Sunday, October 30, 2011

CSU tied for 39th place with UC Berkeley in a new ranking

by U.S. News & World Report of the 100 universities with the lowest acceptance rates: How CSU East Bay made list of competitive colleges
and this story says only six new UC online courses are up and ready to go- which is fewer than planned. also it makes clear that CSU is also going to compete with UC for veterans as a "lucrative source":
CSU Seeks Boost In Revenue From Online Venture
--"anyone with a computer, a brain and a buck." the story also mentions some of the ongoing concerns about graduation rates based on wealth, cheating concerns etc.
also see;
CSU sued over new Cal Poly chief's salary
and this update: Cal State trustees did not break open meeting law

"Over the past 10 years, the proportion of middle-income students attending the University of California has declined at nearly twice the rate of California middle-income households, while the share of lower- and upper-income UC students has risen."

A guy named Douglas at Cal Center for Studies on Higher Ed and a guy named Tierney from USC have a bunch to say about this UC system wide issue-see:
Middle Income Student Attendance Declines At UC
pay attention to these sections in the article:

Most of decrease came for upper middle income families earning $99,000 to $149,000 – 6 percent – with students from families earning $55,000 to $99,000 declining by 3 percent.

California residents are moving down the income brackets, but there's no way to track how far down they're going, said Nancy Gemignani, a research specialist for the California State Data Center.

The good news is that students in the UC system seem to be coping, said John Douglass, a senior research fellow at UC Berkeley's Center for Studies in Higher Education.

While class loads and some behaviors such as cutting costs by buying fewer books and working more have changed, there have not been huge differences

"This shows that the financial aid structure the UC is pursuing is having very positive effects on the ability of lower- and middle-income students who come to the university and persist," he said. "We're still in this curve of increasing tuition costs, so we don't know what the effects will be, but we can be hopeful."

but then this:

"The State of California has got to develop a stronger method of funding key public services, and schools and higher education are really key," Douglass said. "California citizens are seeing that if they want to send a kid to college, it means higher bills."

Private institutions are a step ahead because they are able to put together financial aid packages public universities haven't thought of, but competition will increase for funding from the same sources once public institutions follow suit, Tierney said.

'we don't know.. but we can be hopeful'


Friday, October 28, 2011

Michael Moore Joining OccupyOakland Today- Lots of Cal Folks To Join

Occupy Oakland: Quan booed offstage; Michael Moore to visit

Michael Moore to Appear at Occupy Oakland

KGO ABC Affiliate Coverage

Berkeley Students, Residents Stand In Solidarity With Occupy Oakland

Lump in throat-reading the signs in these photos:
Egyptians March For Occupy Oakland-Occupy Oakland reaches Egypt.

and seeing Clarence Clemons in this video-#OccupyYourHomeTown:

(Hardly Any) Insight Into Admissions at the University of California and The Importance of "Side Bar Conversations"...

Side Bar Conversations...

Interview with UC Student Regent Alfredo Mireles Jr. transcript
sections of note:
"the University of California continues to thrive and be successful, more so than almost any other university system in the world. We just had another Nobel Laureate — I think he was a Berkeley professor. We’re seeing an increase in the amount of students that graduate in six years," -- he mentions this last as a success/accomplishment(!)

"I don’t think it’s particularly helpful to be too pessimistic. About five years from now, we’re going to have to fight each day’s battle as it comes."

"you come from high income backgrounds, it’s a more challenging question. It’d be interesting to hear from them, if they think it’s affordable to them."

"I don’t know if you looked at the minutes, but the staff adviser, Penny Herbert, she made a comment that was very specific to just staff issues that did not like fit the tenor of the general conversation, and no one even acknowledged her point. Maybe the staff felt better because somebody said their specific issue out loud, but it didn’t have any influence over the direction of the conversation."

"there’s a middle-income student financial work group forming at the Office of the President to make sure that those middle income students have their needs addressed better in the future, especially if we continue to see fee increases. Jonathan and I will both serve on that committee. So we need to make sure that we are dogged and we are forceful that those students need our advocacy just as much as low income students do."

"there’s a group of relatively wealthy and successful UC alumni, primarily based in Los Angeles, that finally had enough of all the cuts and decided to finally form a PAC, well two PACs. One for initiatives and one for candidates to finally have some influence over the state government."

