Friday, October 7, 2011

9, 99, 9-9-9

or FlashBack: Chang-lin Tien- the ninth anniversary of his death is later this month- we were reminded of it because of the recent horrible UC Former Chancellors whatever published by the Center for Studies on Higher Education at Cal. (The center embarrassed of that piece of fluff?-- and the dissenting former Chancellors could do some real good by putting out a separate statement/opinion distancing themselves from that 3 page thing-- UCOP has already sought some distance from it.)

Daily Cal has more background on that report: Group of former chancellors pushes for drastic tuition hikes

The 99% at Occupy Wall Street are being heard-- finally-- and someone is talking about a common thread in this country- Jeffery Sachs, Bono got it a long time ago-- it is a link between the 99% to parts of the far right and it is part of our American DNA. Also, see this piece on how the MSM is covering it- 'Reporters' and their duty to their subjects!

9-9-9 Herman Cain reminded us of Jerry Brown's flat tax proposals when he was running for POTUS - but then -as BruinKid points out- he went to an i have no facts to back this up interview with the WSJ. btw, Gov. Brown has an important decision to make this weekend...SB 185

That Cain interview at WSJ reminded of an interview Michael Lewis did with Bloomberg-some of his quotes really are surprising coming from someone who lives in Berkeley, but maybe he knows his target audience (Vanity Fair, Bloomberg) and only talks to certain groups of people in North Berkeley and the hills, and then occasionally in Oakland for research purposes, of course-(we've seen Reich run in and out of the Andronico's passing the panhandlers with signs about no jobs, so... what can one do?) Lewis can't see the folks who have already hit bottom? Well, he said he had to go to San Jose to find out about Vallejo, yet he lives in Berkeley... And, his piece in VF failed to address some very negative comments Crane made about Sacramento among other things. Lewis is married to Tabitha Soren, she always struck us as a l'il/lot uptight but could have been wrong on that front... Reporters and their subjects...- Also see more on the Lewis Vanity Fair piece here.

And, there is this : Amid Budget Crisis, UC Debates Management Bloat

What would Ron Paul think of this?: Hundreds of students wait in line at UC Berkeley for mumps vaccine --did they have chickens to barter or did their church pay?

Gavin dropped in at Cal to say how UC is not creating the kind of graduating classes CA needs -- Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom talks about higher education’s role in state economy at conference in Berkeley

Yudof yesterday :"Meeting with State Leaders in a very wet and cloudy Sacramento today about how UC can better serve veterans and align core K-12 standards...."

Blue Angels in SF this weekend- great weather expected.
who did kurt loder end up marrying?

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