increased by 3.6 percent. ..

"Somehow the ranks of managers have continued to grow right through this difficult period – up 4.2% between April, 2009 and April, 2011."
also see DailyCal's story where : "UC Berkeley deans have discussed the possibility of offering college tuition assistance to faculty members’ children."

and the monetization of patents solution has lost it glow: UC Berkeley officials do not see patent revenue as a long-term financial solution to budget woes.
but Lansing and Yudof were very excited about pursuing this at a regents meeting just a few short months ago.

btw, not a fan of DailyCal's burying their story content under a bullet list of related post lists at the top just below their headline.
and check out Remaking the University for some other reading selections.

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