-of course, b/c wealthy and successful have no say in state govt right now...some of these wealthy and successful alumni are covered in the stories listed in the right hand column. how convenient to place their agenda under a fund UC banner PAC- sounds concerning if not fishy-there needs to be more coverage of them- remember the regent who talked about forming a 'pro business pac' with a strategy to see the 'right candidates' take office at the last regents meeting? How do you say in Latin "be careful who you give your PAC contributions to"?

"I think that’s a common concern we hear from people who think the regents don’t do lobbying, but I’ll remind people who hold that position that many of the regents are incredible, well-connected people who served in very senior level government positions in Sacramento. Our former chairman (Russell) Gould was the director of finance for Gov. Pete Wilson, and he’s still called upon by leaders in Sacramento for his advice on how to handle issues. The director of finance is seen as the first among equals, as far as the most important influential appointed positions by the governor. So having him as a regent is an incredibly valuable resource. Regent Charlene Zettell is a former assemblymember from San Diego. So she still has allies and colleagues in elected and state government, who are friends that she can call upon. Regent (George) Kieffer is a partner in a very influential law firm in Los Angeles, who is very well connected to Sacramento. And I’m just scratching the surface here. To get appointed as a regent you have to have some clout in the state and honestly to kind of push back against a commonly held position. It’s not just the most people who donate the most money to a gubernatorial campaign — it’s people who, for one reason or another, have caught the interest of the governor, and in a lot of cases, it’s because they’ve shown commitment to public service in the state government, and they’re seen as tremendous resources once they’re no longer in their official capacity as director of finance or assemblyperson, but now they can serve as a regent with that background and experience."
yep, that really is the quote...doubt very much that there is anyone who thinks the regents 'don't do lobbying' -- the concern is what kind of lobbying...
the reporter then asks:
JR: So you talked a lot about the connections the UC Regents have, but do you have any specific examples of the results that those connections have brought to the UC?

-- you will have to go read the article for the answer--and he also comments on the value of sidebar conversations with regents.

Also, check out the Occupy coverage at DailyCal while you are there.
another forum on higher ed - this one with the UC stamp of approval:
What’s the future of public universities? Forum seeks way forward and Daily Cal covered it as well. --but far more dynamic conversations are happening elsewhere- online, offline, social media etc.
Hardly Any Insight:
Insight into Admissions at the University of California -- maybe someone in attendance can write a more thorough follow up.

Cornell, Stanford Vie For Tech Campus In NYC

While Silicon Valley leads as the nation's top city for number of venture capital deals and investments, New York City outranked Boston in the number of deals secured for the first time in 2010.
"During the 1980s and '90s, Silicon Valley -- not New York -- became the world capital of technology start-ups," Bloomberg said at Crain's. "And that is still true today. But if I am right -- and if we succeed in this mission -- it won't be true forever."

President Obama signed two more executive orders today,...
One of the new Obama orders is designed to “take steps to speed up the transfer of federal research and development from the laboratory to the marketplace,” said a White House statement.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bill Honoring UCSC Alum and Former Giffords Aide Who Died In The Line of Fire Stalled

Also see:
Yudof’s Salary Plan: What does it Really Mean?
Gavin Newsom really pls should stop with the vague statements on CA higher ed and either lay out a plan or chill, cuz he is just freaking some folks out. btw, could somebody at Cal in the know give a tutorial to San Franciscans on ranked choice voting?
Oakland did ranked choice voting and it was a major brouhaha -- it is really confusing --oy, the MC Hammer videos and controversies in the SF Mayor race.
Also, the Gov apparently is going to make an important- to some at UC- decision today on pension reform.
It looks like what is going on with the Gabe Zimmerman bill is going on across the board on everything...
The approval rate of US Congress is lower than the unemployment rate...
POTUS is doing executive orders, some call it 'steamrolling'-- anything he can- working around Congress drama -- 'bypassing the impotent legislature'...
Some are saying nothing of importance is going to be accomplished by Congress until 2013, maybe.
Solidarność Con Los Indignados and OccupyOakland

Natalie Portman has things to say about school lunch meals- well, she would likely get a great vegetarian version of eggs in a basket recipe at OccupyWallSt. maybe she's been there already or will show up in costume -naw, not that costume others at Occupy are already wearing- maybe on Halloween as Princess Amidala, that would be cool. Or she could show up as that character she played who gave birth to the "Walmart Baby"...
The Operational Exodus Bain of Our Existence candidate for POTUS doesn't know what he believes about Ohio anti-union proposed legislation-- a flip flopper fit for a regents meeting... or an Operational Exodus "Showcase". Maybe Mitt should have attended a Bain Ohio Showcase before he spoke?-to bone up on his doublespeak-remember the showcase showdown on The Price Is Right- "come on down! have your pet spayed or neutered."
Apparently UCMeP is very... pissed-- here is: their latest post.
Love, love, love this: Grad student finds inspiration in the clouds
James Taylor Steamroller

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

'Blue and Gold', 'Project You Can'-hhmmmm and Other Things...

see this: Some UC alumni talk about their tuition crisis...
Alumni can't afford to buy homes b/c of student loan debt-- no problem, US Senator Chuck Schumer D-NY and a repub colleague think foreign nationals should buy American homes as the answer, see Prof. Reich's post on the Schumer-Lee bill : Why We Shouldn't Be Selling the Right to Live in America

Reich ends his post with this:
"Maybe we should rewrite Emma Lazarus's words on the Statue of Liberty:
Give us your richest, fattest cats,
Your highest net-worth, seeking pleasure domes,
Your wealthy heirs and pampered brats.
Send these, with a half-million to buy our homes,
And gild our fading door mats."

UCLA, Arizona Fight: Pac-12 Suspends 10 Players --interesting development given the upcoming game...
Michael Moore is on CNN with Piers Morgan talking about and showing footage of OccupyOakland- tear gas this morning and heating up again tonight...
and Dylan Ratigan had a segment on the Pope wanting a Worldwide Fed Reserve Jubilee Bank-- see, this keeps showing up -- wonder what Club for Growth Catholic leadership (lots of them) thinks of that idea?

He also had Matthew Siegel, president and co-founder of Our Time, who says that the student debt is actually keeping America’s best and brightest shackled to Wall Street and the POTUS upcoming plan is not enough.
Please check out Bill Black's blog
mark_yudof tweeted a few days ago about a story that broke over the summer (guess he is catching up on his reading cuz this came out in July when he fell ill):
"Vapor cloud around large black hole discovered; 12b light yrs away; 140 trillion times all the water in world’s oceans"

--yep, equivalent to 20,000 times the Earth's oceans available for each individual human being on Earth! Amazing and heartbreaking when you think about the Horn of Africa right now.
remember-- pay attention to POTUS announcement on student loans tomorrow.

Reality Distortion Field

an Apple guy says it is a term that comes from Star is also in the Jobs bio and it describes many UC events well, like:

UC's New Admissions Rules Confuse Applicants
The SAT subject exams are no longer required. If students take them anyway, good scores can help but poor scores won't hurt, administrators say.

wanna point y'all over to Minding The Workplace, some recent posts there:

Crushing student loan debt: America indentures its next generations -- the post discusses how older generations outside of higher ed don't quite "get it" on what the present day problem is...

--while HuffPo/Rasmussen has this:
66% Oppose Forgiveness Of Student Loans

and the Super Congress Super Committee (no AquaMan or Wonderwoman there) might be going after Pell see this post from UCLA Fac Blog on Student Aid Alliance.

and for students and others who do get/have jobs -- there is this element:
Quiet cover-ups

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Little Earthquakes

Yep, Berkeley had an earthquake- on the same day of a major SF earthquake drill -The Great Shakeout,

Hopefully at Cal no one was still in Campbell Hall getting free furniture- is Tolman still standing?-epicenter was Memorial Stadium/ Clark Kerr Campus?! How are the construction workers and giant crane?!

Near the anniversary of Loma Prieta-- UCSC can relate...

and the big Oakland fire anniversary also is coming up-- Now ugly colored mcmansions dotting the hills -the hills were more beautiful then, with the dangerous-now-practically banned-curly and straight leafed eucalyptus- oh, that fragrance on a rainy day -it is native to Oz (Australia)- so much for progress...

Libya-maybe instead of a Long Hot Summer it is a long refreshing Spring - wow! Wonder how Stanford's Provost is taking the news?

10 Muslim Students Convicted of Disrupting Israeli Official’s Speech at UC Irvine File Appeals
Speaking of speech...
Everyone is in shock over the quotes in the Steve Jobs authorized bio coming out but you were warned that he was complex- just really wonder if someone like Walter Isaacson can really get him down on paper-- don't think so, seems an enigma- even to himself.

Little Earthquakes.

UC Med -Losing the PR battle everyday...

Free Medical Clinic In Los Angeles To Serve 5,000- but:

CareNowLA has lined up some 800 medical professionals to volunteer their services at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, but the nonprofit says still more dentists, nurse practitioners and primary care physicians are needed.

if nothing else it could be a good pr move for the "high earners",but...

see UC Announces New Pension Rates "I predict that the university will seek savings by continuing to shift more of the cost for healthcare and retiree healthcare to the employees. Without a significant change to recent healthcare legislation, workers inside and outside of the university will continue to see their total compensation decrease."
good article: UC Berkeley Lags Competitors In Recovering Costs of Research

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

“What if a tenured faculty member says I don’t want do that, that would mean more work for lecturers.”

think about that, really think about what it means:

Contract gives lecturers 3 percent raise, voice in online course implementation
“We’re in tough financial straits,” Klein said. “We want to be fair. We want to retain our faculty, but the money’s got to come from somewhere. It’s a tough balancing act.”

Monday, October 17, 2011

What if the Irvine 11 had dressed up like Elmo and The Count?

it is a flip question on a serious situation, yet check it out:
-- a UC Irvine op ed in the Jerusalem Post
Unprecedented Silencing of Dissent at UC Irvine

--and a story from the SF Chron on educators dressed up as Sesame St. characters, who stood up and protested Rupert Murdoch during his speech at the Sheraton Palace
Rupert Murdoch Heckled: Occupy Protesters Interrupt News Corp. CEO (VIDEO)

-- (the Sheraton Palace as compared to a UC campus as public space?!)
It never fails to amaze how people in charge of running a public land grant university come up with proposals that look nothing like: Problems with UCOP's Proposed Salary Supplements for Grants
from CNN/Fortune on Cal: What Happened To The Hewlett Foundation's Major Gift? no worries the money is going out to 'those who are not to be poached'...
'Occupy Goes Global'-- was the headline this weekend- but Occupy was global a few weeks ago when hundreds of thousands (430,000+) protested in Israel-and millions in Spain and elsewhere...
Forgot to include this in the earlier post- but here are some sections from the MLK Ware Lecture in 1966:
"But there is a more difficult title in that bill, one that must ultimately be passed if America is to rise to its full maturity. That is the section of the bill which calls for an end to discrimination in housing. It means that discrimination in all housing will be federally non-sanctioned. It involves the sale, the rental, and the financing of all housing. This is the difficult one because there still are many fears around. There are stereotypes about Negroes, Puerto Ricans, Mexican Americans and others. Studies reveal that there are numerous forces both private and public which make for the problem, because they are profiting by the existence of segregation in housing. I am convinced that if we are to have a truly integrated society we must deal with the housing problem. The school problem is difficult and it will never be totally solved until we solve the housing problem, and so it is my hope that we will go all out over America to bring this new legislation into being and to insist that it will be vigorously enforced, once it is passed, for there is still a gulf between legislation on the one hand and the enforcement of that legislation on the other. We see this in the South every day. In 1954 the Supreme Court of Our nation rendered a decision declaring segregation unconstitutional in the public schools. Yet, twelve years later, only 5.2 per of the Negro students of the South are attending integrated Schools. We haven't even made one per cent progress a year. If we continue this pace it will take about 96 more years to integrate the schools in the South. There is still a gulf between legislative and judicial decrees and the actual enforcement of them."

here is a link to the full text: Ware Lecture in 1966
In the present day-- there is this: New Sesame Street Muppet Is Poor and Hungry -preparing the young for austerity.

Friday, October 14, 2011

"Remain Awake During The Revolution"

March for Jobs and Justice

Milken 'Em

UCLA Fac Blog has audio on:
Peter Taylor, chief financial officer of UC, at Milken Conference
Gov. Brown Says Pension Proposal Will Involve Constitutional Changes & A Vote of the People
the list of speakers and sponsors for the event are listed here
You might remember the Milkens from recent stories, like: Apparently We've Forgotten Who the Milkens Are

And there was this event with Jeb Bush, Rupert Murdoch and Mrs. Bill Gates over the past few days in San Francisco: Protest greets conservative education summit in SF.

For those who were in attendance etc. who believe that Murdoch is concerned about American education-- you might also want to view this investigative report from CNN: Exclusive: Videos Detail News America Tactics Against Competitors --nice way to treat American owned businesses...

and With Goldman's Foray Into Higher Education, A Predatory Pursuit of Students and Revenues -- you really think UCOP isn't looking at this same model without salivating? (These are some of their 'former' colleagues!)

As Ex Officio UC Regents, UC Regents and UC Exec leadership attend these events frequently we have decided to create this new label: BillionaireWatch_at_UC for these special, oh so special occasions.

Cal's Unending Purcha$ing For Operational Excellence

no end to money available for Operation Exodus: Operational Excellence approved for additional $1.1 million for online purchasing platform "will require faculty and staff to learn to use the program through a five-month training period."--the faculty have had it with all the stuff they are asked to go online for/compliance tutorials etc.- even if it's five minutes long...this is a mess.


Free speech: UCSB reimburses College Republicans

if you want to check out FIRE to see what they are about...or, if you tilt that way...they apparently are also running an essay contest with a big prize...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Word Or Two From A Student Regent...

STEIN: Well the hope is that it hasn't changed me very much at all because the student regent is the one student position where you're suddenly invited to receptions and cocktail hours and you're invited to dinners that you wouldn’t otherwise be invited to. And the hope is that all of the glitz and the glamour doesn't blunt the energy with which you pursue the student position on things.

and more nuggets, read the whole thing here: Saving the UC – but at what cost to students?

and there is this: Leg Roundup: UC Student Regents Spell Out Financial Future; Recent Resignations Now Official

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

UCSF Chancellor On Customized Learning-- In Shorter Amounts Of Time

"An Innovator Shapes an Empire"-- yes, that is the headline they chose for a Chancellor of a land grant public higher ed institution...btw contrast that story with what is going on in this story:

Blue Shield Drops Coverage Of Avastin For Breast Cancer
"The company produced an extraordinary lineup of drugs during her time, including the cancer drugs Avastin and Herceptin — both of which represented new approaches to fighting the disease —and became America’s leading maker of cancer treatments.

Her name has appeared on every manner of “most” list: most powerful innovators, most powerful women, most highly paid women."

"The chancellor and her husband, Dr. Nicholas Hellmann, had recently given $1 million to the university."..."Dr. Desmond-Hellmann’s years in pharmaceuticals left her, by her own account, “very, very wealthy,” with a fortune that she and her husband expect to give away."

-- maybe she can give it away now to patients in need of Avastin-- or to change the big pharma set up?


and no mention of her tobacco stock issues that caused a ruckus when she came on board... note the interesting correction at the bottom-also, there is an section where she talks about not having children, doubt very much that question has ever been asked of a male chancellor at UC...but guess they were shooting for one of those getting to know you touchy feely personal profile pieces and overshot.

hattip @Mark_Yudof-afterall his PR folks are likely thrilled with this "story"- he was at Boalt yesterday- perhaps conferring with Edley on how to deal with UCMeP's cupcakes tomorrow...

The Union Label

"Look for the union label"--remember that jingle?
Anyway, a number of new developments covered in these stories:

The Lecturers' Filibuster

UC Reaches Labor Deal With Its Largest Union

AFSCME Local 3299 represents more than 20,000 employees. The union and university had been locked in a dispute over pension and pay raises for nearly a year.

"raising hopes for a period of labor peace at the university system and its hospitals, officials said Monday"..."Moving forward, we hope we can find ways for UC and the union to join forces and work together on issues that are of mutual interest,"

Rocket Man

a UCSB alum and former LLNL staff:
Jose Hernandez, A Former Astronaut, Launches Congressional Bid

Rocket Man

Don't Get It Twisted

As mentioned earlier,the Gov signed a number of pieces of legislation on higher ed this weekend. Don't mix up the DREAM act leg. with the affirmative action legislation- please read up so that you can tell them apart.

Certain portions did not receive attention, so we have pasted in sections on homelessness of student, LGBT rights, etc. discussed in the coverage, below:

from SF Chron:

Monico, who joined her father in the United States and overstayed her visa, has paid for Berkeley with private donations and a job where she is paid through a third party. She's been homeless and has sneaked into campus buildings to sleep.

this student is discussing her circumstances with a newspaper - likely she also is willing to discuss them with UC-- but she is living like this? troubling.
The governor also approved a measure by Assemblyman Marty Block (D-San Diego) that will encourage state university systems to collect data on students' sexual orientation and encourage the legislative analyst to use it to recommend improvements in the quality of life for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students. That bill is AB 620.

--no race and gender considerations but, yes, they do want to know how you do it? we hope this is optional and privacy rights are respected.
Bill Gives Aid To Undocumented Students Involved In Student Governments
Since there was that recent story about UCSD libraries pitching books, we were glad to read: Brown signed AB 438, by Assemblyman Das Williams (D-Santa Barbara), restricting the privatization of public libraries, a growing trend as municipal governments have fallen on hard times.
this is important:
Jerry Brown Sends Birthday Present to the 99% on 100th Anniversary of Ballot Initiative Process by Jamie Court
Also, there is this comment/tactic that keeps cropping up-- it goes like this:
just say "Do X, and UC becomes Cal State"-- that's it.
and there is this on a Koch Bros. funded UC Berkeley scientist
-- yep, you read right-- now read the conclusions.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Update:Gov. Brown Signs Part II of California DREAM Act, vetoes affirmative action like SB 185

Cal's Chancellor Birgeneau is pleased: Chancellor endorses signing of California DREAM Act
SF Chron's coverage: Jerry Brown signs Dream Act for illegal immigrants
and LA Times coverage: Brown signs California Dream Act
and SCPR's "MultiAmerican" coverage: Brown: Yes to California Dream Act, no to race and gender in college admissions
Daily Cal coverage: here -- that concerns AB 131

there is also SB 185
which the Gov vetoed: Brown vetoes affirmative action-like SB 185


anyway, there are other developments that UCLA Fac Blog has info on- like some folks moving for a referendum and a Stop The Nightmare Act and they likely will have an update on SB 185 up at some point.

but most importantly, they have the audio from the last UC Regents meeting now posted -- their blog posts some of the funniest Norman Rockwellish images-- to capture how antiquated listening to only live audio is -- their latest image make us wish for platters of food and brewskies all around while listening to the UC Regents...

"When the machine managers get familiar with the working of the new method, they will work it for their own ends far more readily than they would the present method."

Calif. marks 100 years since political reforms

"The new method is proposed as a check on the machines. But the strength of the machines lies in the inattention and indifference of the voters," the Times warned in a piece headlined "Anti-Democracy in California."

"When the machine managers get familiar with the working of the new method, they will work it for their own ends far more readily than they would the present method."

That warning has come to pass in recent decades, as a process that was intended to curb the influence of special interests has evolved into a tool for corporations and wealthy individuals to enact changes they desire.

"if I feel I'm overpaid, at some point I'll just give the money back."

Remaking the University had a link to this story on former Cal Chancellor Robert Berdahl: 2-Day-a-Week Job at U. of Oregon Nets $96,000 for Former AAU Chief

that is where the quote in the title comes from. Could it be that Oregon does not get any CA newspapers?

Guess we now know where the reference to Oregon came from in the former Chancellors thing.

--for the past 10 years Cal has been having new groups of consultants coming in saying how badly organized previous administrations arranged things. Millions go out to purchase fixes, make changes-- solutions that never materialize. What is the truth? Does it matter?

If Berdahl can take it or leave it on the $96K --then really he should spend some significant time assessing what happened at Cal during his tenure and in the years after it -- and clarify and address the narrative created by those who followed him- Cal deserves it, and so does he.
Wall Street protests echo researcher’s findings on growing income gap

A Watershed Moment for the UC System by UCLA's José Luis Santos

Professor Robert Reich talks unemployment, economic interdependence at conference
See, this keeps showing up: Yom Kippur Service Taking Place At Occupy Wall Street

"Recorded by Merle Haggard, the song is titled “The Sermon on the Mount.” It refers to one of the best-known passages of the New Testament, from Matthew, in which Jesus Christ teaches his followers:" Two Hanks and One Cruel Ruling in Not-So-Sweet Alabama
"Just Win Baby"

Friday, October 7, 2011

9, 99, 9-9-9

or FlashBack: Chang-lin Tien- the ninth anniversary of his death is later this month- we were reminded of it because of the recent horrible UC Former Chancellors whatever published by the Center for Studies on Higher Education at Cal. (The center embarrassed of that piece of fluff?-- and the dissenting former Chancellors could do some real good by putting out a separate statement/opinion distancing themselves from that 3 page thing-- UCOP has already sought some distance from it.)

Daily Cal has more background on that report: Group of former chancellors pushes for drastic tuition hikes

The 99% at Occupy Wall Street are being heard-- finally-- and someone is talking about a common thread in this country- Jeffery Sachs, Bono got it a long time ago-- it is a link between the 99% to parts of the far right and it is part of our American DNA. Also, see this piece on how the MSM is covering it- 'Reporters' and their duty to their subjects!

9-9-9 Herman Cain reminded us of Jerry Brown's flat tax proposals when he was running for POTUS - but then -as BruinKid points out- he went to an i have no facts to back this up interview with the WSJ. btw, Gov. Brown has an important decision to make this weekend...SB 185

That Cain interview at WSJ reminded of an interview Michael Lewis did with Bloomberg-some of his quotes really are surprising coming from someone who lives in Berkeley, but maybe he knows his target audience (Vanity Fair, Bloomberg) and only talks to certain groups of people in North Berkeley and the hills, and then occasionally in Oakland for research purposes, of course-(we've seen Reich run in and out of the Andronico's passing the panhandlers with signs about no jobs, so... what can one do?) Lewis can't see the folks who have already hit bottom? Well, he said he had to go to San Jose to find out about Vallejo, yet he lives in Berkeley... And, his piece in VF failed to address some very negative comments Crane made about Sacramento among other things. Lewis is married to Tabitha Soren, she always struck us as a l'il/lot uptight but could have been wrong on that front... Reporters and their subjects...- Also see more on the Lewis Vanity Fair piece here.

And, there is this : Amid Budget Crisis, UC Debates Management Bloat

What would Ron Paul think of this?: Hundreds of students wait in line at UC Berkeley for mumps vaccine --did they have chickens to barter or did their church pay?

Gavin dropped in at Cal to say how UC is not creating the kind of graduating classes CA needs -- Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom talks about higher education’s role in state economy at conference in Berkeley

Yudof yesterday :"Meeting with State Leaders in a very wet and cloudy Sacramento today about how UC can better serve veterans and align core K-12 standards...."

Blue Angels in SF this weekend- great weather expected.
who did kurt loder end up marrying?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

“Don’t you realize you’re going to leave here with upwards of $100,000 in debt and no good job prospects?” I asked. They didn’t have an answer, although one student admitted, “It doesn’t matter, the government is paying for it anyway.”

that quote is from this post: This is how a great university dies

wonder what UC Irvine would be like if it had a UCMeP?

suffering, unheard, overworked

I-House and the student residence halls are ground zero on labor issues at Cal-- it is a shame cuz I house is a great hangout and many don't really like to think about it this way:
Unheard and Overworked at Cal
there was a story on Harvard a few days ago and it stuck in mind because it read so much like UC -- (also reminded us of Katie Lapp's brief stint at UCOP and then sudden move to Harvard...) read it first: College, Inc.: Over 20 Mass. College Executives Make Over $1 Million

then check this out:

Harvard Loses Top World University Ranking for First Time

"The real issue that's starting to show is that the great public American universities do seem to be suffering, whereas the private universities in America have managed to maintain or protect their funding levels a bit more," Baty said.

Premier U.S. universities that depend on public funding, including Californian universities at Berkeley, Los Angeles, San Diego and Santa Barbara, had slipped on the list compared with a year ago, Baty said.

'Steadfast Donors'

"Caltech is fortunate to have steadfast donors and partners whose support gives Caltech the ability to invest in new ideas long before they would be eligible for public funding opportunities," Dr. Jean-Lou Chameau, president of Caltech, said in an e-mailed statement. "This public-private partnership model enables our research funds to go further."

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

'Imagine losing Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Walt Disney all on the same day'

- yes, that is what happened today.

there is another story coming out of Cupertino today- started this morning:
Quarry Shooting: At Least 3 Dead, 7 Injured In Cupertino, California Attack -- it looks like a good man snapped or something, sad- all of the loss.

all happening on a big day for Occupy Wall Street -a movement to restore democracy, social justice based on social media and personal devices--it is not a stretch to search for connections- the dots.

Part of the impact of the loss of Jobs includes a deep loss to society because of the need to find improved ways to make products humanely-- wanted to see Steve Jobs take that on- he could have given us true genius on that front too... but now that effort/accomplishment must be pursued by others/all.

You also might want to check out this film- watching the train scenes -- kept remembering POTUS and others decrying how other countries infrastructure is better than ours-it is- but that apparently is only in certain regions for certain classes.

Before dropping out, Jobs studied calligraphy at Reed and that led to his work on fonts-- pen to paper- can't get away from the beauty of it.
From Wall-E

It only takes a moment

and (a fav)

Down To Earth

have to have something from the Beatles


From Remaking the University: A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Wrongness

From Changing Universities: From Obama to Vanity Fair: Telling the Wrong Story

"wrong" -that is so kind-some are using other words...--

but then again it is how you say it.

" UC Berkeley alumni were more concerned about the elimination of the baseball team than the university's role designing nuclear weapons, "

University Diaries has this post on this news story:
Nader: College athletics dumbing down society - (it is a drag to link to Merc News stories cuz the links go bad in the space of days.)

being far up the anti sensuality ladder makes one a saint?

Nader's attention strayed occasionally from athletics to other higher-education subjects. He questioned, for example, why the UC Berkeley law school employed "a war criminal," saying professor John Yoo's role in crafting President George W. Bush's torture policies should not be tolerated.

He also told students they should design a statewide referendum to help slow continually rising tuition. And, he said, college students no longer develop the "civic skills" needed to be leaders.

"That's the skill that determines whether you're going to make a difference in a democratic society," Nader said, "or whether you're going to atrophy your mind in a cul-de-sac."

that's what Nader said in his talk at Cal...

Did you know the Koch Bros. are Catholics? - along with many other Club For Growth founding members- Just a factoid...

here is another: A Political Factoid for Today --but the post is more than a mere little factoid, some pretty good reporting on how UC Foundations might fund CA ballot initiatives on UC.

Joan Osborne - "St. Teresa"
Oh St Teresa higher than the moon
You called up in the sky
You called up in the clouds
Is there something you forgot to tell me?

Obama Should Ask George W. For Answers To Today's Troubles

yep, cuz UC is turning to former Chancellors for answers on how to solve UCs current problems - You might recognize some of them -- some of their names are also in the stories in the right hand column...

Former University Of California Chancellors Urge New Funding Models For UC -- they met in SF in late June to draft it.

Governments Are People

or, "It's The K Street, Stupid!"

h8 that last word -- but had to use the line - cuz it fits perfectly with all that is going on

Occupy K Street

CNN Takes "Occupy Wall Street" Not Very Seriously

if you can't get out to any events today-- then check out these links and sign up if you are so inclined:
It's Time to GET MONEY OUT of politics
and this video.
Young people more likely to retire in poverty, according to study

Academic Council approves recommendation to utilize more lecturers

UC Merced leader vows enduring support -- UC Merced gets $25 million promise from UCOP

Our View: Applauding support for UC Merced

UC Berkeley staff, faculty to receive more than $8 million in merit raise
Everybody Hurts?

Monday, October 3, 2011

Oh You Huddled Masses Yearning To...MSM Can't Figure Out What You Are Yearning For...

Poor MSM--so confusing, static-y, unclear-- what could those people mad at MSM corporate bosses/paycheck writers possibly want? give it to us in a ten second sound bite...quick, the Jack-O trial, Amanda Knox trial and the Kardashians are competing for attention- and they are so much more important...

Perhaps: read through this for common threads. (like student loans, health care,- it is not rocket science!- etc.)

Education advocates struggle to cut through the noise

Did you know about this legislation? -it is also sitting on the Governor's desk for signature right now: Changing Admissions Standards

$32, now $49, --remember CA Parks could not even get $25-- and they are far less controversial than UC and the admin in public higher ed in CA: How much will it cost us to restore public higher education in 2011-12?

UCOP Officials on UC compensation hearing in Sacramento (fyi-ignore the purchase price for DVD stuff, you can still view it for free in the window- you don't have to purchase to view):

Senate Education Committee (1 of 2)
UC is covered around the 1:40 mark but pay special attention at the 1:46 mark - comparator charts, performance metrics, CPAC, and other issues covered. Regent Kiefer also comments.

Senate Education Committee (2 of 2)

UC continues at the beginning of this video

back to the MSM -- did you get a chance to read?:

Censorship -- or something else? Why did two Bay Area newsrooms dismiss Peter Byrne's story about conflicts of interest in UC investment deals? (2011)